Rancho San Nicolas | Established Campground



Last Visited: about 1 month ago
GPS: 16.734190, -92.621890
Altitude: 2161.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: Yes - Slow
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: No
Showers: Hot
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Yes

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Nice new bathrooms and common areas, including a kitchen with nice tables and a fireplace (it can get chilly here in the winter).


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Well maintained and 15 minute walk from downtown. 150p/night +20 for my dog. They gave me the weekly rate without a dog (1050p) but there’s also only one other rig here. WiFi is slow and doesn’t reach half the property. Much cheaper camping 15 minutes east of town, but you don’t really get any facilities. Only other option for in town is to boondock on the streets, take your pick. Perfect temps this time of year, especially after cooking on the coast.

very nice campsite. great facilities. after negotiation, we paid 2000 peso per week for a camper with 3 kids.

The place is really nice and the people in charge as well. Good showers, really nice spot. You can walk to the center and to parque el encuentro from here. We spend a week parked here with our puppy who had the best time playing with the other dogs. Fully recomended.

I would call this luxury camping
easy access to town
clean hot showers and everything that goes with it... plus a fire place in a fancy wooden chalet!
but it's a reall business thing, so it's expensive and crazily hard to bargain. arriving in the evening we payed for 2 nights, then 2 days later, kicked out at 12h00 ! (hotel spirit)
so I'd say, if you're looking for overlanding mentality (from the owner and employees) and cheap place don't go there
if you want a fancy camping close from town center then go for it.

access to this place :
- big rig can have issues in narrow city roads. they can access there by the periferico road, but be aware that it's quite bumpy in 2 places. we did it with a European camper, but you have to be a tough driver.
- smaller rigs like long sprinters can access by the city roads

The perfect place for camping in San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Pending on how your GPS will take you the route could be very difficult. The GPS sent me down this trail right off the main road that was extremely tough. I would have given this place for stars but the road was very problematic for me. Paid 150 pesos, electric and water hook ups. Nice place clean showers friendly people

Beautiful place. Hot water, electricity, good wifi. The common area is confortable and big with tables, a little kitchen and some couches. It is not in downtown but close to Guadalupe, you can walk 15min o go by bike easily.

As of this post, this is the only campground in this area although we have heard someone is making an RV park close to Encuentro Park soon, but as for now, there isn't a lot of choice if you want to be far from the streets and be comfortable living long term in a camper.

We have been living in and around San Nicolás for a year and have lived in these campgrounds both as tenants to the apartments they have here and in our camper full time for a total of about 4 months.

Pros: Best showers I've had in Mexico. The workers keep the place clean and are attentive. The place is lovely however, I do not like manicured lawns so much, but what can you do?

Cons: Expensive. We are paying per month so that knocks the price down from $300 per night to $116 for a couple. They actually have rental units for as low as $4500 and the Airstream unit can be rented for $1800 a month so I don't know why the camping spots are priced the way it is. In San Cristóbal, you can rent a small house for $3500 easily. So it's obvious they target the gringos because most of the locals can't afford that. And the internet sucks. I wish they would just get a dedicated Megacable account and not use an extender from the owners internet across the street.

While we were here, there was an incident that happened surrounding covid. I personally don't care about the stupid virus because it's proven to be not the threat everyone makes it out to be, especially in Chiapas where the numbers are super low... 0.01% deathrate. Dengue is much more dangerous and contagious that we got from Puerto Escondido. Long story short, there were people kicked out from the campgrounds who were living in the apartments for gossipping about the owner having covid as well as the family who fought with the owners who also threw a cement brick through the office window. It was such a telenovela and the police got involved. Luckily no one got hurt because like I said this virus is stupid and not worth fighting about.


We have been at this place almost 4 months in self-isolation. It is a good place, but news just came today that the owner has had serious Coronavirus issues for 3 weeks already (using an oxygen tank to breathe) and never told anyone (probably for business reasons). And because of the family and employees coming and going into and out of this campsite and using the bathroom and common room facilities, we are sure there is Coronavirus here now too. And we may all be infected here. Please believe us when we say, we are not over exaggerating.

