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Great place to camp with a lot of space! there’s also a place to play pétanque which was pretty fun!

Abandoned Campground 48.41501, -64.42114

Everything as previously described. I asked employees about using the water and they said it was fine. Good water pressure.

Shell 38.82530, -104.83988

As municipal camp is closed, police suggested me to camp here. They said somebody would come to close the park and I could ask to stay, but nobody came so I just camped when it was dark.

The park has tables and bathrooms. Lights are on during the night, but dark places to camp can be found.

Parque de la Lombardia -33.56176, -69.00635

Tres belle endroit avec vu incroyable sur montagne et la ville de Gardiner. A 5 minutes de l’entrée du parc.

Le chemin pour se rendre est en gravel et un peu rough mais facilement faisable avec un 2wd

Le GPS va donner le spot à gauche mais prendre le spot à droite de la route (site assez plat)

Si ce spot est pris il y en a d’autres plus loin. On y était 2 vans.

Pas de réseau cellulaire( des fois une bar LTE…

Travetine Road 45.04433, -110.70723

We were running around in town to find a decent place with money/falue ratio. Thats where we ended up. Beautyful place with nice and clean rooms. 45000cfa for 2p

Maison D'Hotes Keur Niaye 13.78715, -16.47326

After cycling all day uphill, we were happy to find this nice place at about 4200m. There is a track leaving the main road a few meters above. You can than choose your favorite spot for the tent. It’s not completely flat but definitely good enough and the views are incredible. Cars could just leave the main road as well and park besides the track. However not sure, if it’s good for big rigs, because they would probably block the track (there was no car using it, when we stayed here, but could be an issue).
Note that you need to be fairly acclimated and good warm sleeping bags and clothes are necessary as well, because the nights get really cold up here.

Nice view at 4200m -14.10972, -73.68114

Pasamos 2 noches acá! Lugar muy tranquilo y seguro. La gente del pueblo es muy amable. Hay para cargar agua, despensa y comedores a los alrededores. Lo recomendamos!

Praça Principal -26.47557, -67.26508

cheapest gas station around, especially with cash deal. portable water in the back

blue lake gas station 40.88319, -123.99859

Park is beautiful but crazy expensive at the moment. 30mil pp. No tour in english and our guide didn't really do anything to understand him better, even after being informed I do not fully understand him.

Ischigualasto Provincial Park -30.16368, -67.84148

No problem. No signage indicating any fee to be paid. Nice clean site. Let's keep it that way!

Yoho Nationalpark (Monarch Campground) 51.41912, -116.44870

Still no passing at that checkpoint. Still the only way is the road via Tatev

Route U2. Closed to Tourists 39.30774, 46.46770

On your map you might see Keystone Br 2e as a local dirt road. We found a nice spot that we think is a little past another that someone posted nearby. You can explore farther down the dirt road for more spots but one mud hole could be a problem.

Off Rt 40 between Rushmore and Badlands 43.88961, -103.37642

Spot next to the water, campervan friendly (many spots), electricity and toilets

Storvegen 59.44484, 8.02430

New Rv Park in front of the malecón! Just crossing the street and you are on the beach! Really Great location , walking distance to everything! Restaurants, bar, stores, Oxxo, museums etc ….
dry camping and Electrcity/Water services

Sol Rv Park 24.17563, -110.30383

Shell fuel save located at the connect from Mamou heading to Conakry

Shell 10.36409, -12.12790

In June 2024, the bushes on each side made the road to the campsites fairly narrow. The road was in decent shape, and there were a few level spots at the top. If you’re not afraid of a few scratches, it’s definitely doable in a 19’ 4x4 Sprinter.
After you pass through the gate, take the road that’s slightly to the right. The road dips down then up to the campsites.
There was no one else there when we were there, and our dog loved running around exploring the area.

