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Big thanks to the NP volunteer that turned me onto this great site.

-The place I marked on the map is the parking area where the trailhead is.
-I will place another marker where the actual spring is.

-I was able to drive to this point in a 20' motor home with no issues.
-If you are in a larger vehicle or are pulling a trailer you may want to park in the NP visitor center parking lot and walk up the hill about 1/4 mi. to the trailhead parking.
-The park entrance and use of the hot springs are totally free.
-The 1/2 mile walk to the springs was easy to follow. ( Trail is shown on iOverland map. )
-You can cross the river twice as shown on the map or try to stay on the bank and walk to the hot springs but the brush may be? dense.
-If you travel with a small shovel, I would recommend bringing it to dig out the area for better soaking.
*****Warning: The pipe and area that the water comes out at is too hot to soak. Just move down and test the water until you find a place that is comfortable to you. ( This is where the shovel comes in. )
-For more information use the NPS website. ( Also for the other Hot Spring in the park. )


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Tried hiking this, after half a mile the river was much too high to cross. Enjoyed the small amount of views I had though!

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Thanks to the OP for making me aware of this spot!! Arrived to the hot spring about 12:30 on a Sunday and only one other person there. There are several small pools along the river at varying temperatures, most are pretty shallow unless you dig them out a bit. The river was mid-calf at both crossings so I did those barefoot. The river rocks are smooth but slippery so be careful!
Also, I parked at the trailhead, but next time I'd probably just walk from the VC.

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