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hermoso lugar para pasar el día pero le pregunté a la guarda parque de la reserva natural de San Vicente y nos dijo que no se puede pernoctar pero si de puede en la granja villanova

Laguna de San Vicente -34.99612, -58.43841

On a fait installer une nouvelle serrure sur la porte de notre camper. On s'est aperçu qu'une des 2 clés était tordue et ne rentrait pas dans la serrure. On est retourné les voir. On nous a accusé avec agressivité d'avoir forcé sur la clé alors qu'on n'est jamais arrivé à la rentrer dans la serrure.
Une semaine plus tard, une des 2 clefs s'est cassée dans la serrure. Il a fallu demonter la serrure par l'extérieur. Une serrure qui se démonte par l'extérieur, ce n'est pas sérieux mais heureusement pour nous, c'était possible !
On a pu remonter la serrure mais une semaine plus tard, la serrure s'est complètement bloquée.
Travail pas professionnel avec du matériel de mauvaise qualité
We had a new lock installed on our camper door. We noticed that one of the 2 keys was crooked and did not fit into the lock. we went back to see them. We were aggressively accused of having forced the key even though we never managed to get it into the lock.
a week later, one of the 2 keys broke in the lock. I had to remove the lock from the outside. A lock that can be dismantled from the outside is not serious but fortunately for us, it was possible!
We were able to reassemble the lock but a week later, the lock jammed completely.
Unprofessional work with poor quality material

Trailers y Casas Rodantes -24.87586, -65.46475

Following a previous review on ioverlander about an attempted robbery here, I contacted the owners to know if they had taken any additional measures since then and if it had happened again. I was told security had been hired and nothing had happened since then. On the night of June 8th we were attacked at this campsite in the middle of the night while sleeping in our truck camper with our kids. A very large rock was thrown through the driver's window, shook the whole vehicle and left the inside covered in glass. It is important to note nothing of value had been left in the truck. The alarm went off along with my children's screams. We left the alarm go on, expecting security to show up, but they never did. It is our opinion that there may be forces at play here, that we are not privy to, keeping this campsite from consistently being safe.

Uitkyk Guestfarm and Campground -21.98899, 15.58174

very nice spot and many wild camp sites nearby.
Good cell service at this spot.
Only 5 min drive to get into town if you run out of supplies.
Easy access for any type of car.
I'm camped here several times with my Honda Element.

Wild camping 32.93287, -105.72973

Great location but chaotic during the camping season. Required national forest pass, can get temp or annual from local outdoors stores.

Baker Lake Road 48.75080, -121.55487

Seconding everything from previous comments. Carla and Javier are very nice people, willing to help with everything you need.

Todo Camping -12.22096, -76.99688

We parked in the secure carpark and stayed in the van. Paid half the price of a room although Nigeria is very very cheap. We visited the slave museums across the road and went on a boat ride to the island point of no return then on a motorbike to the beach. Cost a few euros but what an experience and all the guys were really nice. It’s worth going to all three museums and just leave a donation. Really safe area.

Soketta Hotel 6.41399, 2.88871
Pronto vamos

Não recomendamos esse ponto para pernoite! Fazem paredão aqui.
Muito som. Começam as 22:30
Tem banheiro público (sem ducha) que fica aberto até às 21h
Para passar o dia é legal Tem tomadas em todas as mesas.

Praca do Belvedere -9.39304, -38.20860

Closed for the season, my guess 6/7/2024

East Fork Campground (USFS) 40.90619, -123.70686

Camping prohibited signs

The Schooner Parking Lot 45.43073, -123.94741

Wonderful and free location across the road from the Seton Lake lookout. Sites are good size for tent, small RV or small travel trailer. There are warnings about tight turns for larger units bit it seemed ok (ours is 16'). Site numbers are on picnic tables and you register at info board but no fee. Table and fire ring at site. Pit toilets, water taps. Large gravel area that had some larger units and seems like overflow. First come, first served and 14d limit. Trails or follow side road to the lake. Told there is wifi by wardens office when we walked by.