BLM land off US 93 41.20850, -114.85637
wilde tour

After a cold and wet descend this lovely guesthouse/hospedaje/homestay was all we needed. The owners are super sweet, the shower is incredibly warm and the beds are soft. For $15 pp you can sleep, have dinner (veggie possible!) and get breakfast here, all very delicious and filling after a long day on the bicycle. They can also arrange a pickup to bring you and the bikes up the next tembr hill if you don’t feel like climbing 1000m in less than 10km ($20 and we fitted 3 bikes in there). One of the best stays on the tembr!

Hostal Familia FLORES -1.11825, -78.93076

Magnifique lieu pour passer la nuit. Propre, calme,...mais la température est descendue jusqu'à -10°C pendant la nuit...

Near the river -16.85071, -69.72419

Busy truck stop. We parked in one of the 3 RV spots, though I think you can park anywhere in the large lot. The Tesla charging stations are veryyy busy during the day! Our dog loved all the green space they had for walking. Friendly staff, safe feeling. Was nice to stay here instead of down the road in the busy, less secure cities!

Silver Creek Travel Center 49.36271, -121.47932

The place at the golf course, 5 miles south of the city, next to Durkee Lake was fabulous. Also 10 Dollars with pit toilets and electricity. Water and dump is in the Faith city center.

$10 non-reservation camping at Faith City Park 45.01824, -102.03749

Nice and big compound. Manager is friendly and you can have good dinner and beer !

Transit Camp 7.49771, 11.35847

Did this road towards Cameroon in the beginning of June with 7 very different vehicles (from Landcruiser HDJ80 to Opel Movano 4x4).

This year the rainy season is late so it hasn't rained too much. Nevertheless there was some streches that were very muddy and slippery. We managed to do it without big problems, some of us got stucked a few climbs or downhills were demanding good driving skills for the ones that had trucks or vans.

Worst parts were before Mayo Ndaga and after the border.

Road to Nigeria/Cameroon border 6.95826, 11.11963

beautiful views but large ruts in the road felt too risky without 4wd

Mill Canyon Spring Road 40.45449, -111.58167

Be careful when approaching this spot: You have to drive all the way to the end of the tar road (the skinny roads that go over the salt ponds are all dead ends).
When you reach the beach you turn right and go along the beach. The sand is deep in spots but doable in a normal 4x4.

There is a dam that can give shelter from the wind.

In the morning the kayaking/seal tour guys usually drive by but they were very friendly and nobody bothered us.

Great place to hang out with the seals close by :). Also saw many jackals and a lot of birds. Very wet at night.

Wild beach -22.93909, 14.42752

Lugar muito bom para uma parada de descanso. Ao lado da represa, seguro.
Ficamos uma noite.

Represa do Capivari -25.18087, -48.87995

Free parking for RV over night. Big and roomy. Next to World of Wonders.

Public Parking 32.49406, -94.73969

I saw now there is now photos of place, so I'm writing again just to put some pictures.

Gori Wild River Camp 42.03020, 44.06954

Get my visa the day I apply.

First go to ANIP with a copy of passport, go on morning before 3pm.
The should call you when paper is done but go back two opening days after.
If you nice they will print it and let you wait a bit.
I apply on friday and get it on thusday

Nigerian ambassy is open from 11h to 15h30. And visa application is still from monday to wednesday only.

Do payment and application online and came with all the paper (see above)
Go to embassy with you résident card, the took Phone at the entrance, everything was easy for me.
Give them 25k (bribe)
Got out with my visa the same day

Visa in one month, and start when you cross the border (but ask for your 30 days there).

If you want to be efficient and gona take road to Cameroun and Congo . You have time to apply at Congo embassy via express (one day). Cameroun is online and validation is fast.

Have fun

Nigerian Embassy 6.35029, 2.39917

We parked up a bit higher than this spot. The road was definitely doable but the last part we did use our low gears because the road is quite steep and there were a lot of loose rocks. High ground clearance is definitely needed!

Great place at Iskander-Kul 39.06288, 68.38037

Easy enough, 2500 for the pasavant. We payed at the end of the process

Douanes - Get Passavant Here 12.40125, -16.19683

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