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over 3 years ago
15.6 masl


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Pizza place with beers on tap. 7000 for large pizza with 4 toppings, 4000 for med/small pizza. 3000 for tap (chop) beers. They also have tacos for 3000. Salads are 5000, Cesar or smoked salmon.


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Loved the smoked salmon salad here. Pizza is fine. Didnt try the beers but I heared its good. @cash [email protected] good wifi connection.

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Beer on tap!!! Friendly staff. 3000 for a tap beer, a bit pricy, but worth it!

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Nice restaurant/pub directly beside the Erratic Rock hostel. Vegetarian and vegan meals available.

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The 3 o'clock info session is now at the rental store Erratic Rock two blocks south of this place.

The restaurant Base camp is really good. Friendly staff. 7000 pesos the pizza (1 or 2 people depending how hungry you are).
They also sell beers, tacos etc.
Vegetarian/Vegan option available

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Excellent info session!! Very recommended!

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Great 3pm info session on Torres del Paine, definitely take the time to go before you enter the park. Tea and coffee are available for a donation and if you stick around the bar opens at 6pm, and the tacos (which can be made without the tortilla (al plato) for those of us that are glutarded) and pizza are awesome!

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Incredibly useful info, super-friendly people. Do not attempt to do the W- or O-trek without it.

We rented equipment here, then brought it back early because we changed our mind. They only charged us for the days we USED the equipment, not including the days we collected and returned the equipment.

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Really nice pub full of young folks. Good and cheap beer, good pizza. Nice atmosphere! Must go!

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Nice pub, great daily info session at 3pm about W trek. We rented our tent here. Good pizzas, nice atmosphere. Free wifi.

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This place is amazing. At 3 pm they do a free information session on the park. Very informative. They also have equipment rentals, wifi and a free bin with gas cylinders that have only been partially used. Highly recommend stopping by before doing the "W"

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