BC Hydro - Lillooet Seton Dam Campground 50.66720, -121.97655

This place is permanently closed.

East Fork Campground (USFS) 40.90619, -123.70686
North to Alaska

very small, maybe 5 sites, not private, centered around the parking lot. nice views, 1-2 bars cell service. no trash can, pack it out.

Peterson Lake 60.52476, -150.39750
Henry Farms

Nice, quiet spot to overnight. Friendly staff and a level spot to set up.

Casino 55.73932, -120.21507

Very quiet, peaceful setting. Absolutely no cell service. Carry in carry out due to bears. Can get very windy. Great stop outside Yellowstone with water and electric.

Rex Hale Campground 44.45443, -109.72971

Quiet night, only rig here, lovely sunrise, no fishermen as of 7am. A few boaters and a distant train, neither very loud. Fireflies last night, bird flying around this morning, a few fish splashing in the lake. Lovely place.

Whites Creek Recreational Area 35.76259, -84.76270

Nice spot. Very quiet. Paved parking. Stayed one night.

Walmart 39.21775, -75.56989

We were all evacuated due to the water eroding both ends of the bridge and overflowing the bridge. It is now closed to camping as of June 6th, 2024.

Sheffield Creek, National Forest 44.09214, -110.66308

Es un lugar metido entre la vegetación, tranquilo, con todas las comodidades, aunque hace frío el agua de las duchas es fría. Un poco costoso comparado con otros sitios destinados para overland

PRIMITIVA 3.78737, -76.15943

Employee suggested that since I have a van, I can park along the side near the online orders. Longer RVs can park along the back of the lot. See photo.

La Crosse Walmart 43.76529, -91.21258

As described.. great little place by Bismarck and very pretty. Easy to get privacy. Nothing is level in any way so have leveling blocks ready and yeah the road noise is no better than a truck stop but if you can tune it out like me and beware the mosquitoes!! Pretty crowded but still found a spot at nearly dark in a sat night

Crown Butte Lake Recreation Area 46.86738, -101.09419

juin 2024: la rivière ne semble pas saine, probablement à cause du niveau trop bas. Je déconseille aux camping-cars, juste une place pour un petit van.

next to the river 39.23675, 21.15388

Clean campground and restrooms. Have showers for free, bring your own soap. Reserve thru Today’s rate is $25. People are nice and respectful. There is a railway nearby. We did not hear the train while we were asleep, but can hear train while awake. Not annoying at all :-). Shady, lots of trees.

Springy Point NFS 48.23684, -116.58597

Stayed here one night with no problems. As long as you’re subtle about it you won’t get noticed. Great that clean bathroom is open 24 hrs.

Safeway - Carmel by the Sea 36.53761, -121.91068

Bacalar Laguna de 7 colores. Mapa café was on Calle 20, Avenida 1 for 2 months.

Main Square 18.68207, -88.38759

pátio muito grande e conveniência agradável
muito movimento a noite toda
não tem banho
e de madrugada os banheiros ficam fechados

Axion. Ruta 14. Oberá -27.50240, -55.11198

Lugar aconchegante e com toda estrutura para camping exceto fogão na cozinha.
Proprietários muito atenciosos. Vende também queijo Serrano e pão caseiro.
Acampamos em local coberto e fechado por R$50,00 pp.

Camping Pousada Aparados da Serra -28.60685, -49.82101

My wife had an appt in Puerto Vallarta and we needed to do a few other urban things so we found this awesome Tachos RV park on iOverlander. Thanks to the group members that responded and also recommended this place. It is a real gem to find something like this right in downtown PV within walking distance of most things you would need.

Puerto Vallarta Trailer Park 20.63540, -105.22890

Not really a good spot for tent camping but fine for campers. Cabins are great and the food is perfect. Very quiet and view and beach are beautiful. Frank and Maria are really friendly. Safe parking for motorcycles.

Swiss Wassi Zorritos -3.72507, -80.75992

Is Nice 500 pesos close beach no light shower and restroom

Malena & Leo's Campo 31.01868, -114.83543

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