The owner knowingly let their small child play with an overlander’s child in this campground for multiple days. Campsite employees were told not to mention the owner’s Coronavirus or risk losing their jobs.

So we have to say the ownership here is very unethical. They also refused to pay the money back to one of the couples who wanted to leave early and told the overlanding couple to “f*** off.”

This is not the kind of establishment overlanders should support.

We will leave soon because of this, too.

we had to ran away from this place, the owner was positive on coronavirus and he hide it from all the guests. He was not protecting his family and workers and he was threatening the workers if they wanted to inform the guests. they did not have us the money back (as we had to pay in advance) and they fight my husband. they call the police and threaten with being arrested. worst experience ever in Mexico. DON'T STAY HERE!

I have a bad experience, one friend told me they have space today I arrive and they told me they won’t have space. I don’t know why they choose overlanders we all are good people I d recommend

came in through the rough road, passable. expensive for what it is: good location once you reach it (35 pesos taxi to center) but dog droppings everywhere, slow wifi (too many users sharing probably), showers hot but impractical (no place put your clothes), and our site was with bad rocks protruding (other sites available but they insisted we take that one). they ask you to pay in advance, write down plate number and passport, and sign on the regulation form and check-out time reminder, bad vibes. adult 150mxp, children above 5 years old 75mxp.

very nice camping for small rigs.
hot showers. a space to eat.
300pesos. friendly, no English.
close enough to the zocalo although a good walk.

I have mixed feelings about this place. Pros: Excellent location for exploring the town. You can walk the few kilometers to the center or take the colectivo from the corner less than one km away. The caretakers, Gaby and Francisco are very nice and doing a great job keeping the place clean and making improvements. Cons: Biggest issue is price. $150 person per night. I’m one person so that wasn’t bad, however they also charge a $25 peso per dog fee which for me was an additional $100 pesos per night. There are no services provided for dogs and they had to stay inside my van pretty much the whole time due to resident dogs roaming the property unsupervised. The bathrooms were clean, but the shower barely warm so it was cold taking a shower. Overall it’s a safe and decent place, but at $250 a night just because I have dogs traveling with me I probably would not stay again.

Some of the streets are pretty tight, even in our Mini RV... The camping area is very clean - maybe a bit pricey at 300 pesos per night for 2 people, but all the sites have water, sewer and electric. The wifi is very strong (I measured 24mb down, 12 up).

Conveniently located close to downtown! Very nice showers (hot) and toilets. Lots of shade. Quiet at night. $300 per night for 2 people. When coming from the Periférico from the southeast you have to make a sharp left turn (a short distance before crossing the bridge) on a dirt road that is steep and with potholes but ok for our 23ft truck with camper. We didn’t try the route through downtown.. we actually went too far across the bridge, but it turned out ok because then you don’t have to make the sharp left turn on the dirt road.

Careful about the entrance for this RV park: from the periferico, there is a very steep dirt road not very recommendable with big rigs...the otger way to get in is through town with very narrow streets...be prepared!
The place is good but a bit expensive.
Lots of grass for kids to play around, even drainage for grey and black water...pretty rare in mexico!
Nice laid back atmosphere with other overlanders

We spend 8 nights there. We paid 7nights and got one for free= 2100Pesos. i would say pretty pricy (one month costs you 3500Pesos) - but still the best option in town. Make sure you negotiate BEFORE you pay. Once they have the money they wont give you any discount or money back. the pavilion with the fireplace is nice to have a calm sit in especially at this time of the year; the 5 sites near the grassy area get some sunshine but the other 5 sites are fully covered with trees. It was pretty dark during wintertime. A benefit is the short walking distance to town center and there are also little tiendas close by to buy fruit,vegetables and drinks; the nearby Lavandaria doing a great job- 3,5kg for 30Pesos;

We stayed two nights. Nice & green & full of shade camp ground. Really hot showers, huge area, nice fire places in the pavillion ... we loved it.
150 $ p.p. & 20 $ dog
20 minutey walking distance to the zocalo ...

