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over 3 years ago
1381.6 masl


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ADMIN NOTE: No overnight camping allowed, please respect the wishes of the locals.

Probably the most impressive stop in the Quebrada de las Conchas. A spectacular water eroded canyon with parrots flying around everywhere. There is a sign saying no camping and to respect Pachamama. If you’re there late or early you’ll have the place to yourself. During the day, the canyon fills with tours and your stereotypical Argentinian jewelry making, juggling types playing average music and taking away from the natural experience.


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beautiful narrow gorge to walk/climb in a bit

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such a beautiful spot to see. you can even do a small hike inside( 5-10min) for some crazy surroundings. has parking. free. worth the stop. we slept 2 min away across the road on a diff parking spot behind a pile of dirt.

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The canyon is nice and you need between 15 and 30 mn to see it.
We have sleep here because the night was arriving.
No really level for motorhome but you can find.
Good night without cars on this place.
You ear only some vehicles since the road....and the donkeys...

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This is a nice spot and the road os good for a 2wd, worth coming

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