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We parked toward the end of the parking lot next to the soccer field on a Sunday evening. there were not very many cars, and not too much noise, I didn't hear a train all night long. only in the morning. there are no facilities; no trash cans or toilets. we were out of there by 8:00 in the morning, but we'll come in the park was minimal, I guess it's summer session.

Near soccer Field Université 64.85461, -147.83469

While staying at Umuko Lodge, close to Kigali, we met Jessica and Babu who are both trained chefs and wonderful people who lives in Gisenyi. Camping spots in Gisenyi are practically non existent, but Jessica invited us to camp on her sprawling lawn just off the Ruhengeri- Gisenyi road. We stayed for three nights and were cooked amazing meals and got our laundry done. Best spaghetti bolognaise we have ever had. Safe, close to the lake and the centre of town, warm shower and bathroom available in their house. Call Jessica Angor on +250 791 568 265.

Jessica’s -1.70392, 29.26485

We have parked for one night. It is ok. Full of barking dogs. Very loud from the street. For one stop is fine.

Parador Río Negro -24.18335, -58.29452

There are "no camping" signs at the actual East Fork trailhead, which is the parking lot at the end of this direct road. However, as you turn off 145 onto this dirt road you will see a "camping" and "14-day limit" signs (yay!) There are about 4 areas on the left side of this dirt road where you can pull offand camp. we are camped for 2 nights in our van at the 3rd camping area and there is room for another 1 or 2.other rigs. but again if you go to the end of this dirt road where the TH is, you can not overnight camp there (just like the cross mtn trailhead across the street). quiet spot, level, wide and open with amazing views of the peaks! No Verizon or TMobile service here.

Dispersed Camping on dirt road leading to trailhead 37.79270, -107.93559

I was at this place and everything is the same.

Badger Ferry car park 43.94911, -86.44928

I was at this place and everything is the same.

Parking lot 45.78023, -84.73041

Flat spot besode a not so busy road. view over the reservoir. During the Day some trafic quiet at night. Good for one night.

Beside the road. 41.64392, 70.05866

Water Tap next to ice machine. It’s a little bit slow. You need your own hose. Just ask permission after filling with gas. There is also a propane refill station here.

Petro canada 45.39263, -63.49454

We were asked about fruits and had to hand over our apples. We could keep bananas, carrots and celery.

Ruta 5 -19.15810, -70.18501

Nice road side restaurant where they have half decent burgers, and reasonable pizza.
But behind the container front are arcade games, pop corn machine, ice cream and believe it or not, bumper cars!
We had a blast.. :)

'containeur', kids heaven 7.38213, -7.57003

Quiet spot with multiple spots available.

Quiet Nat Forest roadside near the turn to Mammoth 37.64259, -118.90569

I went down a bit further like the others suggested and stayed the night Sunday at the parking lot. it is somewhat busy even at night, 2-3 cars in the lot and a couple more on the road next to us. during the day time a lot more activity as the community enjoys the park; however no one has bothered me besides a family who said hi to my dog. I gave my starlink stretches all out further from my RV, too.
Greenville, SC is a gorgeous area with tons of walking and green space!

Cleveland Park 34.84209, -82.38602

So glad we came! It’s a very modern art installation with benches.

Chinchorro Art Sculptures -19.16549, -70.18266

At finally we found this shop and was really nice. The lady put her CPF in our phones.

Cea Cell Sim Cards -18.99844, -57.65181

Belle endroit très tranquille, le chemin de terre pour se rendre est très hasardeux par contre, il y a beaucoup de trous. Beaucoup d’espace pour accueillir de gros véhicules. 2 barres LTE, on n’a malheureusement pas vu d’orignaux

Near corner 410 and hwy 1 49.45086, -56.46106

Nos quedamos dos noches aquí durante el
Fin de semana, las personas muy amables, no se cobra estacionamiento y te permiten vender si dispones de algo para financiar tu viaje!
Señal de Móvilnet y agente que vende chip a dos cuadras.

