Suam Border Post (correct location) | Customs and Immigration DUPLICATE OF Borderstation



11 months ago
1807.0 masl


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This is the correct location of the border crossing at Suam. All previous posts are correct, the crossing was quick and easy on both sides with friendly and efficient officers. However, the road on either side is nearly impassable in the rainy season. I had to spend the night at the border post to wait for the road to dry, and even then I dropped the bike twice. Avoid if it has been raining at all. On the positive, the guys on the Kenyan side were very welcoming and friendly and even invited me to eat with them.


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Easy bordercrossing, took me 1.5hours in total. No roadtax or insurance questions. PCR test neccessary, not offered at border. Then the road after Suam: the first 20km is really bad, drive avg 15km/h, then the next 30km is better gravel, and then… tarmac. It took me 4hrs to reach Sipi Falls by Toyota Funcruiser.

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