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about 1 year ago
41.0 masl


Something not right?


The only bank in the area thar accept Master card & visa, charge me a commission of 3500cfa.

!! the took a extra 5€ from my visa (without telling above the fee), my bank told me its a transaction cost from the Bank Societe Generale.

!! Watch out with the parking in front, its a non parking area. the will put a weelblock !!


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the ask a fee + visa gives not a good rate of change. so 100000cva-160€= 625cva/1€

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Take care. If you park in front of ATM you get a parking clamp. It seems to to be the parking from bank, but it isen't. There is a sign. The guy with the clamps does good Business here an is not far away.

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The only bank in the area thar accept Master card, charge me a commission of 0.50£, it didn't show that on the screen ?in Mauritania was free of charge).

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