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7 months ago
17.2 masl


Running Water
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Very quiet and relax place. Cenote underneath, with stairs and good light.
Have restrooms and a shower. Rent life jacket if needed. $100 adult and $50 ? kids. Open until 8:30 am - 10 pm.

Can stay overnight in the parking lot.


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Price is now 100 pesos per person to visit the cenote.

Camping in the parking lot is possible for an additional voluntary donation.
Considering the highly increased entry price and the rather dirty bathrooms, we chose our donation to be 0 which was fine.

Cold outdoor showers available.
Cenote open from 8:30 am until 10 pm.

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cenote está inundado, igualmente se puede nadar, el costo es de 50 pesos pp. dueños dejan acampar y usar instalaciones baños, ducha en las instalaciones del lugar para pasar la noche

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It is our first cenote in Mexico and we really like it! Underground, cold, good lights, just nice to cool down for some hours ;)! 60 pesos per person.

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Family owned and they welcomed us to camp !! Paid 100 peso’s not far from Chichén Itzá ( about an hour driven) very quiet and secure! We followed the directions but honestly just follow the signed on the road

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Really nice underground cenote! Super clean water, beautiful!
60mx per person, 30mx kids.
Sleep for free ;)
Open till 10pm!

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Very nice and big underground cenote. We also stayed a night for free (incl. in the entry of 60 P pP.) Nice outdoor shower, clean bathroom, very friendly, lots of farm animals around, highly recommanded

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We stayed the night too. Great spot to stop. The cenote is completely underground and spectacularly clean/clear. We swam in the evening and had it all to ourselves. Well, we shared with the fish and the bats.. :)

$60pp, camping in the parking lot/barnyard no problem.

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Arrived late around 17h00. Great place for overnight. No natural light. Lighten up with 6 LED lights but still the dome is so big there is still area as dark as can be (well almost). $60 mxn /person. We did use WC and did shower.

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Very nice place. The cenote is so clean. $60 per person and $30 for kids 4 yrs and up. We could stay in the parking lot for free with the animals if the farms. Very quiet at night. No service except restrooms and shower that we didn't use.

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We paid 40 pesos each to get in. Not very crowded and the cenote, completely underground, is crystal clear and refreshing. We asked if we could park overnight and they didn't charge any extra and we were able to use the cenote at night and had it to ourselves. We also had use of the bathrooms and showers at no extra charge either. It was very relaxing.

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We didn't camp but I think it's an option toilets and cenote.60 Mexico $

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