300 pesos for 2 people. Nice, safe and gated. Really close to the center. Good wifi, hot shower and clean bathrooms (no toilet paper). A bit pricey but worth it.

Place is ok. Nice, clean bathrooms, hot showers, but for 150 per person per night pretty expensive. As it was close to town, we stayed there for the night as our camper van was safe.

Love this place! Would definitely recommend it. Wifi works pretty good. The bathrooms and showers are cleaned every day. Nice people.

Not the most budget friendly option, 150 for one night.

Loved this place! San Cristobal itself is magical and this place feels like an oasis. Good WiFi, nice community kitchen, hot showers and lots of other interesting overlanders, plus perfect walking distance to town! Highly recommend. Also, lots of campers had dogs when we were there.

All Fine, Wifi works very well.
Entrance: No problem for big rigs ( ours is 9,3 mtrs long and 3,70mtrs high ) enter from the Periferico. Does not shown in the OSM Maps. A bit rough but possible. Our dog also like this place...


Super disappointed we were just here a month ago with our two incredibly well behaved dogs and it was no problem. They even got along well with the dog that lives on the property. Just came back on our way north and apparently either they’ll only allow one dog or no dogs? Says nothing about it on their website or over Lander.

We had a bad experience here.

Our dog was attacked by a dog who was a permanent resident and is neglectful of their dog. The dog was with us all day until the owner came by to bring it in for the night. When the owner came by his dog went into kill mode and attacked our dog. It took the other dog about 20 mins to settle (we could hear it yelping at the door). Ours required stitches.

Upon arrival (8 hour before the attack) we paid for 5 nights. Due to the attack, stitches and obvious concern we couldn’t stay there any longer. They offered us some money back but not everything.

I advise you pay daily rather than in advance like they request.

Also, if you have a dog and it’s in your budget there is an amazing dog friendly hotel in town. I have also put it in ioverlander.

If you do stay there it seems reasonable. Just be careful if you have a dog.

Prefect campground.
We stayed 3 nights.
Nice bathrooms. HOT showers
300 pesos /night with water and electricity
Friendly staff.
Can buy 20L bottle on the site (20pesos each)

Lovely oasis just a short walk to the fun in town. Very dog friendly, hot showers, hand wash laundry area, decent WiFi though not the best it was fine for us, yoga classes, and super friendly staff- they even got water jugs for us! NOTE they do prefer that you pay on arrival so be sure to have enough cash 340p a night for 2 people and 2 dogs. Expensive but worth it.

Excellent campground, but Wi-Fi is slowly and we had only H/H+ with telcel. 4G in town.

Fantastic showers. Walking distance to town. Beautiful site. WiFi was useless. Dogs in the compound barked under our rooftop tent every night. 150 pp.

This campsite manages to keep its high standard. Excellent place in all respects.

Great spot, excellent showers! Wifi on and off. Last couple of streets to get here are small, but were doable with our 21ft motorhome. Big grassy area, different communal areas. Perfect for our dog. 150 pp + 20 per night for the dog. Visited town with our bicycles.

Perfect base for small rigs. Walking distance to the town or a 40 pesos taxi ride. Peaceful and friendly. 150 pesos per person includes electricity and hot showers.

Nice little park in a quiet upscale neighborhood. 2 dozen spots, over half with full hookups. Not sure why it was suggested to take Periférico, come in from Francisco Leon and it's a straight shot. When you get to the gated communities, it's on the right.

Great rv site in that it’s not too far to walk from town

Pretty wooded location

The staff here are friendly and helpful

Access for our 40ft long rv is difficult through town - best to taxi the route first

Having said that once you get to the entrance then again it’s a challenge - take care negotiating the corner in (having just caught the side of the rv! )

Showers and toilets are kept clean - wi fi works better than it did two years ago

Cost wise it’s cheaper for long term around 4500 peso a month

best shower in mexico

when we arrived, the gate was closed and nobody opened. ask at the door just on the other side of the road.

