Cenex | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


4 months ago
1019.1 masl


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On side next to casino. Single dump and single fresh water. FREE.


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Everything is locked up, signs at store say temporarily closed

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Used this dump and water spigot but sign on the door said business was closing permanently as of July 25, 2023.

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Sur la gauche de la station, eau sans goût et transparente, dump station correct. pratique.

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Easy fill up for water on the left side of the building . Good flow and water was fine.

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Free dump and water. The dump is in back of the propane fill. The 1st clerk was sending me away when the other overheard and directed me to the dump.

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FREE water & dump, both up & running. thanks Great Falls Cenex

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good for water and dumping right next to casino but at petrolstation

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Free dump and water fill. Easy access right next to gas starion.

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On side next to casino. Single dump and single fresh water. Free.

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