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3 months ago
66.0 masl


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Laundry costs 18 real, same again for dryer. there is cold, warm and hot. street parking outside.

Updated to 20 for the small machine and 36 for the big one.


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it's across the street from where this pin actually is. fallow balua's instructions. it feels weird, but it's down here in the basement. wifi access instructions are printed on the door. there is a free bathroom down here.

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This place is actually under the Horti-Fruti grocery store. It is called Laundromat Lavandería Self Service. You can park nearby or enter through the store. It takes a credit/debit card to activate the machines. Soap is included and automatic. The large machine is a bargain and the dryer was great. There is free wifi, too. Not bad for 1.5 hours and can go shopping!

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Yesterday we could not find the laundry, later I searched the web for another laundry and this one was still on Google.
The self-service laundry is now inside Hortofruti, downstairs in the underground parking. Go inside Hortofruti, turn right at the seating area, go down the stairs, turn right and you will see it on the left side of the car parking.
BRL 20 for normal washer or dryer, BRL 36 each for the bigger one.
You don't need detergent, the washer automatically doses it.

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laundry costs 18real, same again for dryer. there is cold, warm and hot. street parking outside

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