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6 months ago
522.0 masl


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Great RV park. 80 sites. 11 large pull thru sites. Water and electricity at sites. Dump station at back entrance. we stayed until last day in Oct when facilities closed. Otherwise $12 us per nite. Great playground, swimming pool, mini golf, and full golf course. Great walks and lovely quaint town. Also BBQ areas


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The goat's-heads were negligible. Men's bathroom was clean enough. However, the following happened:

I stayed from Thursday-Sunday. Paid immediately after afternoon arrival. Then, I never left the park or moved my vehicle. Only an unattended RV present throughout at another corner; another RV left after a night. I chose a numbered spot beside a power pedestal with 20-amp outlet, which I connected an extension cord coming from that, and slept in my car (not RV). Occasionally, people (locals?) strolled through the park and vehicles roamed.

The first day was peaceful/uneventful. However, someone probably noticed my vehicle stationary because on the second day two police officers performed welfare checks: one late-morning and the other mid-afternoon. They knocked and I answered both times. The first officer left immediately after I responded; the second officer parked behind my vehicle for some minutes before leaving (I'd guess he was recording and checking my plate). Of course, I had an out-of-state license plate, but it'd be reasonable to presume that most campers would show up with out-of-state vehicles.

I do grasp the town's concerns: a lone car in an RV park that hadn't moved for almost 24 hours. I stood out.

However, if that was the case, maybe stationed a check-in person greeting people so they could be more sure of who was coming/going. Maybe checked the payment cylinder more often. Maybe the first cop should have informed his associates that I was a normal, paying camper.

Yes, this was PAID camping. I'd understand if it was a free/boondocking lot where unsavory people could show up for days and engage in suspicious behaviors. However, I was casually going in and out of my vehicle to the bathhouse.

Was the town having issues of people coming to their RV park and dying in their vehicles?

Imagine a small town paid campground where it's in their interest to have business, but when someone shows up they immediately call law enforcement to check things out.

Nothing similar has happened elsewhere. In the future, if around the area again, I'll probably skip this place to not be disturbed and camp peacefully more than one day.

Note: no one approached again during the third/fourth days.

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Quiet, nice alternative to a truck stop. Self-pay, $12. Bathrooms are a bit gnarly. If you are not towing, use a higher grassy area. Low area was muddy, and we were spinning wheels for a bit (in our rear-wheel drive van). Be careful at pull-throughs when you step out. Many are littered with some kind of tiny seed pod that resembles shards of glass. We had to pick them out of our shoes and were pierced on our feet and hands when we tracked them into our van before we realized what they were.

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Great stop, easy $12 cash self pay. Really nice park, quiet, safe, chill.

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Great little park. Lots of spaces and hook ups. Electric and water at the sites. Dump at the back entrance. Awesome spot for a quick workout and run before hitting the road again. Can’t beat it for $12! (Honor system. Red drop box at back entrance.)

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Convenient spot to park overnight. Very reasonably priced ($12 pay at the drop box). Very quiet, only a couple of other vehicles parked over night. Electric and water hookups. Level sites. Good Verizon cell reception. Nice park setting for walking, with playgrounds, golf, and more. Bathrooms and showers are not cleaned regularly. If you just need a quiet place to park for a night (or longer) with basic services, it’s great and well worth the fee. Nice break from free spots with no services. Oh, and those stickers others mentioned are no joke - check your pets’ paws, and your shoes. I’ve been finding them in my van for days.

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Good place, toilets durty. The GPS location is not good

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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 35.27320, -99.64588

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Great rv park 50 a pull thru all facilities dump stn we stay last day oct facilities closed otherwise 12 us per nite great playground swimming pool mini golf and full golf course great walks and lovely quaint town also BBQ areas

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