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Mississippi test area . Free dump station! And free water , next the end of the rest area


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Free dump but note the water is NOT potable!

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Rest area Mississipi, with free dump station and free water , next the end of the area

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Water taps at picnic area are not working. Staff told us the water at the dump station is okay. We filtered. Dump station in good order. Must do both upon exit, no turning back from this area (far end of park).

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Free dump station and water hook-ups by the picnic areas!

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free dump on the way out of the rest stop. no water.

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Frost free water valves located at picnic area... enter and drive past the building either in semi or car side, you will see a sign before exiting left to I 10 or slight right to picnic area. Dump station is just as you leave to exit on back to I 10.

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Great dump station, but fill up with fresh water at the rest area picnicking area first as the dump only has non potable water and is right before the on ramp back to the highway and you cannot go back for fresh water.

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Mississippi welcome center. Free dump station! I

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