Close to the city. Very quiet, grass, shadow. Slightly overpriced (150p per adult, 50 per kid) but hot water for shower. WiFi has been fixed and worked very well for us. A good way to reload batteries.

Nothing news here. Internet is still a problem. Two devices had good connection and a third one no connection at all. Reentering mac-address didn’t work.

This place has everything you need. Stayed for 10 days and really enjoyed this spot. The Wi-Fi stooped working a few days in and apparently was back up and running although I couldn't connect... wasn't there for the Wi-Fi so it was fine. Comfortable, quiet and safe place perfect for exploring San Cristobal or just relaxing at camp... about a mile walk into town. Also had an indoor shared kitchen with fire place and a gazebo with a fireplace also. Bathrooms were clean with hot showers.

Nice place with open, grassy sites. Cabanas also available for 320-500+ MXN. A bit tricky getting through San Cristobal's tight streets: best to avoid heavy traffic periods getting there. Clean bathrooms with hot water, good showers. Need your own TP! Wifi connectivity remains unreliable and often unattainable. Weekly rates are cheaper, but seem to vary by customer! Otherwise 300
pesos per night (2 people in truck camper). Dog friendly.

Wonderful and friendly spot with lots of Overlanders here now. Just as described, perfect for staying in San Cristobal.

We tried to go there today. Since we drive a big rig (Unimog), we ignored our Garmin and took the periferico. However, the road leading down to the site had multiple tough passages due to construction and road work. We nearly made it but then couldn't take the last turn (due to road work). So after 1.5 hrs we were back at Sam's Club parking lot.

320 pesos la nuit pour deux personnes et un chien en Van. Première fois qu’on nous fait payer le chien quelque part...
Tous les services sont là si vous choisissez la bonne place (électricité, eau, vidange eaux usées), toilettes, douche très chaude et forte pression, wifi puissant (vous devez d’abord donner l’adresse mac de votre matériel pour pouvoir ensuite vous connecter au wifi avec le mot de passe, pas plus de 2 appareils par véhicule). L’endroit est bien placé, à 10 minutes à pied du centre historique, calme, arboré, de l’ombre pour tout le monde, petit salon intérieur et extérieur avec cheminée. Cours de yoga le matin pour ceux qui veulent. Vous pouvez faire laver votre linge à moins de 5 minutes à pied en sortant du camping. Par contre, le côté business prend le pas sur le côté humain que nous avions l’habitude de ressentir dans tous les spots que nous faisons. Impossible de négocier le prix de nos 3 nuits. Dommage !

Nice campground walking distance from Centro. We paid 320p. Pricy, but the grounds are well maintained, the showers are hot and have pressure, and there is an indoor communal room with a nice fireplace that’s open for use. WiFi worked but we had to give MAC address and it took about 24 hours to allow access.

Nice and quiet campground. Very clean bathrooms. Full hook-up. Short walk to town. 400 pesos per night for a family of 4 (300 pesos for 2 adults + 50 pesos per kid).
Came through town which was not easy with narrow streets. Easier to go out because one way roads were larger. Easier to drive early in the morning, less people and cars parked in the streets.

Peaceful oasis minutes away from the heart of SC. Worth the money for the hot shower and tranquility. Bring TP.

Yes it is a bit expensive at 300 pesos for two people but worth it in our opinion. Quiet, safe, hot showers, nice outside and inside fireplace, pool table, sitting in my hammock I strung up while I write this. Very nice people and lots of other travelers. Short walk to town. Laundry close by.

Yes it is a bit expensive at 300 pesos for two people but worth it in our opinion. Quiet, safe, hot showers, nice outside and inside fireplace, pool table, sitting in my hammock I strung up while I write this. Very nice people and lots of other travelers. Short walk to town. Laundry close by.

Bring your internet with you. Yes, they have good WI-FI but most of the time no internet.You need complicated MAC number permits to connect to nothing. The rest is good as described in previous comments.

