Canadian Tire | Sanitation Dump Station



about 1 year ago
72.0 masl


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The dump station is next to Canadian Tire on the left. $ 15.
la station se trouve à côté de Canadian Tire sur la gauche


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No water but they allowed us to dump for $10 in early March they just sent someone to check it wasn’t frozen. Super helpful staff

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Place is open and costs 15$ wich you need to pay in Canadian Tire customer service.

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Station de vidange toujours en fonction situé sur le vdevant côté gauche du garage avec en plus de l'eau potable.

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Fee is now 15$ and accessible during store hours. I would not recommend unless you are in need.

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Price is now 15$ and opened during store hours only. not worth it, unless you need to dump now

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la station se trouve à côté de Canadian Tire sur la gauche

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