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We parked up a bit higher than this spot. The road was definitely doable but the last part we did use our low gears because the road is quite steep and there were a lot of loose rocks. High ground clearance is definitely needed!

Great place at Iskander-Kul 39.06288, 68.38037

Easy enough, 2500 for the pasavant. We payed at the end of the process

Douanes - Get Passavant Here 12.40125, -16.19683

Exiting Senegal - Pulled over and entered the building for our Senegal exit stamps, no problems. A little further down the road customs wanted to take our passavant, I explained that we will be back in a few days and he said he will make us a new one when we return.

Senegal Immigration 12.45469, -16.22997

Entering Bissau - The first post is to write car and passport info in a book. After this we pay the road tax in a different building 5000 valid for 7 days (LWB sprinter & prices are on the door) after this to a different office to stamp our passports, they write our details again and check the visa. We make the 7 day pasavant in Sao Domingo

Guinea-Bissau immigration post 12.44621, -16.21792

Exiting Senegal - Pulled over and entered the building for our Senegal exit stamps, no problems. A little further down the road customs wanted to take our passavant, I explained that we will be back in a few days and he said he will make us a new one when we return.

Senegal Immigration and Customs 12.45469, -16.22997

police just wanted to check our passavant. Always makes me laugh then they ask where we are going when we are literally 200m from the border

Police Checkpoint 12.47354, -16.24766

Nice and friendly couple. They invited us for a soup after a long day. Basic place for sleep. Cold shower and toilet.

Cheap price to buy some snacks and eggs.

10 for tent and 15 for bed.

Camping Maizal -13.35334, -72.89126

Set up camp behind a huge rock (east of the road). Perfect wind shelter, had the calmest night of this trip, also surprisingly warm. As our camp is facing east we had the most beautiful sunrise with lamas walking by. 10/10 camp spot (probably only accessible for bikes though)

Beautiful camp behind rockwall -22.36041, -67.39194

This site was perfect, it has a bit of an incline down to the lake it's all gravel. we had a Chevy Express Camper Van and we reversed in and pulled out no problem. The view was perfect private lake with a stream feeding into it on the right hand side of the site. There was a fire pit and even left over wood for us.

that being said it looked like someone was shooting off rounds as there as casings in the fire pit also a larger pile of shattered glass near a tree trunk, at least it wasn't near where you drive in. we tried to clean it up but there was so much we just piled rocks onto it to stop animals from walking on it or people stepping on it. Aside from that it was a beautiful spot and exactly what we came to the island to find!

Next to road 48.95478, -124.70313

I stayed in the gravel lot above the rest area.. Relatively quiet. It was 94 degrees when I went through Salmon and I had to put a hoodie on up here. Also, I’m more of a boondocker, but having facilities a short walk away is nice.

Lost Trail Pass Rest Area 45.69395, -113.95190

Quite a lot of rubbish and mosquitoes. There were two parties going on at the houses/restaurants at the main road, the music was very loud and went on until ±01:30 (on a weekday). No dogs but a lot of cows wandering around. The next morning we saw that there was a more remote area on the top of the hill (with less rubbish, a nice view and further away from the music).

Bush Camp Sataplia 42.30666, 42.66578

Quiet and peaceful spot just off Lund rd. 18 km North of Williams Lake. There are two firepits right beside a small pond. Please people don’t leave your trash; I picked up some cans and other rubbish but there is still lots of broken glass on the ground. Starlink perception is good.

Quiet small lake near town 52.20947, -122.05958
Andy McDonald

This was an amazing campsite. Large enough for a group or private enough for a couple. There was a swift running creek near by, it was very cold still. Close to the parks for your visit to see the big trees.

Sequoia National Forest 36.67246, -118.85716

Same review, lovely spot - eagles and seal are resident, methinks. Interesting flood and ebb tides near Penn Cove. The highway is busy so if noise bothers, it might not suit.
Discovery Pass required - you can go to Ft Ebey nearby and get an annual one for $30 and have access to other state parks (and support park system) - several wild camps require.
Great hiking at Ft Ebey!

