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Border between South Africa (Kamatipoort) and Mozambique


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SA to Moz
SA side busy but easy
Moz with gate pass
Visa on arrival 6,252 M (~90 Euro) for 30 days (60 days are double the price)
They asked for a hotel reservation, which we had, but no printout. The immigration officer printed the reservation for us!
CDP was quickly stamped
Insurance: All the shops at the border are permanently closed. 4 km after the border, there is a Galp filling station, and next to it, a little insurance office. We paid R 700.- for our 5.5t camper. We also bought a SIM card there, but you can get it already at the border. (R40 for the SIM Card, R150 for 5GB Data)

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SA -> Moz (by bus, visa on arrival)

SA side:
So easy, 5 minutes to get the exit stamp

Moz side:
We took 2 hours to get visa on arrival, because the system was down. In 15 minutes Italian passport paid fee (US$ 10/650 MZN) and got entry stamp. Polish passport needs visa, and we had to wait the system. Now it’s a new price: US$ 93/6.262 MZN (multiple entries in 30 days)

We bought a bus ticket of City to City between Johannesburg and Maputo, but the driver didn’t want to wait our visa, so he left us in the border. A Mozambique’s officer helped us to get a van to Maputo.

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SA Side: Check out (Immigration / Custom) fast and easy
MOZ Side:
1. Gate Pass
2. Immigration - Visa free for Germany, paid 650 MZN (10 USD) fee (cash/card),
filled in form, passport stamped
3. Custom - carnet + gate passed stamped (only one stamp required)
4. Leave gate pass at gate
5. Policemen checked passport for entry stamps

Third party insurance for MOZ:
There are a lot insurance offices at the border, but all were closed.
You can get insurance online. Google "mozambique third party insurance"
Costs 280 Rand (15 USD) for car for 30 days, pay online, download policy, print out, easy and fast.

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Moz - SA

Very easy border crossing. I don't know if it was because we came on a Sunday but the officers asked no questions. We stamped out our passports on Moz side, nobody cared about the TIP.

On SA side we missed the immigration bureau and had to return. Waited 20 minutes in the queue and got stamped 90 days for SA.
Filled out a small paper for the car. Easy as. 30mins everything done.

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Today we crossed the border into Mozambique. we did the visa at the border (2 Swiss & CH campers) Duration about 90 minutes. everything easy and friendly. First night in Moz at Jomoz. super friendly and great help with the SIM card.

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ZA side to Moz:
no gate pass, straight forward

Moz side to Moz:
you'll be handed a gate pass driving into the Moz borderpost. To our surprise, no runners at all at the border. Proceed through covid-check, where you get a tiny piece of paper each (which nobody checked afterwards), then applied for VISA (5OUS p.P. although we were the only ones, it took them 1.5h to issue). Proceed to Immigration. Afterwards to customs, where I tried to get the Carnet stamped but they issued a TIP anyway. You also have to get your gatepass stamped there.

Moz side to ZA:
- TIP copy will be collected at the gate when you drive into the borderpost. Again, no runners at all at the border. Go to immigration and you're done.

ZA side to ZA:
- Be aware, that immigration/customs office is not the building seperating the road in and out of ZA, but the one on the ZA out side. Covid check, Immigration and customs in case of a carnet.

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Added note. We had about 4 days left on our S.A. visa after spending 30days of S.A.s 90day limit in Mozambiquie (Canada Passports). Upon reentering S.A. they gave us an additional 90days no questions asked!
*might not always work, but I said nothing and they just gave us 90 more days.

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SA to Moz.
reading previous reviews I was expecting the worst, but it was nothing. Just dont stop for anyone until you get to the offical building, once inside that area all the guys with vests and name badges aren't allowed in :)
the hand sani guy leaving SA kept tell us we had to have a PCR test to leave SA. I told him he was wrong & he kept arguing, so just walk past that guy and go to the desk for the exit stamp.
Drive to the MOZ side, rapid test 300R paid however you want. Inside I was surprised we could also pay for the visa with a credit card. They are slow, only one person ahead and it took 1.5hrs. Vehicle tip was 200R or 750MET. cash only. Leaving drive past the guys with vests trying to stop you and only stop for the police who are offical :)
all in all, easy!

