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Ferry to colonia, uruguay. 2p + van 100dlrs. 1:30hs sailing. Moto and 2 people: 3500 Arg Pesos.


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We booked our tickets online Buenos Aires to Colonia and there was no info on the maximum height.
We arrived in front of the gate. we could not enter (we are 2m90 and the entrance is maybe 2m5 max)
They told us the 2pm Ferry has a maximum height of 2m15 and changed our tickets for the 6pm ferry. They looked liked this problem never happened before but talking to the guys in the port, they say it happens all the time with tourists. The port manager was super nice and opened for us a side gate so we could get in. But just at the entrance of the ferry there is again a barrier at 3m... They measured again our rig and it passed but stressful!

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Took the moto and 2 ppl across. Bought tickets online, make sure you print them before you arrive! Insurance is mandatory. Only the driver can take the vehicle on the boat, passengers must walk on with all others, up a ramp after immigration. No undercover space for parking to wait to board when raining. There is a little space but not much if 4 cars are parked in the pickup drop off zone.

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Paid for 2/p and 2 bicycle appr. 1700ARS one way. Check-in was the same way like the other passengers. No special treatment for bicycle. The Ferry to Colonia goes every day 3-4 times. Watch out for the destination Montevideo, it seems that you took the Ferry to Colonia and then go further with Bus to Montevideo. We are not sure if they take your bicycle on the bus. No fruits or vegetables are allowed when you cross the border to Uruguay!

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Sold my bike easily by going from here to Colonia and back with the buyer (even if it is a waste of 3500 Ar Pesos and a day) to essentially just change the name on your TVIP. You cannot do this name change in Argentina by the way - we tried 3 different Aduanas in BsAs with my fluent-Spanish buyer. Unusually, Uruguay won't let you out of the port if you don't have insurance, but they'll let you keep the vehicle there securely overnight until it's arranged (walkable into the town). This suited all parties - we went back the next morning (cheap hotels a short walk away), said the insurance was too expensive for a short visit, and the bike went back on the ferry without a Uruguayan TVIP being issued or cancelled. I was relieved how little either side cared about the credibility of the bike's Title; I feared Powers of Attorney would be asked for, but they understood names on Titles have to be changed by the seller in their home country. All my buyer had was a mediocre photocopy of the UK title with him (signed over to him by hand - there's boxes for this on UK ones), and the Argentine TVIP guy was more than happy with this, a driver's license and a passport.

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If you are driving a foreign car, arrive early; they kept us waiting for over an hour while they faffed with paperwork which almost caused us to miss the boat. Bring food, they only sell cookies, nuts and drinks onboard, and you cannot access your vehicle once you park.

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3,600 Uruguayan pesos for two people and a truck under 1,500kg. (3,800pesos for over 1,500kg). Runs three times a day. Definitely do not be like us and arrive in Uruguay after 6pm without insurance. Absolutely can not sleep in your car in the port or drive your car out of the port for the night. Insurance place is just a few blocks away, but closes at 6pm. Everything here is very airport like and organized, but can be a lengthy process when crowded.

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ferry to colonia, uruguay. 2p + van 100dlrs. 1:30hs sailing.

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