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MODERATOR NOTE: Place removed because camping is illegal here. Signs posted and enforced


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A National Park Ranger came in and told us to move to a legal campground otherwise it is a 150 dollars ticket

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Great spot. Up close view of the sound and you can hear the ocean over the dunes. The lighthouse in the distance is the only light-it’s pretty dark. Stayed with 2 other vans and had no problems.

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Spent quiet rainy (so not busy and no sunset) nite. Tractor grooming the lot at 0530. Just worked around us but we were parked in farthest corner also. Woke to 7 or 8 kite surfers on the water. Great place.

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Haul over day spot with bathrooms and water. Says “no camping” but not “no overnight parking “. No one made us leave overnight. Beautiful sunset on the water with view of Cale Hatteras lighthouse.

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Busy at sunset, lots of people taking pictures, myself included. Some traffic noise, I woke up in the middle of the night to hear the waves crashing into the shore because it was so quiet. Full bars of Tmobile LTE. I was the only one here last night. Beautiful place.

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Beautiful parking, 4 bars LTE Verizon. Lot’s of photographers at sunset as you can tell is a gorgeous.

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Spent a nice quiet night here, watching the sun set, the moon rise, and the kite surfers and wing foil era play. We had a couple of pull throughers during the night but no knock. No signs were posted here, but they were posted at the one just North of this. I’d stay again!

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Nice spot for a night. Crowded during the day, but possibly due to the time of year. There were a couple people night fishing until about 3am. No signs about parking overnight, park servicemen came by in the morning and were friendly.

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A small parking lot off route 12. No “No parking” signage, no lights either so it’s dark. Beautiful views of the Pamlico as the sun sets. Slept all night in my sprinter van. No issues.

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