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Two French passport holders here entering MOZ. We had no issues with getting the visa upon arrival for 50 USD paid in cash (credit card also accepted). TIP 200 Rand cash + 280 rand for third party insurance that we had paid online beforehand (Askari Insurance). We had booking and bank statement printed out but no one asked to see it. Same for the covid-19 test. 😒 The whole process took 1 hour.

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Covid Rapid tests at the Moz side for 300R, credit card or cash - no PCR required. Border Visa for 50 USD or 1000 ZAR. Booking confirmation required - we canceled the booking before and had no problems

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Mozambique to South Africa:
[RSA registered vehicle and citizens]
Mozambique side:
1) Stamp out passport
2) Process CIP

RSA side:
1) Temperature check
2) Fill out immigration form
3) Provided certified copy of passport
4) Stamp passport and immigration officer makes note of vehicle registration number on system as being back in the country.
[NOTE: crossing border at date of this check-in was only permitted through prior arranged Embassy approval of said countries].

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The same experience as previously reported. All procedures took one hour.
Apply for the Visa (right hand side in the Building or ask an official), get your entry stamp at the counter for immigration (in the middle) and your CDP (counter left hand side).
For the visa a confirmation of hotel booking can be required. We were not asked for. We just gave them the adress where we want to stay.
Cost for visa R750 or $50 pP.

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Mozambique visa costs either: 3050 MZN, 750 ZAR, 45 EUR, or 50 USD.

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We don‘t know why so many people had problems here. We came with really bad expectations, but it worked well. 1 h. Maybe the fastest and best border we had ever. Maybe we were just lucky. But what we want to say: everybody has different perceptions and normally we are very unpatience. Just let it come to you!

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A busy border, but we had no hassle, just be prepared to wait... if crossing over lunch time, lunch breaks may take priority over your visa process! Don't hand over any of your documents to the guys outside, everything is done inside - if you speak a little Portuguese, it will definitely help you!

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Just crossed here on the Greyhound bus. It went pretty smoothly, but I recommend getting your visa beforehand in South Africa and it will be better.
You go to the South Africa gate get stamped out. If you already have a visa, you walk down the hall and Mozambique stamps you in, no problem. If you need a visa, you need to walk about 1km down the road to a little shack and apply for the visa here. It only takes about ten minutes if there is no queue. Hut our Greyhound bus driver was not happy and threatened to leave without us and I think he would, we had to plead with him.
Paid $50 per person for visas, all immigration people we dealt with were very nice and friendly and helpful. The real immigration people wear light blue uniforms that say "Migracao" on them.
They have us our passports and visas and I started to walk away, but then checked my passport and realized they did not give an entry stamp. So I went back and he stamped it. This seems intentional and then on the way out they extort you for entering illegally, so just check you have the visa AND the entry stamp.

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The people who use this app are the overlanders, right... we’re used to border crossings and this border can be busy, but use the knowledge from previous border crossings and you’ll be fine!

Mozambique site: Yes, there are a lot of guys around you at the moment you step out of the car. If you don’t want them to help you, just say it once and ignore them.
Get your passport stamped, fill in the T.I.P. If you don’t use a Carnet (stay strict at this moment, because this is where the guys want to help you. And want money after helping you to fill in the form.) And get a stamp on this little form, they give it to you between the two borders. This is your exit pass.

Go to one of the offices next to the road to get your 3th party insurance. We paid this time in Rand, was much cheaper. The rates are hanging inside the office.

Enjoy your stay in Mozambique 🌴 we love it!

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Exit SA into Moz on EU passports and carnet in 1,5 hours. Drive up to the building and everything is handled inside by friendly officials. We paid R750 pp for visa

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Hell what a nightmare. This borderpost is a disgrace to the people of Mozambique. Getting out of South Africa is easy and professional but as soon as one gets over the border...
Some tips:
Do not stop for anyone unless he or she is clearly an official
Drive to the building
Park your car
Ignore everyone
Go into the building
Get your visa or stamp
Import your car or stamp your carnet
Get out
Get your third party insurance which costs about 1500 meticals
Drive away

We got stopped by people and trapped into offices etc etc. Being fooled is OK but being robbed is different.
People of Mozambique, this is wrong. Stop this robbery

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Just an advice for those who want to stay more than one month!!

If you want to stay more than 30 days in Mozambique it’ better to get your visa in the Consulate in Nelspruit.

