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Landcruising Adventure

North of Conde. Camped beautifully under the coconut trees along the coast. From Conde you drive to the coast and then northward along various fishing villages, where you'll encounter various great rough camps.

Beach Siribinha -11.75205, -37.51927
Landcruising Adventure

Camping / Balneario Vale das Cachoeiras, near the entrance of the town, is a good place to spend the night. Swimming pool and showers. Price: 25 *reais* for 2 persons and car per night.

Price: R$25 per couple + vehicle

Camping / Balneario Vale das Cachoeiras -12.59813, -38.96117

Hotel Vision Azull has a fantastic location right on the shores of Lago de Atitlan. We were a little bit surprised that the prices had increased from what was mentioned in the Church & Church book, but it looked as the new owner had done some upgrading. It is just outside town, but not more than about 10-15 minutes walk.

Price: 150 quetzales

Bahia Atitlan Inn 14.74683, -91.16369
Landcruising Adventure

Entrance fee for dunes: 5 *reais*. Couldn't spent the night in the dunes so we rough camped in front of the entrance. Quiet place

Price: R$5 entry

East of Mateiros (Jalapão) - wild camp -10.60277, -46.66163
Landcruising Adventure

Camping costs 10 reais pp, entrance to waterfall 5 reais. Toilet is hole in the ground behind a piece of plastic. Too much money for the facilities. But, the waterfall is worth a visit and swim.

Price: R$10 pppn R$5 admittance to waterfall

Cachoeira do Formiga - Mateiros, Jalapão, Tocantins -10.33395, -46.47092
Landcruising Adventure

At least when raining only doable with 4x4. Lots of eroded tracks. Beautiful area for rough camping. This is just one of the many good spots for camping.

Between Lizarda and São Felix do Jalapão -10.05897, -46.97330
Landcruising Adventure

Camped a couple of kms east of Santa Filomena along the side of the road. Only later discovered that across the road there is a much more beautiful camping spot with fantastic view.

Santa Filomena - wild camp -9.12270, -45.87767
Landcruising Adventure

In the parking lot of Hotel Serra Capivara, along the road leading north to Teresina.

Ceramica near NP Serra da Capivara -8.81866, -42.51585
Landcruising Adventure

Along the side of the road, well hidden behind bushes.

Serra da Capivara National Park - wild camp -8.78067, -42.48038
Landcruising Adventure

We were not impressed with this historic site. Good place to camp though.

Vale dos Dinosauros, Sousa -6.73265, -38.26190
Landcruising Adventure

We enjoyed the place, interesting phenomena these boulders on a hill. Spent the night in the parking lot.

Hotel Fazenda Lajedo de Pai Mateus -7.39117, -36.31958
Landcruising Adventure

Peaceful rough camp just north of town.

Barra do São Miguel - wild camp -7.75005, -36.32442
Landcruising Adventure

On route PE 585. Coming from the east it is the last part of the pleasant higher altitude (cooler nights), where we camped on the premises of a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

East of Arapina- wild camp -7.52303, -40.49103
Landcruising Adventure

Beautiful meandering off-road to Piscina Brejo do Madre de Deus, with 3 swimming pools. Quiet night camping in the parking lot.

Brejo do Madre de Deus -8.15458, -36.40352

Small grassy field next to the Visitor Center and Museum. Toilets and cold showers. From the visitor center you can make a tour to the howler monkeys ($ 7 / person).

Baboon Sanctuary 17.55562, -88.53476

Big parking lot of the marina. We could park at the water with a beautiful view to the ocean. Hot and strong showers. Free Wifi. Coin laundry

In front of the marina a bus runs to Belize City (simply flag it down): B $ 1 / person. The bus goes directly to the bus terminal from where it is a 10 minutes walk to the swing bridge. For the way back you can take any bus towards Belmopan.

Old Belize Marina / Cucumber Beach 17.47244, -88.24819

Everything you would expect from a nice place to stay : covered picnic tables; clean new bathrooms; powerful hot showers; (Very slow) free WIFI at the Office; some beautiful trails.

just a couple of km's from the Zoo which costs $ 30 BZ entrance fee per person, however the money is worth it. Close to the Zoo is another, beautiful place to stay, the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, however, they ask BZ $ 15 / person plus tax.

(Originally $ 10.90 BZ / person)

Tropical Education Center 17.35752, -88.54137

On the hotel's website they offer sites for RVs. Turned out to be a narrow parking lot in front of the building. You can use the bathroom in a room if one is vacant. Outdoor shower, (very slow) free WIFI. The whole area seemed to be nice and beautiful once, but all a bit run down nowadays .

