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Nice Laundromat at the entrance of McBride. Friendly owner.
Single loaders were broken.
5 $ double load.
8 $ triple load.
Only takes loonies

Dryer : 25ct / 4 min
Only takes quarters.

Washing machines do a good job !

For free WIFI, head into town either to visitor centre or Welcome Home Cafe.


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It’s no longer got the farm store attached to it. But the laundry is open (though still looks shut from the outside).

Smells a bit like cigarettes inside but anyway it’s nicer to head into “town” to wait for it to be done.
$5 for double loader, $8 for triple (though even the triple was fairly small and barely fit our weeks worth or laundry). Only takes loonies.
Dryers are big, 25c for 4min. Only takes quarters.

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Looks closed but is still open - from 12.00 to 6 pm everyday. If you have not alternative, it is ok - but I have seen better Laundromats and two washers are still out of order and two dryers too.

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Building has a for sale sign, but laundromat is still open. Two of six washers out or order, two of six dryers out of order.

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Nice Laundromate in the entrance of McBride.
Friendly owner.
5 $ single load
6 $ double load
8 $ triple load

Dryer : 25ct / 4 min

Washing machines make good job !

Free WIFI and some locals food !

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