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Perfect place to fix his bicycle, the guys are very nice and helpful ! Best place to buy some camping equipment too !

Cymot Windhoek (4x4 store) -22.55562, 17.06429

Lovely spot - but it is not free.

Nice sunset, on the beach, next to run down or shuttered cabins.

Man turned up within 5 mins asking for money. 35$ for rvs. 15$ for tents.

I only had 10$ and he was nice enough to let me stay - but that was cause no one else was here.

There is no camping or spots to bush camp anywhere near by - so keep that in mind if you are heading here after dark.

Halte repos 47.06581, -70.45022
Rick Nugteren

Fine place to use for going into the park without paying the higher prices. We paid $190 for the communal campsites. People were friendly, sites were clean and provided everything needed. Obviously it can get busy, you're next to one of the most popular tourist attractions of Namibia.

Sossus Oasis -24.49178, 15.80332

Don't know why people are saying that it's in the wrong location..., because it isn't The scenery is beautiful. Only downside: it has been used by many campers (there's human poo and toilet paper lying around everywhere), and it is very busy!!! Between 4pm and 8am we were visited by 8 cars (ZA & NAB). And during the afternoon and evening, many drones visited us. Bit strange that people spy with their drones on other campers...

Colina Canyon -15.74386, 12.14025

What a great place. During the very hot season (42 degrees Celsius) the river is very nice to cool down. The place is very quiet and we do not have a lot of mosquitoes.

PLAYA DORADA 18.91685, -96.84167

There is a water point with good drinking water right next to the grocery store. We bought something and the nice owner was happy to give us water. And chatted with us.

Drinking Water next to a Shop 38.18119, 42.39078

beautiful place, but needs 4*4 in case of rain. very muddy but you can find good spots with dry weeds. heard some races in the middle of the night for 2 hrs... but don't know if that's usual. garbages in some places, but go a bit further to avoid. magnificent view, 4G with Entel.

On the hills of Cajón de los Valles -32.96383, -70.71275

Dormimos duas noites aqui, foi super trabalho e silencioso!

lake view free Parking -39.27846, -71.97908

Très belle place pour dormir et se détendre ! Nous y avons passé une nuit, vue sur la mer, couché de soleil, observation tranquille des changements de marée. Nous avons été les seules à dormir sur ce spot cette nuit mais plusieurs passages de voitures le soir et le matin pour marcher sur la plage ou admirer le levé/couché de soleil.

Toilettes fermées car basse-saison.

Mispec Beach 45.22160, -65.95003

Great Mom and Pop camp. Snowing right now. Great Pyranees puppy Happy will greet you. Water not available yet. Electric only at sites. Lots of cabin and tent camping.

Grizzly Lake RV Park 62.71331, -144.19892

El vecino que está en la casa al otro lado del camino justo en la curva nos ofreció agua y ducha si necesitábamos y dijo que todos los viajeros eran bienvenidos y siempre que podía ser acercaba a saludarlos.

Peaceful turn off between fields 0.94038, -77.47980

Praça tranquila e pouco movimentada na parte alta da cidade, só tem movimento na hora que as crianças chegam e saem da escola. Carros até 8 metros cabem nas vagas com tranquilidade. Sem facilidades.

Praça Taquaruçu -10.32024, -48.15500

stayed here one night. beautiful spot, a good in-between from Phoenix to petrified forest. got service on t mobile and Verizon. lots of space to spread out. fire rings, very clean, would stay here again!

NF Camp spot 33.93005, -111.46519

Great spot for the night before heading into the park. Free! A bit line a scaled down KOA but it was quiet and convenient. Shared it with a Canadian couple from Quebec and a solo traveler. You must be a self-contained set-up, per the sign. There are no toilets or showers.

crystal forest museum gift shop 34.79266, -109.89024

Really nice hostel to stay in Cuenca. Very central, close to the main place. Huge hostel in an old bulding but very comfy with a lot of different places and rooms to chill (sofas, shared kitchen and living area). Every bathroom is cleaned as well as the other shared areas. Hot electric showers (towel, soap and paper furnished). Good WiFi.
Prices are 7$ p.p in a dorm (5 or 6 beds) and 19$ for a matrimonial. Loved this place !

