Monteverde Reserve | Informal Campsite

Costa Rica


3 months ago
1552.7 masl


Running Water
Big Rig Friendly:
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Possible to Camp on road outside reserve. Difficult to get flat for big vehicles, soft verges – more suited to smaller vehicles. Toilets available in reserve.


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Not a lot of options for camping in this area. We arrived at 5PM, did the night tour and then had a good and quite night of sleep right outside the gate at the side of the road. Traffic starts early around 6AM but we went into the park at 7AM anyways. The night tour was... well... we didn't see much but it was kind of fun to walk in the jungle hearing all the noises.

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We arrived around 6pm. We told the reception guy that we wanted to visit the park the next morning and asked if it was okay to stay the night. Everything was fine and we were allowed to use the restrooms. We had to park our car next to the road, because the parking lot next to the entrance is for staff only. At night we had a nice chat with the security guard and he even showed us some night animals. When the night tours were over (around 8pm) it was completely quiet until 6am, no traffic.

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Arrived late at night and guard came knock on the window. Just wanted to check who was there. No problem spending the night. Super quiet and safe.

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Arrived around 5pm and they said we could stay overnight outside the gate by the road and visit the park in the morning. Secure as there are visitors and security all night for the night tours. There was plenty of pace for our rig (6.5m long). Wifi at the visitors centre. Free

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Spot is ok for one night, you won’t get much privacy and will be wake up before 6 when bus will start bringing tourists.
Bathrooms clean and beautiful park

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As stated before you can camp just outside gates of the reserve for free. The employees were very friendly and welcoming. The bathrooms were very nice. There’s a cafe with food and internet and humming birds just outside the gates as well. Our night and day were very windy but at least the trees block the wind a bit so our van didn’t feel it much just heard it all night. Saw howler monkeys, not many birds cause it was windy, cloudy and rainy for our visit but still a beautiful area and hike.

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Free parking is just outside the gates. Lots of room for any kind of vehicles. Security told its ok to park here. You can use the bathrooms as long as there is customers for night tours. Bathrooms are inside just past the gates.
Park itself is opened from 7-16. Ticket is 20 dollars per person. We saw lots of wildlife in 4,5 hours hike. Took the longest route ant it was 5,70km. There is quetzal nests couple of places. You will notice them as its clearly marked with green wrapper around the nest tree. Be patient and you will see some flying around.

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Possible to Camp on road outside reserve. Difficult to get flat for big vehicles, soft verges – more suited to smaller vehicles. Toilets available in reserve.

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