Mirador Espiritu de la Montaña | Tourist Attraction

El Salvador


3 months ago
543.5 masl


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Here at the gate you pay $5 per vehicle to access the mirador.

Bikes and people on foot don’t pay.


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This is the place where you need to pay 5$ for entering with a vehicle. Until here the road is totally manageable with every kind of vehicle.

But from here on the road gets steeper and bumpier and there are many parts which are supposed to help the water floating through (don‘t know the English word for it sorry :D maybe,hollows‘?) which are very challenging. So somehow we managed it going up with a 3,5t VW Crafter (like a Sprinter) without 4x4 and normal clearance, but our clutch stopped working in the end and on the way our engine got too hot and we needed to stop for a while. So very adventurous for us.

Would rather recommend to go with a tour from La Union overnight (!), if you have a bigger car like us without 4x4 and high clearance (I‘m saying this, coming from South America and already driven the Laguna Route … without problems!)

But still, don‘t miss this place! The sunset is okay, but the SUNRISE is just stunning!!! 5:30am the sun is coming up slowly and all the time changing colors with the views are just amazing!

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price is now 7$ at the top plus 1$ to open the gate. definitely worth it though

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Spectacular view of the golfo.

We biked down from the mirador - the road is a mix of dirt, cobblestone, pavement. I would say it requires some skill to go down or up this road. Cars have a hard time going up !

We have 2.4 tires and a light bikepacking set-up and we had a blast on this road. Attempting to do this road with panniers might be very hard due to the steepness of some of the road. Not impossible but you will need to be ok with pushing your bike and walking some very steep sections.

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Here you pay $5 per vehicle to access the mirador.

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