Catarata Llanos de Cortes | Informal Campsite

Costa Rica



over 4 years ago
88.1 masl


Natural Source
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Beautiful tall waterfall into whiteish spray and swimming hole. Informal camping available at the gated entrance. Paid $2 for security during business hours (voluntary contribution) but camping is free. The facilities do not look functional. There seems to be 24 hour assistance/guards and gate closure no longer applies as you park outside the gates now.


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We cannot enter anymore with a vehicule. Now you have to park 1,5km further. No camp spot anymore.
They asked us 3000 colones for the parking . We refused and finally paid 1000 colones

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We arrived here just before sunset and apart from an American couple having a photo shoot, we were the only gringos there swimming! It was lush. Apparently there was an accident recently on the access road involving 'un niño' sadly, so they no longer allow vehicle access pass the gates but there is plenty of parking space before the gates to the side of the road. We asked if we could stay the night parked here before hitting the border the next day and the evening gentlemen advised it was perfectly fine. 30 minutes later the night shift guy who sleeps here arrived (with some company) and he was also a friendly enough chap and let us know he guards the gates. It's a short 1.5km walk to the waterfall and we'd highly recommend this place, especially for an overnight. We paid $2 and some spare colonels for the 'contribution/donation'. It's a shame the old parking lot is no longer available because it's right in front of the waterfall, flat and spacious but regardless it's definitely worth a visit and you can return to the waterfall for sunrise. No facilities

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We stopped in here for a quick stop and swim at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall. I was surprised how big it was. Easy walk down, steep walk back up, but there is stairs. Well worth the storm. Plenty of room for big rigs. Paid a "donation" to park.

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there is'a friendly night guard who stays until 4.30 am. he asks you to park next to the little yellow house (bathrooms not in used when we stayed there) because that's where he stays all night. on the right hand side of the parking lot, after a little red gate, there is a path that leads to the top of the cascada. very nice.

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There is now all night security for a couple thousand colons. Negotiable. Stunning swimming holes under waterfalls. 25 min drive from Liberia. Big wide open lot with easy gravel road access. Muy bueno.

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We wanted to camp here but we asked and two different people said it was not safe at all. So we just visited the waterfall which is very nice and refreshing and continued to Liberia were we'll spend the night across from the police station. For the waterfall they ask for "cooperation" so we paid 2 usd. Access is a dirt road, 2km, which was ok now for our vw bus, not sure if it would have been ok if it rained. There is a hotel/ restaurant at the beginning of access road, maybe possible to camp there but only open thu to sun, so we couldn't ask.

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We camped there for two nights, during the week, all safe and quiet but no guard between 17-8h . But its definitely worth staying overnight, as the best time to visit the waterfall is in the early morning, before all the tourist busses arrive and with a beautiful light setting!
They ask for donations for the entrance and the guard in the parking lot.

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Beautiful waterfall into whiteish sand swimming hole. Camping in the large dirt parking lot. Paid $2 for security during business hours (fee?), but camping is free. The facilities do not look functional. The gates close at 5pm.

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