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Nice big place with restaurant. There are a few covered kiosks with a counter with water, BBQ, etc. There is good WiFi at the restaurant and at the kiosks. Very owner cooked use some chicken snacks. We enjoyed this place, there were a lot of flies in May, but with Off and the mosquito screens in the truck there was no problem. There is a sign no pets allowed by the entrance.

Balneario Por Do Sol -17.56060, -54.75419

The sot is close to the pic nic/ campspot but it is along a narrow, bumpy track to the right just before it. We preferred this spot during easterly wind and it also provides some shade. The other place doesn't allow camping in the meadow, just in the dusty parking.
There are more options aroud the coordinates but these are more exposed and maybe blocking fisherman coming to their boats.
It's a nice spot and less used than the other.

Laevnina puhkekoht 58.37652, 22.94819

Estuvimos 4 noches, realmente lugar increíblemente hermoso! Muy limpio, muy prolijo, muy cuidado. Nos sentimos muy seguros. Estuvimos de Domingo a Jueves y descansamos todas las noches sin ruidos, sin problemas. Super recomendado!

Unlimited public place by the lake in Nuevo Arenal 10.53703, -84.89353

We slept there out of season with no problems. wifi next door, Punta Encanto.

Nous y avons dormi hors saison aucun soucis. wifi à côté, Punta Encanto.

Dormimos allí fuera de temporada sin problemas. wifi al lado, Punta Encanto.

Hotel Viena -30.90304, -62.67101

Very beautiful work which is interesting to visit. pay attention to the times, see photo.

Très bel ouvrage qui est intéressant à visiter. attention aux horaires, voir photo.

Obra muy bonita que es interesante visitar. prestar atención a los tiempos, ver foto.

Hôtel viena -30.90306, -62.67102

Super nice guys from Bureh setting up shop here. I would say it's only for tents.
It's not really for vehicles, they have no space other then on the busy road or half on the local cemetery.

They're still building facilities, so at the moment they provide some buckets for shower.

Be careful with leaving stuff outside your rig here, a lot of people around and a couple of our items got stolen. Nothing major and could've been avoided if we just packed up all our stuff while being inside at night.

Ahma Surf 8.33581, -13.20557

I crossed the border with my motorcycle from Brazil to Argentina. Checking out on the Brazilian side was quick and uncomplicated. The ferry cost 30 Real for the motorcycle. Argentine immigration and Aduana were friendly and efficient. They didn't ask for anything or check anything.

Argentina-Brazil -27.89377, -55.13546

Class B van. One night. Several large trucks. No issues. Would stay again.

Hollywood Casino KC 39.11058, -94.82709

Got water here. Easy to reach tab to fill your tank.

San Cristóbal SRL -20.45555, -66.82959

Great local place, very popular. Best chicken I've had in Africa so far, the grill master really knows what he is doing! The soup is good too. Takeaway is also possible. They have a smoothie bar inside, fresh made for 2000 shillings.

Babu Ally -6.78153, 39.26306

Needs a 4x4 on the small stretch of road or a capable motorcycle. Most of the ground is rocky but I found a flat spot for a tent. Beautiful sunset.

Ceilidh Coastal Trail 45.69566, -61.44619

We sleep here for 3 nights. one of the few straight places to park and sleep, since the town is practically all on a slope.

We felt very safe here, very quiet and calm street. You also can park here and walk to the main square without worrying!


North side of Jardín 5.59752, -75.81574

Bike hire from Grube (local guy). Speaks English. Nice guy

Velo Bode 57.39132, 21.55976

Friendly, quick and most importantly well done service here. We changed the oil, oil/fuel/air filter, brake pads and flushed the radiator. The car was tested on all other important aspects as well.

We paid N$ 4500.

Albie's Car Care Centre -22.67013, 14.53294

Slept here for one night in my van. I got here pretty late so it was fairly crowded & I didn't want to take a large space in case a semi came in after me so I found a spot on the corner that a semi couldn't fit in but also gave plenty of room to my giant neighbors for when they had to get out. It was quiet, level, & I slept like a baby. I'm assuming the signal is good too.

Street next to Loves gas station 35.61842, -119.65775

workshop specialized in electronic injection of diesel engines. point of reference for any problem with the injectors or high pressure pumps or for making a specialized diagnosis.

Diesel Pedro Inyection Electronica -34.65103, -58.34361

ótimo para passar a noite. Tem banho quente e grátis, porém estava mal cuidado e um pouco sujo. O banheiro das duchas é individual, mas é mesmo para homens e mulheres, por isso foi um pouco desagradável, tem que pedir a chave no Full

Gas station YPF -27.43771, -58.73456

Park on the street "white parking line" next the police station and just in front of the stairs to go Galleria Henry the Buggerru mine. This parking spot is good for a small van NOT big RV.

Buggerru 39.39820, 8.40046
sonny jadun

beautiful animal zoo. your children will love it. took us about an hour to see the whole thing.

nahe des Nationalparks Chicamocha 6.78431, -73.00293

Très bien et tranquille 100reals pour notre camion et 120 si vous souhaitez l’eau et l’électricité… le centre est à 2 minutes à pieds

Estacionamiento Central Park -22.75726, -41.88545

lovely place north of Houston. It says "day use" at the entry, but no signs prohibiting over night stay. Spend a quiet night there. Clean pit toilet, garbage cans and picnic tables.

Dunalter Lake picnic area 54.46908, -126.75270

Water spigot for a hose, water bottle refill station, dumpster, and bathrooms. Great view. Great spot.

East Mountain Wilderness Park 41.04697, -111.90478

So great. beautiful water view. Safe, quiet. Lovely walking path. Minutes to beautiful library with great restrooms. Amazing food town. Lots to see.

street next to park 43.07179, -70.75930

Recreation area which has one track looping ending up further down on the road (opposite the house)

There are some facilities but presently not maintained . At the main sign , you can go up the path and there are some spots . Definitely ok for 4x4 with RTT , possibly spots for tents . Not sure about big rigs, but on the wide levelled road you can park out of sight.

Currently very quiet and no signs of it being heavily visited

Mobile signal better a little higher up

KRIA VRISI 41.20832, 24.79572

Parking spot big enough for 3 cars on side of road. Amazing view of menton. Its a narrow and steep drive up but well worth it. The people who own the parking spot live above. Park close to the sides and dont block the road. Clean up after yourself.
We had no issues with anyone but sometimes the military drives by to check for migrants.

Parking on side of road 43.79247, 7.51787

Simple laundromat. $4 for a large load. .25¢ for 6 minutes on the dryer. Only takes coins so you need cash. They have a bill to change machine provided. Was in and out in about an hour. Plenty of machines.

Spin and Sparkle Laundromat 36.40287, -105.57530

Very nice and cool beach bar. They let us stay close to their place. Nice guard around all night who speaks fluent English. Good food. Good atmosphere. Clean beach. Sand road to reach the place. With a 4x4 no problem. (look for the best road. google sent is over the beach road.)

Fasaloo beach Bar 14.49444, -17.08802

came in the morning. all went very smooth. no hassle. 5000 but with a recipe and stamp. 15 days extra.

Passavant renewal 14.66894, -17.43243

We came here because we couldn’t find Alibek (think it was taken down). Took some time to explain but eventually we were able to park our car safe and get the hotel registration!

Hotel Shakhjakhan Parvoz 41.38216, 60.35938

You can still buy Car Insurance here. Only for 3 months (no option for one month). Price was 12.000 (12 €) for Land Rover Defender. Took a while due to slow internet connection.Friendly staff, one woman speaks English.

Nossa Seguros Insurance -14.91721, 13.49628

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