150 pesos pppn, a little expensive, but definitely worth it. each site has sewer, water and electricity (15amp). the internet took a while to get set up, with this whole MAC address thing, but then it was super fast (one of the fastest we've used in Mexico) and great signal (they've just installed a massive WiFi antenna in the middle of the camping area. showers are really hot and good pressure. there's a nice common room with a shared kitchen, a pool table and a fire place. nice area and easy to walk to town. we drive down from the peliferico, which we wouldn't do again, we're gonna leave through town instead.

Maybee the price 300 pesos is to high but the place is realy nice, quiet at night one if the best Hot showers we experienced in Mexico so far. the Wi-Fi worked pretty well after telling 2 times that it didn't. 15 minutes walk to the centre, we stayed 2 nights.

we arrived from periferique with our truckcamper. narrow streets and low cables but it was Ok.
nice campground, 150p/p night with fulk hook up.
Really nice and clean bathrooms, Hot water.
Wifi works well, one device per person.

Good campground. Hot showers!
Took the pheripherique to get there. Hard to find. It starts behind a Pemex station. Be prepared for some 400 meters of steep, rocky dirt road!
Silly things going on for the wifi. They asked for the wifiadress of our device to make a connection.....and it still didn't work....
On our way out we drove through town. Easy for a 21 ft camper.

Stayed for 2 days. We arrived through the city, but the last bit of the road was blocked. We had to go via the periferique. It is a little hard to find from the periferique.
It is a really nice place, but it should be to the price. Everything as expected unless the wifi which only was for one device and poor capacity.
There is a good and cheap laundryservice 300 m outside the gate on the way to the city.

Looked nice enough, as described, however no internet anymore. Bathrooms were pretty dirty and at $150pp per night, it wasn't worth it.

We spent two nights there.
Really convenient location (15 min walking to the city center). The shared infrastructures (kitchen, living room, bathroom) are really nice.
The wifi never worked during our stay.
We were charged 150 pesos per night per person (for 2 people in a campervan and one in a tent).

We have stayed here more than 1 month. It's a nice place to stay a few days. The city is great! The camping it's 15/20 min walking to town.
It's expensive for 1 or 2 days, but if you stay longer it's cheaper.
1.440 pesos per week - 7 nights.
3.000 pesos per month.
Full hookups. Internet sucks. Good hot showers.

Stayed for one night, 150 p/p/n really nice campground.. make sure you do not drive through town, streets are extremely tide! If you do choose to take the road through town, be aware that the last bid of road leading to the campground is under construction, I'm not too sure what size vehicle will be able to drive it, if they let you use it at all. We took the MX 190 till it meets the Periferico, we drove it up till the forest road, the forest road is a short bumpy dirty road. We had no problems with our truckcamper and F350 truck to reach the campground!
From the camp it's a short walk to town.. wifi worked very poorly!

The local road closures made it very tough to get in to this place, but once arrived the staff are friendly, shaded area, hot showers. The cell reception is poor, there is Wi-Fi but we can't get a signal from our spot.

Nice spot. Not that cheap - think we paid $500 a night but certainly the best in SCDLC. Lots of campers and rigs around so good to share stories and meet other overlanders! Good facilities also and great to have a hot shower!

Nice big shaded forest camping. Ping pong, communal dish washing station, pool table (couldn't find the balls), big washrooms. Quiet at night.

no water, no shower, no water for the toilet on Sunday morning. There was no staff around to solve the problem. So we left at 9am.

Very nice place, quiet and with lot of grass for kids to play. They charged 400$ for two adults and 3 young kids. Yes, it is expensive but there is a dump, electricity and water at each site... and hot water showers.
Finally, they offered 20% off if you pay for a week (seems to be 6 nights) and then they didn't charge for the kids (total: 1440$ for 6 nights).

It's a good opportunity to visit San Cristóbal and the region. Downtown is in walking distance (15-20 minutes). You will meet lot of Overlanders there. Restrooms and showers are in good condition and clean. They have WIFI but sometimes it looses connection. We payed 150 pesos/people/night.

