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$2 showers at the recreation center, a good value!

**** no longer available. Need to purchase a $10 day pass to use showers


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You now have to purchase a day pass for $10 to access the facilities and shower. They no longer offer the $2 shower because people were taking advantage and using the rest of the facilities

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Great showers! Only paid $2 and even hung out around some tables afterwards and don’t get told to leave. Could probably get away with using the gym and such if you wanted, nobody seemed to be watching if we only used the showers.

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2$ shower, very clean, with soap available.

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Awesome staff and super convenient $2 shower in a rec center locker room!

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Shower for $2, really nice facility! Cheapest and cleanest shower of my trip, would recommend.

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$2 showers at the recreation center, a good value!

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