Kismet Inn 16.87394, -88.28743

Parking lot in a beautiful set resort right at the river. Toilet in the restaurant. Free WIFI in the restaurant. Very nice owner who gave us permission to stay, however he doesn't want to host Overlanders in general.

The center of Dangriga with its beautiful Caribbean atmosphere is only a two minute walk.

(Originally $ 40.00 BZ)

Jungle Huts 16.96770, -88.22491

Fantastic place in the jungle right at the river. It's actually a backpacker hostel. As an Overlander you can stay in the orange grove. Comfortable, open common area. There is free drinking water available and you can pick up and squeeze tthe oranges. You can swim in the river (and have a shower). Hammocks on the shores invite you to relax. Very clean toilets.

The access from George Ville via a pretty bad road. Right before the Barton Creek Outpost you have to cross a river, which might be deep heavy rains - when we crossed it was 50 cm.

Barton Creek Outpost 17.11433, -88.92915

Huge, well-kept grassy field right next to the main road and only a few kilometers from the border with Guatemala. Electricity / water at site (current additional cost). Dump station at the laundry. Very fast, but time limited free WIFI. Clean facilities and hot showers, but only one shower and one toilet for the entire place. Friendly, Belizean owner, who lived for over twenty years with her husband as well as in Inglewood / California (hence the name of the campground), as also in Kaiserslautern / Germany.

(Originally $ 25.00 BZ)

Inglewood Campground 17.13915, -89.08753

No trip through Costa Rica would be complete without a stop at Agi and Guido's place - the Swiss emigrants. Conveniently located close to the border. Huge farm with beautiful hiking trails. Howler and spider monkeys in the trees. Bathroom with hotel standard, cold shower. Superb dining at the restaurant (12$ / person including drinks). We camped along to the road which leads to the cabanas.

(US $ 5 / day without electricity, $ 10 / day with electricity. We have paid in US $.)

Finca Cañas Castilla 11.12147, -85.59404

Parking at the entrance to the National Park. Admission to the park is $ 10 / person. As you have to access via the private property of a hotel 700 colones per Person "toll" is charged. Toilets in the park. Great view from the parking lot of the sea. Very quiet at night. Partially strong wind gusts.

Rincon De Vieja National Park 10.77268, -85.35017

Campground on the touristy beach of Samara. Shade under the palm trees. Cold showers, toilets are borderline. Larger RV's might have difficulties to maneuver through the palm trees and the low-hanging power wire. Great place to swim in the warm sea, to hang out and watch people. Several restaurants and bars right next door, but quiet at night.

(US $ 10 / day. We paid in US $.)

Camping los Cocos 9.88134, -85.52548

Parking lot on a small peninsula under coconut trees. On the gravel road to Cabuya turn left on a small road which leads to the houses. Pass them until you see a small palm tree forest. Very quiet night.

Bajada Las Rocas 9.63401, -85.07394

Public park on the shores of Laguna de Arenal. You stay where you like. Toilets were unfortunately locked. Water tap at the event building. Beautiful views of the reservoir. Great to have a campfire.

Unlimited public place by the lake in Nuevo Arenal 10.53496, -84.89034

On a large grassy field of the hotel where also the entrance of the National Park is located. Clean toilets, (very) cold showers. The admission fee to the National Park costs another $ 10 / person.

(3000 Colón / person)

Rio Celeste Hotel parking 10.70317, -84.97754

The access road to the volcano is closed from 3.30pm - 8am. We pulled out to the forest road in front of the entrance gate, and parked on the side about 20 meters further down the road (behind the sign, which prohibits trespassing). Very quiet at night. Clean toilets can be used in the park the next morning. Admission to nationalpark: US $ 10 / person plus US $ 3 / vehicle.$

Alternative option:

Recreation area Bosques de Fraijanes, N 10.12394 W 84.18823, 1,703 m, 9,000 colones (14,00 €). Very nice recreational park. We still moved on since the announced WIFI did not work and the toilets were extremely dirty.

Informal camp at entrance 10.17028, -84.23228

Manufacture of the well known, painted oxcarts of Sarchi. We asked at the gift shop if we could stay the night at parking lot in the back (we also purchased souvenirs). They were happy to allow us camping . Parking is locked at night and guarded. Very clean toilets in the shop. A great opportunity to watch the manufacture of ox carts in the workshop.

Parking "Fabrica de carretas Chaverri" Sarchi 10.08204, -84.34109

The access road to the volcano is closed from 3.30pm - 8am. We pullet out on the little road right next to the ticket shop and found a nice place to stay after 10 m where we could park level. Great sunrise with a view of the cloudy valley. Late in the evening guards of the park passed and asked if everything was okay. At 6am the first park employees came for work. Admission to nationalpark: US $ 10 / person plus US $ 3 / vehicle.

Park Entrance Parking 9.97891, -83.83533

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