At the border they only issue “visto de fronteira” (border visa) that you can extend for another 30 days ONLY AT THE BORDER. So, you must exit the country and entry again with an extension, but cannot extend it in the Immigration Office.

So, if you want to avoid exiting to get another 30 days, it’s better to get the visa in Nelspruit. It’s a little bit more expensive, but worth it.

[Spanish passports]

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Warning for crossing border at Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia

When you arrive on the Moz side, a crowd of guys will run around you. Some may look ‘official’ with name tag, lanyard and hats. They are NOT border staff, they are scammers. Ignore them. DO NOT hand over any documents ( they will ask for passports) to any of them, no matter how pressing, demanding and official they look. They will scam you out of a LOT of money before you get back your docs!
The only person at the Moz border asking for your passport is at the Immigration desk.

Process: all is within one building. Do immigration first then go to Customs for the Carnet or TIP. There is now a new road tax that has to be paid. For that you need to show Mozambique insurance for your vehicle. Rather than dealing with more scammers, you can buy it online and safely in advance. For that consult the Facebook group DriveMoz as well as their website. It is full of info and you can buy insurance via them or some place they recommend. ( as benchmark we paid for our motorcycles 10USD at the Mulanje border early August 2018).

Consult latest security update on the border and anything about Moz through them. It is very useful group and website. They will be aware of latest scams.

Note also that dealing with the money changers at the border is illegal and may get YOU into trouble with the law and accused of money laundering with a heavy fine! Officials and cops there don’t pay attention to the scammers and are probably getting their cut on that, so don’t rely on them.

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Busy on this saturday. We went from SA to Moz.
At Moz side many fixers, but if you kindly tell them that you don't need them, it is no hassle.
Visa can be bought here for $50. Pass stamped and TIP and/or Carnet stamped all in same building. People where friendly and helpfull.
Outside you can buy insurance and simcard. Simcart Vodacom M50 and 2 gig data for 30 days is M200. So that is cheap. There is an ATM where you can get max M5000 with your card. (visa-master)
When we drove out of Moz border we are not asked about any car insurance.

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From SA to MOZ with EU passports (total duration 1 hour):

Exiting South Africa is always easy and well organized. Go in the building and stamp your passport. Our motorcycles are South African, therefore no need for customs.

Entering Mozambique:
Get the gate slip from the police when entering, and continue towards the building. Be aware of the many aggressive fixers approaching you. They told us they were officials and needed our gate slips. Do not give them those as they want money in return.

We bought third party insurance valid for all the SADC-countries from Hollards. R140 for 30 days. They were professional, accepts credit cards and can guide you to the next steps. No COMESA insurance office at this border.

Enter the building and approach the customs desk on the left, ask for the TIP papers and fill the form out (easy). Then get it stamped by the official behind the bars.

Turn around and you'll see the immigration desk. Most passports gets the visa on arrival. Hand in your passport and pay the fee. We paid R850 for 30 day visa, they also accept dollars and you can get transit visas only valid for 7 days slightly cheaper.

Now get your gate slip signed by the police outside of the building, then hand it in while leaving the border area.

Be sure to have some ZAR, USD or MZT for the tollgates, the first one from the border is 163 MZT. No credit cards.

Enjoy the friendly people of Moz, but be careful to always check for the correct change everywhere.

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We left Mozambique from here, pretty aggressive fixers around which you absolutely don't need. The guy who signs the TIP you got when you entered the country is just walking outside, he signed our papers and then wanted to 'help' us getting the passport stamped. He said this costs money, so I told him no and left. Strange even the official workers asking for money on this border, if you have the chance just go through Swaziland much more nice and quiet border..

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Exiting Mozambique; first carnet stamped out (no fees) than in line for passport stamp. Quick and easy! Avoid the runners!

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Exiting Souh Africa: Very easy, just a stamp in the passport and in our Carnet de Passage en douane (German registration vehicle). No exit fees.

Entering Mozambique with Swiss and German passport : we already had our Visa (Embassy in Durban). They stamped our passport and Carnet. No extra fees.

Compulsory Third Party insurance: There are different companies right in front of immigration. 30 days : 660 Metical, 220 Rand or 20 USD. It is much cheaper to pay in Metical. (exchange rate for changing money at the border was 1 Rand=5 Metical).

There was some guys willing to help (for a fee), but everything is so easy there is really no need.

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Border between South Africa (Kamatipoort) and Mozambique

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