Near center 10.41233, -67.28123

Very clean pit toilets, $26 or $27 depending on the campsite, and trash disposal. Firewood for sale. Unfortunately the water is still out of service.

White Star CG 39.08892, -106.36983

incredible view
super clean facilities

Snackbar on lunchtime except Mondays

shower & bathroom next to lighthouse 46.94611, -63.99445

nice place. easy access. no potable water!

Free dump station 43.11946, -115.68407

We've been using this Dentist for over 12 years and they have a great staff and have modified hours to allow for visits. They take all types of insurance and also have self-pay. See their website for hours. Close proximity to Hwy 64/40. The parking will hold a campervan but anything larger may have to park at a business next door.

Dennis Schulze, DDS 38.72688, -90.69691

Fantastic place at the top of the lake! Really quiet even on the weekend. We spent a few days here and only saw some locals who came for a picnic for a while and some fishermen on the lake shore.

You can easily walk down to the lake to swim. With a 4x4 you can go down at this point to the shore and there is also another road that goes down (41.1083712, 34.6414345) where we saw normal cars driving, but we preferred to stay at the top since the views are better.

The access route to the place is through these coordinates: 41.1080284, 34.6465679

Perfect signal with Turkcell

Wildcamping with fantastic views 41.11003, 34.64513

We spent evening watching sunset, a quiet peaceful night and a day working from van, working out in the little pavilion area and chatting with locals who come to walk. Open area so Starlink works. Windy, though one of the pavilion’s has glass to protect. Perfect for a night. Toilets clean. There’s an outside faucet also though we didn’t need to fill the water tank this time so didn’t try and use it.

Parc Claire Fontaine 47.91738, -69.50719

Good place. We had a great sun set. Some flies and some mosquitos, but not many.
We had dinner outside.

Lakeside 41.28446, 45.87146
La tata cucunuba

Descubre la belleza natural en nuestro paraíso de ambiente familiar al aire libre! 🌿 Ya sea que prefieras la emoción de acampar bajo las estrellas o la comodidad de una acogedora cabaña, ¡tenemos todo lo que necesitas para una escapada perfecta! 🏕️ Disfruta de fogatas nocturnas, caminatas escénicas

¡Reserva tu aventura hoy y experimenta la tranquilidad familiar

Bryan Jones

Gravel and grass pitches some with electricity on different levels on farm. Nice ablutions, laundry, wash up for dishes. £30 pn per site.

Gwerniago Campsite 52.61436, -3.87456

They allow us to fill in our tank without taking diesel. At the left hand side of the station, in front of the “banks”. Very good pressure.

Petromil station 9.36350, -75.77203

Many nice spots along this stream. You can follow Google maps for the most part. If not check their satellite view. Easy for any vehicle. Just the crossings of the small stream requiere some clearance but the water is only 20cm deep, if even.

There is a nice slowly flowing stream to chill and/or bathe in. Make sure to avoid the still pools of murky water. Not many trees for shade but many shrubs with pink flowers.

No internet reception with Turkcell.

Sorry, forgot to take a picture this time.

River spot 38.78525, 27.08697

Lugar para pernoctar en habitación 10 pp, tienen cocina y baño !

Nosotros estacionamos en su parking e hicimos uso del parrillero y wifi.

Personas muy amables, colaboramos en comprar productos sin gluten que allí ofrecen! ( las galletitas una delicia)

Kolsch o las cabañas de Alejandra 10.41234, -67.28123

park on the concrete pad for the dump station which is the small steel cover.

water hose not long enough to reach the pad, had to clean smelly slinky in front of the car wash.

Esso Gas Station 46.41665, -63.78023

Très beau parc mais pas facile à trouver les directions (pour nous). Très grand et bien organisé.

Newman Sound Campground at Terra Nova NP 48.55220, -53.96837

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