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10 months ago
18.2 masl


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Mike a Kawasaki overlanding Brit has opened a developing tranquil camp oasis, Solar shower, Toilet garden oasis with lots of sun and wind shade with grassy tent spaces, within walking distance of the beach. Large covered red roof palapa for any moto maintenance. A character to spend time with, by donation only. space for 10 tents or small overland vehicle Park up and pitch if nobody is around.

May 2022 - it was closed and nobody there, looks like closed forever or just maybe for a season

User reports Feb 22 "I got there late, dark around 8 PM, the doors were chained. And nobody seems to be there. No lights."

Email Mike: [email protected]


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it was closed and nobody there, looks like closed forever or just maybe for a season

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Great little spot. Super friendly host and lovely dogs. It’s fenced so it was great for our dog. As other people have said, no reception. Unfortunately the property has sold and camping won’t be available here come May or June.

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Mike is the ultimate host. Great spot. The guy makes a killer breakfast sandwich.
Downside… he’s lost his lease on the property and will no longer be able to host after this month. He says he’s looking at other spots but not sure if he’ll be able to keep up with campers.

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Had such a great time saying here. It truly was a oasis we didn't want to and could sit and talk with Mike for hours. He also made us a great breakfast before we hit the road. The property is full of fruit trees you can pick frest fruit right off the branches. We camped here with our two motorcycles and there was definitely lots of room for many more.

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What a man! The place is homy, nice and feels very safe but the man is truly what makes this place... Mike is so welcoming, laid back and real!
We arrived and were let in the property by one of his neighbor passing by as Mike was away.
When Mike returned on his motorcycle, he welcomed us with a large smile and a refreshing simplicity. He was going to dinner in his community and we met him again in the morning, he cooked an amazing breakfast for us and 5 other overlanders and the following dinner as well. One night became two in a great atmosphere exchanging stories, and Mike has quite some to tell. We were lucky to spend some time with him alone before we left: kind heart and a generous spirit, we loved every minute.

The land is located down the mountain and the higway can be heard but cars aren't that frequent nor too close by and did not bother us at all.
The land holds grapefruit and lemon trees. Mike's dogs are super friendly and sweet. We went to town and got some ingredients for the second night we stayed but Mike took care of all the cooking again.
An experience we're happy we had and have talked about since we left this morning (after breakfast 😊)

Shower was warm enough at mid-day, Mike led us to a cheap and amazing Lavanderia to get our laundry done and returned fresh, folded and ironed grandma style.

By donation.

In sum, an incredibly sweet human experience...

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Mike is an amazing host. The winds drove us off the beach and we couldn’t be happier to spend a night at 2wheels. Great little oasis with the best host!

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Mike est un gars extraordinaire. J ai passé 5 jours dans son magnifique oasis et je vais certainement le revoir très bientôt. Belle place pour apprécier la vie et ce que l on a.

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Mike is a caring person who will go out of his way to make sure you have a great experience. The camping area has grassy spots under grapefruit trees, lime trees and lemon trees. One flushing toilet and a solar shower. Two friendly dogs. No cell signal here but if you walk on the beach you’ll have service just south of the lighthouse. We enjoyed chatting with Mike and other campers over the campfire. Mike likes to share this space with fellow moto enthusiasts and doesn’t officially charge anything. Give what you can, he appreciates all donations.

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Meant to add.... if you arrive at Two Wheels (well marked by signs) and Mike is not here, he says to let yourself in! It may take a few days for him to check email so we suggest arriving if you don't get a response from him. He loves guests. 😇

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Wow. Mike's place is a MUST see. He is an absolute amazing host and great chef. We felt extremely safe on his property which is gated. We met 3 over overlanders while visiting. Great conversation and food to be had surrounded by the sweetest doggos (Sweet Pea, Mouse, and Mac) and a warm fire. The property is breathtaking an oasis for sure. 7 min walk to the beach. Gorgeous mountains in the background. Banana trees, grapefruit trees, and gardens scatter his property. Full functioning plumbing with shower. Shower was not "hot" but it was warm enough and had lovely pressure! Mike was so kind to prepare us delicious dinner and breakfast equipped with his freshly made rosemary focaccia bread. Have I convinced you yet? We will be make when we head back North. THANK YOU MIKE! Please be courteous guests and offer a donation. Mike goes above and beyond to make this space a welcoming sanctuary. Google Fi available after a short walk along the beach.

