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Travel Centre with nice clean hot showers for $11.55 (extra for towel). Private bathroom. Body soap dispenser in the shower. Staff member was really nice. Would definitely shower here again.


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Got a shower for $11.55 for 15 minutes, well that it's what they said. overall good

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refused to provide shower because I am not a "trucker". said that non-truckers can use showers from 6am to 11am only!!!
not coming back here

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We spent the night before at Cosco. Wanted to shower there. First, the lady has meant not go. Then but after a short conversation, paid just under $12 for both to shower.
Was clean and you have your own shower cabin.

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You can take a shower only if you have the petro pass or if you are a trucker.
You can be two in the shower, so you’re saving money!

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Paid for fuel at Petro and came in with the receipt. Cashier wouldn’t let me have a shower. You have to be a trucker to be accepted.

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Pay for any amount of fuel, get the receipt and it’s free. When I asked for the shower the cashier asked me if I had a receipt for fuel and I just said no and paid the $7.35. After I asked is there a discount if you buy fuel? She said it’s free if you have a receipt… I asked any amount of fuel? She said just have to have a receipt. Next time I’ll just buy a few bucks in fuel. You might still have to pay for a towel, didn’t ask because I brought my own.

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We stayed other side of truck of petropass at regular Petro station gasoline.

There is a access to toilet and shower access. Shower access is $7.35 and with towel around $10 in change.

Petro station has decent sandwiches and also have 27/7 A&W drive thru as well.

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Clean. $10.50 in total, which included a floor mat and towel. A few extra dollars but now I don’t have to worry about air drying. Left ID as collateral for the shower key

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Travel Centre with nice clean hot showers for $7.35 (extra for towel)
Own private bathroom. Body soap dispenser in the shower. Staff member was really nice. Would defo shower here again.

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