Nice looking place, but $150 pesos per person per night is not reasonable. Same price for everyone. Even if you don't hook up to electric or water. A nice en-suite room can be had for the same money.

Ok campground 15 min walking distance from SAn Cristobal. On the expensive side - 500 for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Now wifi - average

Take a really close look at streets shown as the way into the Park.Very narrow streets to navigate to this park. More than one of us had accidents trying to navigate through City. No WiFi. Electricity fluctuates. Low water pressure at our site. New phone no. 01.967.674.5887.
large area. washrooms etc as described in other posts.
Laundry service 1/2 block away from gate. Hand wash scrubbers on site.
once here, a good base to explore from. There is another way in & out of the park but GPS does not show it. When leaving, turn right & follow rough dirt road up hill to Highway. Make a trial run firstly by car or other means before taking bigger rigs. Hint - when you come to white gate, turn left & keep going. Many think the gate is the end of the road. It is not!

We stayed a week at Rancho San Nicolas. Yes, they don't have wifi anymore which turns most people crazy after a while. We have a telcel card and due to a strong antena got a decent signal so we didn't care about the wifi issue.

Overall we really liked the place. They have clean bathrooms, hot showers and a the camping area is very nice. You can make bonfires. Walking distance to town (around 10 minutes). Or take a taxi, it's cheap. A lot of fellow overlanders at this place.

We stayed 4 nights at this location to get some work done on the truck. No wifi, Electric kicked off a few times, but water is hot in the showers. The middle sites offer a little more sun. At this altitude, it gets cold at night. We were charged $100 pesos per night/per person. After 2. ights there, we were told the price went up to $150 pesos per person. We were not happy about the increase without notice. It's expensive for what you get, but it's the best in the area. Friendly staff, gated and secure. Don't follow the GPS through the city. It is brutal. 2 different people hit cars on there way to the campground on the same day. Very tight streets. Use the outer route or look at the periferico

Campground about 1.5km from city centre. Level, shady, very little sun (cold). Great hot showers, hookups without extra cost.
As of December 27th, I was told due to change in management there's no more wifi (might change in the future, but even before it was never working). Quiet, nice location. Paid 100MXP (one van, one guy).

Back again. Continuing improvements on property but internet still sucks. 200mx/night. They didn't charge us for Aspen this time

Still one of our favourite places to camp. Quiet, clean and grassy:) Showers work fine, wifi is good enough and often you find fellow overlanders here. The kitchen is small but works and in winter time bonfires are allowed:)

Paid 100pesos per person. hot showers. really nice camp area, grassy, trees, free firewood, cooking/kitchen area. clean bathrooms. wifi is fine. about 20-25 min walk into the centre of town.

very nice and quiet campground, 15 minuts walking from the town. paid 200p for two with all included. there is a lot of grass and trees, few small houses around and also they have wood to make a good fire. toilets are clean and wifi is a bit slow

Wonderful place to camp as we prepared to cross the border to Guatemala. Bathrooms were fine. People were helpful. The nightlife in the city was fabulous!

Great spot- friendly staff, nice grass and shade, new bathrooms with hot water, and neat covered area with fireplace. About a 20 minute walk to main square, etc extra charge of 20mx for Aspen. 100pp me for us

Nice place, wifi [Password removed by moderator.]

Great place to be, hot showers, nice common area and neighbors. Local people working there where very nice.

Nice & clean, great hot showers... Just the WiFi is out of order!

100pP. We were a bit disapointed (no Wifi, no Toiletpaper, out of town) and moved after one night to a hotel in the center. You easy find hotel with parking for the same price or a bit more.

great place with easy access to town, no working WiFi when we stayed here. nice hot showers, and friendly staff

Great campground near San Cristobal. Great bathrooms with hot showers. Community kitchen, dishwashing area and pavilions available. Lavanderia up the street $8per kilo. (Watch out for biting poodle!). Full hookups $200/nt The owner/manager gives everyone a key to come and go through the gates as you please. Nice place!