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I’ve stayed over a week now, trading propane, food and minor work for my stay and it’s been worth it! Being able to unpack the truck to go day exploring has been heaven sent. From Juncalito and Rattle Snake Beach to San Javier, I’ve been out exploring nearly every day. I plan to make a day trip to Agua Verdé and Lügí in the coming week. The neighbors, expats and locals, are friendly and extremely generous. Inviting Mike and I over for the Friday Night Fish Fry potluck and sundowners. Extreamly happy staying long term here, I’ll be here until after New Year’s Day and I’m very happy about it. Just the security, showers and toilet alone are worth the donation price. Let alone the apple pies, fresh baked bread, and other traditional English meals Mike makes and shares with everybody. Check out Two Wheels Eco-Camp on my YT to see what my photos couldn’t capture.

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When I met Mike when he first purchased the property. We stayed a few nights around the fire, mornings cleaning the brush, and afternoons snorkeling and swimming in the near by cove. Created several videos for my YouTube channel this time back in 2021. Mike is one of those people that you could listen too for hours telling stories as he cooks you a meal. When you get ready to leave he’ll make you a sandwich on fresh baked bread, all for a reasonable donation. I personally traded minor work gardening for my stay and meals.

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Mike is big hearted man that welcomes you like family in his yard. His two dogs are lovely and the place is quiet. We planted our tent for 3 nights and everything went well.

He kindly arranged for us a boat trip with a fisherman neighbor and another in order for us to fish with the brother, also fisherman. Amazing, pure and quiet experience! We were 2 on his small boat and were alone in the water.

I enjoyed spending time and meals (he’s a great cooker/baker!). Payment is by donation. Totally recommend to pay him a visit!

P.S.: if he’s not there when you show up, just install yourself in his yard. His dogs will just come to say hello to you and Mike will not be long to come back ;)

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I'm really happy that I stopped here. Nobody was around when I got there so I let myself in and pitched my tent, no problem! Mike cooked an amazing dinner

no mobile signal, although Mike said you can pick up some from a corner of the beach but I didn't try. Sweet Pea may be my favourite dog in Mexico and she slept outside my tent all night.

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I had a great stay there with Mike!
We drove in his Ambulance RV to the beach to go spearfishing for the night's dinner.
Cool grassy spot under the palm trees.
Everything is rudimentary, but bathroom / shower is great. Solar hot water.
We chatted for hours!
He cooked breakfast as well and we shared some wine I had.
I definitely recommend it, cool experience, nice beach ( boulders) . Small van or motorcycle spot. Mike travelled a lot on motorcycle.
Sheltered from the wind, shade. Safe neighborhood.
Friendly dog named Sweet Pea

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Mike does a great job making you feel right at home! We arrived late in the evening after dark and Mike invited us to join him for dinner - lifesaver!
Look for Ranch Pancho signs, Mike’s place is roughly 30m on the right before the Rancho Pancho gate- white double gate.
Make sure to find the two gorillas and elephant in the mountain range prior to leaving :)

Donation-based, no WiFi, limited facilities. Totally worth it!

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amazing place and host, an oasis with panoramic stunning mountains, really close from the Beach, mikes Bread its delicious as everything he cooks, shower and wc, lot of shade, birds and nature. this place is a MUST!

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Mike a kawasaki overlanding Brit has opened a developing tranquil camp oasis, Solar shower, Toilet garden oasis with lots of sun and wind shade with grassy tent spaces, within walking distance of the beach. Large covered red roof palapa for any moto maintainance. A character to spend time with, by donation only. space for 10 tents or small overland vehicle Park up and pitch if nobody is around.

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