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8 months ago
11.2 masl


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Small area to camp right on the water, provided by the Municipality of Spaniards Bay. Freshwater brook running into the ocean. Picnic table and benches. The main road is close by, so some noise. No toilets, a little trashy (2021, there is a garbage can by the sign.) Please keep the area clean!). Nice spot for the night.


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Had a good nights stay here, and (mostly) quiet. I ate a large plant based (vegan) vegetable pizza pie from 241 pizza/robins which was delicious and I got so full that I lied down and fell asleep at around 9pm, woke up around 1am to brush my teeth and within 5 minutes of waking up a car pulls into the other campsite. About a minute later a guy starts yelling he can’t find his lighter and starts coming over to my car continuing to yell asking me for a lighter, not knowing if I was even in my car or sleeping or anything. Luckily I had a lighter at the ready and gave him it to use but idk what would have happened if I didn’t have a lighter at the ready, glad I didn’t find out. An important lesson, to always be vigilant when on the road and staying in unpaid camping areas. Thanks for the tip!

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2 places de camping. très bruyant par contre. En contrebas de la route.

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2 places de camping pour petit VR. très bruyant par contre.

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sign saying area is closed but then goes on about not to eat the shellfish. we stayed 1 night beautiful view. not much noise aside from road traffic not far away. found it relaxing.

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Should be the exact location now, after a correction. A small road leads down to the water from the road above - it is full of large potholes, can be tricky to get down. There is some noise from the road, but not too bad.

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Great spot! GPS coordinates were wrong, so we had to backtrack. However, was easy to find. Accessible by all rigs (maybe not crazy long ones), area to turn around.

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We slept there one night. As it was said, the place is quite « trashy » lots of stuff on the ground. Lots of locals coming by in the evening or morning to hang out, no interactions with them though. A bit noisy because next to the main road.

Right next to the Baccalieu Brewery, so quite nice to have a drink not too far.


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Small area to camp right on the water, provided by the Municipality of Spaniards Bay. Fresh water brook running into ocean.Picnic table and benches. Main road is close so some noise. No toilets or garbage can, so a little trashy. Nice spot for the night. 40km from St John’s.

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