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11 months ago
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Kirk motors are suspension specialist and the agents for Tough Dog.


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We went here to get a nut for our stabilizer that we had lost. They were very helpful and quick with searching for a spare one, although while fixing it, the boss hit the stabilizer on a wrong point with a hammer and probably broke a part of it. It was a new part, but he said that it was just too old to be good any longer. We will see how long it will last.
Personally I am not convinced for a recommendation, as he kept on talking about his divorce, telling my husband how much fun a divorce is, and how bad his marriage and so on... Had the impression that the boss was distracted from his personal issues and had troubles to focus on the job. The mechanic, though, tried his best.

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Very professional electrician and mechanical team they have fixed our winch

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Inside Kirk Motors you find a very good electrician, Author Pots, who knows a lot about his work. Fast and efficient.

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Kirk motors are suspention specialist and the agents for Tough Dog.

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