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26 days ago
2381.2 masl


Yes - Slow
Running Water
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On a loose ground next to the Mc'donalds, free, wifi and toilets at Mc'D's

Sur un terrain vague a cote du Mc'do, gratuit, wifi et toilettes au Mc'do


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Pasamos 2 noches aquí en el estacionamiento de mcdonald's hasta al fondo. Es muy tranquilo el lugar, el vigilante está las 24 hrs. A nosotros nos tocó que había un circo y en la segunda noche vino el camión de foodservice para abastecer al mcdonald's y eso estuvo haciendo ruido por la noche y muy temprano, fuera de todo estuvimos bien dormir aquí.

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Seems safe, not considered extremly nice but flat. Wifi and toilet at McDonalds are convenient. Enough space for a lot of rigs, as well big ones. Security at McDonalds.

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This place is great!

McDonald's for toilets and wifi. Some tables even have power sockets so you can work there all day. Speedtest: 10ms ping, 3 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up.

Commercial center Pradera (including Walmart) is 5 minutes away walking.

There's plenty of restaurants nearby and the traffic is fairly light in this area.

The grassy field is pretty much flat and level.
We spent 3 nights there and nobody said a thing.

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We felt safedy, quiet place, bathroons in Mc donalds.

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It is actually behind the MAX store, next to McDonald’s. 24h guards at McDonald’s watch over you. Felt very safe. Was fairly quiet. Cold at night.. WiFi at McDonald’s of course..

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Stayed here for a couple of nights on the grass with no issues, there are security guards behind the electronics shop next to McDonalds. Safe and peaceful place to spend a night or two. Theres a circus show next door at the moment for 10Q.

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We stayed 2 nights in the field before McDonald's. No problems. We asked the security of McDonald's and they had an eye in our RV when we went into town. We gave him 20 GTQ.

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They don’t let u stay any more. Only in front at the large field.
We slept there and we felt ok. Only for overnight.

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We spent two nights here. Very quiet, feel safe and the staff of mc donalds are veryyy kindly. They give us hot water without problems and aloud us to use the bathrooms.
We park in the grass, in front of the mc parking

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Spoke to the manager who said not posible to stay in the parking over night but security guards said to park in the filed in front and they will keep an eye on us. We felt safe.

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Parked in the grassy field just before the McDo. It's fine for a night and very convenient bc there are bathrooms and wifi a few meters.

At first we tought we could park in the McDo's parking lot but the guards told us to park next to it (grass field). So yeah, follow what others said in comments: take the little path BEFORE the McDo otherwise you will have to do u-turns to come back (bc it's a one way).

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We spent two night right on the parking lot of the McDonald's. We felt really safe and it wasn't noisy. The first night we asked the manager if we could stay there, he agreed and informed the guards. The second night we forget to do the same, and the guards came at 11 pm, but it was OK.
We didn't pay anything (except two meals at the McDonald's :/ )

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On the other side of the street a commercial center with a little supermarket : good selection of grocery and best prices i've seen in Guatemala. Chile White wine sauvignon 35 Qtz the bottle.

5mn walking distance of bus terminal where you can take a ride to Visit San Andres Xecul Church or Salcajá artcraft market.

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stayed here for 3 nights. very chill place, and even though you're nit even 50m from one of the bussiest streets of Xela, you hardly hear anything. the wall of 'Max' blocks all the noise. felt save here. MacDo guards are always around and in the morning they come over for a little neighbour talk. they did not ask us for any money.

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We had a reasonable night here. Surprisingly not too noisy.

Make sure you TURN ON THE ROAD BEFORE THE MACDONALDS RESTAURANT, otherwise you have to do a loop that can take half an hour at rush hour.

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Parked on the grassy fields behind on the right side of McDonalds. Don't drive in the restaurant parking, you have to take the road just beside the restaurants entry (west of restaurant - you will see a pedestrian overpass). If not, you will have to do a detour around and back which can take some time when traffic is thick. Overnights guards very nice and ask 20 Q each (2x20). Felt safe. Free fast wifi if you walk closer to building.

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Following previews reviews we decided to try. Guards were very friendly and eager to help with anything we need. There are free toilets until 00:00 and from 06:00. Free wi-fi. They gave us water. We offered also food and coffee. It's a good place for one night.

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We asked the 24/7 security guards about parking on the grassy lot across the street from McD's and were told it was not part of McD's and they thought not but said we could stay at the back of their lot for a couple of nights. We tipped him 10Q. Walking distance to a mall with a Wal-Mart. Lots of restaurants around. we came back here three nights later for one more night again on way back through. Felt safe.

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Sur un terrain vague à côté du Mc'do, gratuit, wifi et toilettes au C'do

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