Puma gas station | Fuel Station



5 months ago
641.3 masl


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Also has a little shop and some fast food. Not much, though


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still here. diesel. everywhere in Zambia is the same price. cheaper as in Zimbabwe (50cts€ of difference per liter) so fill up before or after the border ;-)
cash or credit card.

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They do accept cards. We could pay by card after we filled up. They overcharged us 20 kwatcha, but returned that amount in cash.

There was diesel. They ran out of petrol.

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NB. Correction on my previous post. It is not by PUMA but at the fuel station next door that you can pay by card. PUMA cash only.

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You can pay by card but you pay first for as much fuel you want in order to make sure the card work. Then you fill up.

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Also has a little shop and some fast food. Not much, though

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