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4 months ago
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Very clean restroom. 5 minute free warm showers (you can reset the timer and get more than 5 I realized at the end)


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These showers are a godsend after days in the alpine lakes wilderness. As a woman I was a bit nervous since you can't lock the door and the shower stall has a huge gap at the bottom, so I rushed a bit, but other than that no complaints. They were clean, worked well and the warm water was nice on a cool evening.

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awesome free shower very clean cute park too

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awesome location for van-lifers. great free showers. quite clean and very new facility. It is part of a larger city owned campground. we actually stayed in the parking lot. not sure if that was legit or not.

highly recommend the showers

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Great FREE showers. No where does it say you have to be staying at th campground to use them. Just what our Deet covered bodies needed!

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Really nice park and shower facilities. Make a stop here while doing the cascade loop.

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Very clean restroom. 5 minute free warm showers!

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