Ocklawaha Restoration Area-Trail head | Overnight Prohibited

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over 2 years ago
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MODERATOR NOTE: Place removed because wild camping in the National Park is illegal.

Third night, woken up by ranger. Even though there were no signs, he said we were not allowed to park here and asked us and the other van here to leave


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Huge open lot. Spent the night on the road, so in and out during dark. One other van here. Quiet all night. Didn't see the "closed" comment until this morning, but we had no issues with our 34' travel trailer. Road in is a little bumpy and the entrance to the open field is a bit claustrophobic, especiallyat night, but totally accessible. Also just saw the road under water sign as we were pulling out. it was not, it was fine.

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great place to stay for the night. wide open parking at the trail head. We e biked the trail but it's great for a walk as well.

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Great location. Easy to find. It was quiet and remote. No water or facilities. Sign at beginning of road saying the road was underwater. It was not. Can’t speak for further down the road.

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As described. Quiet during the night. Gunshots from hunters are heard in the morning during hunting season Oct to Jan. But they are far away. There were 5 cars parked during the day. But everyone left at dawn except 1. Mosquitoes were brutal even when it was cold outside.

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Awesome place to spend a night! Quiet, dark, no one bothered us. Slightly bumpy dirt road to get in but shouldn’t be an issue for any vehicle. Plenty of space for big rigs as well. We did the hike out to the levee and viewing platform this morning and it was lovely. Highly recommend!

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This is a fenced in open area where you can park to go hiking on the trails! We were here on a Friday and there were only a couple cars here the whole entire time. There are no signs that say no overnight parking so we stayed the night, had no problems! It is a peaceful, beautiful and you can hear all of the cranes and geese in the evening. There are a bunch of donuts from cars in the grass so maybe this area gets to be a crazy spot in the summer??? My at&t iPhone gets 1bar of 5G and I was still able to make calls. My husband’s Verizon gets 2bars.
Happy traveling!!

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