Wendell Public Works Dump & Water | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


3 months ago
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Clean facility. Free dump and drinking water!

Two drinking water facets, one on either end of the parking lot


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Nice clean dump & fresh water fill-up. Best part is it was free! Get off hwy 1st exit to Wendell & you will see the sign for dump. It's about 1/2 mile into town.

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Very easy access to the dump station from the freeway. There are two freshwater spigots at either end of the dump station. As of 4/4/23 the rinse water for cleaning out your tank was shut off so I could not rinse out my tanks.

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Visited the two city dump/water fills in Jerome and also the city dump/water in the odd location in Twin Falls. All those had the water shut off for the winter season. This one was the only city dump with potable water turned on in the winter (March 23, technically it’s Spring).

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Great dump station with portable water available. Address is 210 Shahone St

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Google didn’t quite map this right.
Address is 210 Shoshone ST S

Easy access. Nice facility.

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There are two drinking water facets, one is near the rv dump, the other is on the opposite end of the lot by the fence. Both have large signs indicating drinking water.

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Easy, convenient, and free dump located right off the highway. Potable water also available.

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Clean facility. Free dump and drinking water!

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