Chevron | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


10 months ago
230.4 masl
Ellen Michael


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Not in a good spot. They put the dump station here as an afterthought next to the car wash. It’s at a bad angle so your rig is tilted the wrong way. You can’t empty the tanks fully. It is free with fill up. Otherwise $7.


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Horrible. Even on blocks, can’t get the water out because the dump is poorly engineered, really does seem like an after thought. Spent a good half hour here putting rig on blocks and trying to get most of the grey water out. Water pressure was horrible. Didn’t even bother to try the black water. Going somewhere else.

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I found this to be a great dump station for my van. I can understand why the last person mentioned the tilt if you’re dumping from a reserve tank but if you’re in a van with a portable toilet this is actually great. The area is very clean so that you don’t feel like you’re walking around on shit and when you fill up with gas it’s free. Normally the price is now seven dollars which you can see in the pictures. Also you could in theory walk right up and use it since the attendant said someone has stolen the padlock (which proves that people will steal anything even a shit covered padlock) but it’s just as easy to fill up some gas and ask the attendant as a courtesy. There is a very new spigot as well for filling up and you need your own hose but again for my type of toilet I didn’t even break out the hose. The water is non-potable but good pressure and easily accessible

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Not recommended unless you have no other choice. Took 30 min to figure out a way to (partially) empty our tank uphill. If you show your gas receipt, it is free. Cost is $7 otherwise.

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Clean dump station and non-potable water that is free with a fill-up; otherwise $7 per the sign. As mentioned in previous reviews, the pavement is slanted away from the sewer port, so we had to jack up the opposite side of our rig to get any flow at all and were not able to fully dump. If your ports are on the driver’s side, you will need to make a U-turn to get lined up properly. Clean area and friendly staff at the station made up for these minor hassles.

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Not in a good spot. They put this here as an afterthought next to the car wash. It’s at a bad angle so your rig is tilted the wrong way. You can’t empty the tanks fully. It free with fill up. Otherwise $10

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