Hostal Mochiliers -2.89948, -79.00502

The broken down jeep & RV still there, active road work equipment &lighting. Amazing sunset & an unexpected moon set in the morning

Juan Creek 39.70229, -123.80402

We parked here for one night and slept in an airbnb nearby. There are so many park houses near by, but all very small. No height restriction here, it is open 24 hours. Cost: 35 R for 12 hours

Parking for high cars -23.55492, -46.64175

Still not allowed to enter with motorcycles.

Cotopaxi Entrance - NO MOTOS ALLOWED -0.70484, -78.59656
Jess Beck

Great area right off the highway!! About 6 free primitive campsites near a little creek with a really nice single pit toilet. Most sites had a picnic table and some sites had fire pits. The highway noise wasn't bad at all. ATT&T cell service and data service. Would definitely stay again.

Gooseberry USFS 38.91479, -111.73258

Beautiful, wide open space next to the river, space for many many tents. It’s right Byrne road, but there were hardly any cars passing by… You can’t get here by car, also tricky with motorbike I‘d say, but with our bicycles it was fine. There’s a good rockslide path to get down here just before the curve

Beautiful riverside camp (tents only) -25.30312, -66.23872

Very large pull off. It was quiet. Easy on and off freeway.

large area 39.55310, -123.42615

We saw no flamingos, just Vicuñas. Quiet cold night (-16C), there is a warm stream.

Facing the lake with Flamingos -22.51489, -67.64230

Very nice small campground. Only 6 spots. Can accommodate big rigs. Entrance gate is a bit small. Lots are approx 40x30ft. Potable water. No dump. No electric. Road noise yes but not too much.
We stayed for 3 nights, visiting the northern Black Hills and Sturgis.

BLM Alkali Creek Camp 44.37523, -103.46748

15 minutes to entrance of the national park. easily traveled gravel road to numerous sites . we stayed close to this pin and it was a small side road off the main one with maybe 4 camp spots. good tree coverage, level spot, and a fire pit. no cell service. there is a convenience store/gas station just before the turn on the forest road that had gas,ice,food,beer,firewood, and bathrooms.

611 AA 36.39531, -112.11649

Very sandy campsite. New friendly owners, still busy renovating. There is electricity available and okay ablutions, no hot water. Very close to the beach. Will definitely stay again. Price cheap Kz3000pppn

Oasis camping (formerly Lodge Vila Doroteia, Praia Amelia) -15.20161, 12.09445

We parked in the parking lot. Really nice town and place, but when we went to the toilet in the evening a guy came across and shouted at us and came closer (seems drunk or something) we run to the car - he followed and knocked at the door. Then he went away. That made us feel uncomfortable.. but the rest of the night was quiet. Toilets are not clean, but okay for free..

Águas de Santa Bárbara park -22.87998, -49.23583

I stayed at a hostel called Estancia 311 which seems to be the same hostel as this one. Owner Herbert and his wife are extremely accommodating and helpful, he will make sure all guests are doing well and will give any advice about the area. It has a cozy common area with a kitchen, dining area, and couches to relax. Good wifi, hot shower(though water pressure was not so good). Comfortable bed and very quiet at night. The dorm bed was still 20 soles per night. I had a bicycle and was able to store it in a secure spot inside the building. Highly recommended.

Chakra Runa -7.16216, -78.50882

Indeed a good place to stay. We made it here at around 5:30pm after starting from Salta at noon.
As said before, good windprotection from all sides although there was no wind at night.
Very cold during the night, likely double digits below 0°C (still -7 in the morning when the sun came out). Everything was frozen and engine didn't want to start right away.

Roadside -24.46024, -67.05246

Very nice, large paved lot with good lighting and garbage cans. There were only 4 other vehicles in the whole lot when I was there.

Indian head casino 44.76466, -121.24825

Just an open area before the Village. You can hear their music in the distance.

Open field behind the tree -22.14542, 33.50202

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