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about 2 months ago
33.4 masl


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Police officer stopped every car. We were just asked if everything is ok and then he let us pass.


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muy poco amigables pero no tiene que haber problema si no estás haciendo algo malo, es cuestión de responder preguntas y ya

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police is there but they arent stoping anyone, seems more like a point to stop migrants

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No issues, just a few cops goofing around in the shade. Drove right through.

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No Police here today. Just lonely Topos.

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No police checkpoint today.Todo tranquillo.

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Control. Asking for the passport. Touching the car. Checking everything

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There was no check here today. No police present.

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Police stopped us. Friendly and smiling. Asked if everything is ok and where more interested for the Dog. We did not even had to show Papers. Nice

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They stopped a truck in front of me but didn’t even look at me, just went back to their tent. 2pm on a Sunday going west

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Just stopped to ask where we are from and where we are going.. friendly people

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Just drove through. The cops Where in their tent sitting in the shade .. too hot I guess.. 35 C?!

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Police officer stopped every car. we were just asked if everything is ok and then he let us pass.

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