Penn Cove Hwy Pull Out 48.23395, -122.73155

Open grassy area in front of the lagoon, where we stayed for a couple of quiet nights. Birds and capibaras around, even macaws and tucans. There are no services but, in the park in the other side, you can use the bathrooms, get cold water and tap water, connect to free wi-fi, exercise and picnic. Park is open 5am to 9pm and the staff is very friendly. The place is safe and there were other overlanders camping here as well.

Aquidauana Lagoa Comprida Park -20.46481, -55.77828
B&B's Adventure

Everything went very smoothly. First the police officers stamped "out" our passports and then the customs officers stamped "out" our CPD.

No corruption, no bribes.

Senegal Immigration and Customs 12.45469, -16.22997
B&B's Adventure

We arrived at the border around lunch time (13:30). We had to wait a little for the officers to finish eating.

Then our info was taken down at the police building (license plate number, driver's license number, destinations, jobs, etc). They also stamped "in" our passports/visas.

Then we paid the road tax: 5000CFA (valid for a week only, make sure you renew the validity of the receipt at Bissau or at another customs office).

They the customs stamped "in" our CPD. Nothing had to be paid for that.

They all wished us safe travels and we went on our way. Easy border crossing.

Guinea-Bissau immigration post 12.44621, -16.21792

A few open spots. Very clean. Staff are amazing. full hook ups!

Fort Langley 49.17642, -122.58040

as described. nice and quiet. spaces are marked for parking. I stayed in a minivan.

Stationnement de l’Aréna 46.98261, -70.56196

Rest area next to the highway, it wasn’t really busy so not noisy at all, lights everywhere, toilets ok but not really clean, trucks stayed there as well so in the morning quite noisy thanks to them, ok for one night.

folding mountain west - rest area 53.23930, -117.79426

Quiet little city park right on the border. We arrived at 9 pm and left at 7:30. We didn't see anyone else except the garbage truck in the morning. There are signs that say 'daylight hours only' so stay at your own risk. There are bathrooms that are unlocked in the park, but there were pretty dirty during our start. The town is charming but small. Nothing seems to open before 9.

Jacumba Community Park and Library 32.61643, -116.18655

Several dry camping spots, restrooms, fishing, and swimming

Hawk Springs Resevoir 41.70919, -104.19313

Regular propane business. Can fill anything. Can repair and service your tanks. Great prices.

Propane of Wendover Inc 40.73238, -114.07574

municipal lot right on the water. designated parking spots. washrooms. donations appreciated. there was an RV and 2 vehicles. I felt safe.

Halte de la Belle-Étoile 48.78389, -67.71989

overnight camping is not allowed within the city limits of Flagstaff. We got away with camping here 2 nights before the cops came and told us to move.

Flagstaff next to big park 35.14173, -111.69575

NO phone service. If you want phone service go to the sites at the West Entrance of Capital Reef -- close to town.

Capitol Reef NP East Entrance 38.27817, -111.13160

enseigne: aucun VR permis. Voir image prise le 6 juin 2024

L’Échourie Café Bistro 50.18180, -61.82093

Vimos a indicação aqui e resolvemos ir para trocar o óleo e o filtro da Kombi e olha não nos arrependermos, fomos muito bem tratados, cuidaram muito bem da nossa Kombi, recomendamos!

Safe car -19.38908, -40.06953
Bruno Tux

Great campground! Great owners!
Toilets were spotless.
Beautiful landscape with a large lake. Very quiet during the week.
We paid R$45p.p.

Excelente Camping! Donos muito simpáticos e solícitos!
Banheiros limpíssimos.
Paisagem lindíssima! Ficamos durante a semana estava bem tranquilo.
Pagamos R$45 por pessoa.

Refúgio das Águas Camping -23.46559, -46.98101

Small, basic site right off the highway, by the river with a fire ring. It's literally right off the road so there is some road noise, but it's a very convenient spot.

Campsite right off Alaska Highway 60.83489, -137.33099

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