Colon -Panama Canal Railway | Tourist Attraction



almost 4 years ago
-15.2 masl


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Sit on the right side heading towards Panama.


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Very nice views during the train ride. Still 25$ one way and even includes a coffee and some snacks.

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A relaxing ride after a frustrating hot day in the port.

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Sit on the right side heading towards Panama.

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After dropping our motorhome at port we celebrated with a pizza and then boarded at 4.45 pm train to Panama City. Train leaves at 5.15 pm, takes an hour, costs usd 25 pp. you can buy tickets in train and as not too crowded we got first class panorama cabin. Highly recommended. Taxi cost from port to here is usd 8. We felt safe exploring the town mall. Right hand seats are better heading towards Panama.

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