As per the above, I``ve been here 3 days and the neighbors for a previous 4 and no snakes, so I give it a snake free thumbs up.

Stayed for 2 nights. Campground and facilities good. Nice hot shower. WiFi not so much = mas o menos. Friendly owner.

Spent 3 nights here, as described. Nice staff. Room for about 10 RVs smaller rigs only. Took in 20 ft travel trailer. Held up traffic in town where street narrowed and a telephone pole is placed in the street. Lovely walled garden setting.

we are only ones here! Wi-Fi NOT working, no TP in bathrooms. Paid 200p for hookups. telcel is 3g here. secure and quiet. did not use showers. we are 26' and although streets narrow, was all good. cheap laundry down the street; 8p a kilo.

nice camping with hot showers, electricity. they are pet friendly, but they charge 20pesos for a dog. 100pesos per person. the Wi-Fi sometimes works, sometimes not. we enjoyed our stay.

Friendly, helpful staff. Comfortable and secure. Nice hang out areas with fireplaces available. 100 per person. Kitchen area nice clean restrooms. 10-15 min walk to town. Met lots of overlanders here.

$100 per person, wifi was on and off, within walking distance to el centro, nice and quiet campground!

Good base while in San Cris. Price has gone up to 150 per person. Wifi exists but not great. Telcel works. Great outdoor fireplace.

happy to report that the wifi is working (and fast!), things are clean and friendly staff. It's tight getting through town, but there are a few routes to make it easier. right now there's a 30' next to us. We're 20' with a motorcycle on the back and didn't have any issues. If you're wide, check it out first.

Would have liked this place better if things had been working. Water to our site didn't work, electricity sketchy and had to use plug at neighbour's site, Internet completely non-functioning. They kept promising that things would be fixed, but they weren't. Hot water mostly ok in showers. Water shut off in bathroom at one point so couldn't flush toilets. Bathrooms not cleaned in 4 days we were here. Lots of potential but we cut our visit short. They are the only game in town, but other campers who checked in also left early.

We really enjoyed our time here .. Awesome camping .. 100 pesos per person 50p for the kids ... Internet was on & off .. Great showers .. Chillin vibe

Contrary to rumors, this place is open. Lots of grassy spaces available, common kitchen and nice hot showers. 100 pesos/person.

Nice Campground, clean Restrooms and Showers, 90 Pesos per Person and night. Wifi is not working.

clean and green, a lot of space and nice new bathrooms. It's open, just make shure you ring the bell at the door.

we parked in town and took a taxi to here to see if we could get in with our 33' motor home. there was absolutely no chance that we could have driven to here. also, I am pretty sure that they are closed.

Nice Place, green and shaded Areas. Clean bathroom, hot showers. Unfortunately no wifi available. 190/Night. Laundry Service down the road (200m). Kitchen area and sinks to wash dishes.

Very Comfortable and secure. The wifi never worked, and the power was out for one night. There is a laundry on the same road, just a bit west of the camp ground, and nearly every bar, cafe, and restaurant in town has wifi (even if they aren't advertising it). We took cabs back at night since the road was empty (P30), but employees said it was safe to walk. Bathrooms are great, but water was very chilly when we were there during the power outage.

We stayed 2 nights. MX$90/person/night MX$20/dog/night. I agree with all the previous posts except that there were no cats on the premise and we never saw or heard of a laundry lady. Also, as partially stated some of the dogs that live here bark periodically through the night however what sounds like hordes of stray dogs in the area bark all night. Other loud noises included fireworks (or canons?) going off before sunrise and after sunset accompanied by chanting...not sure what is going on. Wifi sometimes works well for the first minute or two after you connect then appears to be connected but does not function, other times it just visibly kicks you off within a minute. Overall good stay!

Joli camping proche du centre historique 90$mex par personne

Lovely campground 15-20 walking minutes away from the center. Very clean sanitaries, hot showers, friendly staff. Perfect place to relax on cool and comfortable 2000 m high. Only point is the internet doesn't work. We liked the city very much, one of our most favorite campgrounds. 90 MXN/person.

Friendly, clean, and easy. We stayed 8 days. If you pay for a week, the 8th day is free,so why not! We understand there are monthly rates as well. Easy walk to Centro as stated before. A great spot to hang with old friends and make some new ones too! ONLY gripe..,they should just cancel wifi, it's bad. Do yourself a favor and have a cup of coffee or glass of wine at one of the many cafés in town with good wifi service if you must connect.

$90 MXN per person. Yoga classes and hot showers! Short walk to the central.

Nice campground, complete with toilet seats! Decent wifi, and only about a 15 minute walk to the Centro. Full hookups at sites. There is a cat on the premises that may bug the hell out of you, constantly getting into your vehicle every time you open your doors. We paid 90p per person.

Lovely place, only 2000 Pesos for one month, near the city Centre, Full huckup, new bathroom, for larger rigs: take the way over the Periferico, the streets through the city are very narrow

90 pesos per person per night. Very nice campground close to town. Electricity and water at camp sites. Good showers and bathroom facility although the hot water is very limited. Wifi is not reliable. There is a laundry lady who will come by and pick up your laundry and return it either same day or next day - nice service.

Cost: 80 pesos per person and 20 pesos per dog per night. They also have rooms with no bathrooms for rent (90 pesos/night/person) as well as cabanas at various rates.
Dates stayed: 13-15 December 2014
The bathrooms are really large and clean. Very secure for vehicles. There is both an outside and an inside common areas for use that include fireplaces and there is available wood. It is an easy 15-minute walk into the center of town but feels as if you are in the woods.

Lots of room always for any size of camper. Charging per person and for the dog. Internet is very moody.

M$90/person Although there are hot showers there is a very limited supply if hot water. We managed only 2 slightly warm showers over our 6 nights here. The internet is spotty. Staff is friendly and bathrooms are clean. The grounds are nice. There are lots of dogs on the property and they bark late into the night and early mornings.

Large grassy field for camping with all amenities (electric, water, hot showers, kitchen, fireplace, TV, pool table). Wifi is slooooooooow. 90 MXN/person/night PLUS 20 MXN/night/dog. Stay 5 nights, get one free but you still need to pay for the dogs every night, no free nights for dogs?!

A nice campsite, although we found it expensive at 70 pesos per person per night. Wi-Fi was all-right.

Lovely campsite in with shady pine trees. Cozy communal space with pool table and open fireplace. Big rigs like ours will find it easiest to use the dirt road heading east from the campsite up to the new periferico. In April 2014 the road was dirt and in poor shape, but usable by any size vehicle provided they have good ground clearance.

A comfortable camping site with full hookups and amazing hot showers about 1 mile outside San Cristobal. 180 pesos per night

Secure, walled, grassy campground/hostel 15-20 minute walk to San Cristobal zocolo. Electricity, supposedly hot showers (mine only lasted 5 minutes, but everyone else had plenty), free wifi that worked half the time.

Price: $5.68/person

Shaded, dark place, electricity and water dumping. Quiet. WiFi bad. 20 minute walk to the Centro. Peso night 160 -

The only sure way to stay overnight. 190 Pan on towards San Cristobal. Outside the city, in 0348 Pemex turn, then about 1.5 km, the Collina go up and turn into gravel road on the left. 800 meters to the campground.

Nice new bathrooms and a big common area with a pool table and kitchen. Space for big rigs and fluffy grass for campers, just watch out for snakes! Internet was temperamental, we ended up using the wifi in town for most things. You have to drive through San Cristobal to get here, which has very narrow streets and can be very difficult for larger vehicles. Wifi was sketchy.

The campground is located 20 minutes from the pedestrian zone of San Cristóbal. Electricity / water / waste water at site. A little run down. The bathrooms have been cleaned only once during the month we spent here. Because of the tall trees very dark and quite muddy in the rainy season. The campground is managed by three teenagers who seemed to be completely overwhelmed by this task.

(Usually 150 pesos / day, discount for one week: pay 6, 1 day for free)