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We stayed for 2 nights here, price is still 10k per night. Definitely one of our fav spots in Rwanda as we stayed all alone in this place. It is super beautiful and quiet, we didn’t have any music from the hotels around.

You can also swim in the lake they made a swimming island and even a ladder to go inside the water.

The gate was closed and we called the number written on the gate, he directly came to open for us.

Kumbya Retreat Centre (Missionary Summer Camp) -2.29169, 29.15290

This is a wild campsite in an abandoned corn field. It is reached via an unused road. We spent a quiet night. This track gets complicated on the way to Mboshya. Impossible in the rainy season according to the locals but feasible the rest of the year. 4x4 totally necessary. Crossing of many rivers, mostly dry. Once you arrive at Mboshya you must cross the river at a specific place. I leave you the exact location in Ioverlander. We stayed the night in Mboshya since it is a very slow track. We ask permission from the village chief.

Hidden wild camping -14.06529, 29.95575

We went by cycling with a tent. We could put our tent just in front of the warm sea ! The lovely family also permit us to use the kitchen and the wifi.

Price for a tent : 20s

Amazing place to relax and enjoy the sea

Hospedaje Costa Blanca -3.63215, -80.57674

Posto de abastecimento com ótimo sistema de banho, segurança e tranquilidade.

Auto Posto Patão -18.63863, -46.49204

very much for small rigs and vans only. some road noise with the highway, but worth the stunning views. Discover Pass is required. 3-4 bars 4G verizon. Got to see a rainbow and 3 eagles!

Penn Cove Hwy Pull Out 48.23396, -122.73167

611z , once an apparent road, now blocked by downed trees. but enough space for my truck camper for the night.

611 Wild Camping 36.40492, -112.09980
Dread Pirate Rackam

If you take the narrow dirt road you’ll start to see several “No Overnight Camping “ signs.

Buckeye Roadside 33.29554, -112.67043

Signs are posted. No swimming. Non-potable water. No vehicles past a certain point. Etc. 11 miles to Walmart. I spent only 1 night.

Raptor Lake (Holloman Lake Entrance) 32.80773, -106.12250

On Pearl in front of an unoccupied business. Slept great till some very loud people showed up at 1am. Kept me up till 3.

Pearl Street 36.59524, -121.89216

Fabulous campsite (the amenities need an upgrade but the owners are so charming it’s hard to fault). We have stayed for two nights and met amazing travelers. Campsite behind the main buildings on the sand. Cold showers (actually ok it’s so hot) restaurant is great. Beach lovely. Do try this campsite! New owners. Wmana the manageress speaks fluent English which is a great help.

Oasis camping (formerly Lodge Vila Doroteia, Praia Amelia) -15.20208, 12.09442

When we arrived no one was around but two elephants. Ablutions not working but a working water tap. We decided to stay anyway and in the evening some people from the village showed up and asked for 200 Pulas ppp night. Confirming that the camp is open.

Dizhana Campsite -19.23884, 23.94796

Walmart Superstore. Asked inside for permission a d granted. We parked on the side by the outdoor centre. No level parking anywhere on the lot.

Temiskaming Shores - Walmart 47.53355, -79.67255
Philip Rothhardt

1.000 pesos fee, bathrooms old but with acceptable cleanliness, lots of space, noise level as can be expected for a town (some cars passing and some dogs barking)

Camping Municipal Santa Maria -26.69658, -66.04091

Wow Awesome little cute spot with full hook ups & shower 15 level paved spots with picnic table Quiet ! Loved it here $18 night! Yes…! But for that price its full every night and people tend to stay for awhile Lots of fisherpeople here! Lol first come , first served No reservation ( gotta like that!)

McKay’s Bend 46.49792, -116.72783

Dormimos em uma rua calma, silenciosa. Vimos outro Motorhome na rua ao lado. Foi bem tranquilo

Public place -37.18455, -62.75433

I wasn't able to find this place.

Tetas 1.28415, 31.11733

One of our favorite spots in this area, flat, tons of room, views Mt. Thielsen.

Crater Lake NP 43.08465, -121.88329

We tried to reach this spot from the north side. But it was not possible for our 3,8 m high rig. So we ask if it would be possible to spend the night outside the camp along the way bevor the low hanging branches startet. They agreed but still charged us 200 Pulas ppp night. So we drove back to a spot where we previously saw a group of elephants bathing in the river.

Tshaa Community Camp -19.24043, 23.94957

Worse experience here. If you are planning to apply guinea e visa so don’t put your locale address in Ghana. I came here before apply to confirm how many days I will get visa. They told me within 3 days but after 6 days they are giving excuses only. I visit embassy three consecutive days sometime consular came late sometime left early. Staff told me she has her own wish and no timing for her. They told me she has child to office duty is not important for her. So don’t apply via this embassy.

Guinea Embassy 5.59863, -0.19329

station essence avec magasin pronto et toilettes et wifi

Copec Gas Station -27.34155, -70.61163

Agradable lugar para pasar la noche, gracias ala amabilidad de los dueños de la Hostería Taltal que nos permite pasar la noche en su estacionamiento.

Taltal hostel parking -25.40540, -70.48513

Best RV superstore with a FREE dump in the back!

State Trailer RV 33.58412, -112.23415

le gérant est sûrement très accueillant mais si vous êtes accueillis par son frère ou son père, ils sont très désagréables et limite aimables. Les prix indiqués auparavant en TL ne sont absolument pas valables, de toute façon ils font payer 25 € et si c'est pour une seule ou2 nuits, vous êtes placé dans un endroit sans grand intérêt À vous de voir.

Panorama Camping 38.64727, 34.82201

Great quiet spot during the week
I took a spot with no service

Camping Pointe-aux-Oies 46.99341, -70.54948

One of the best embassy in africa. All staff from reception to consular are very nice and helpful. best place to get mali visa here. if you will request a little to them. they will provide you without resident permit.
visa in 3 days fee is 476 Ghc
visa in 1 day fee js 650 Vhc

Mali Embassy 5.55064, -0.19842

Remove this listing. The Quarry is active as of 2022 and is gated off and monitored via CCTV. It is illegal to camp here now. Plenty of BLM land down the road past the Quarry, but the Quarry is off limits.

Remote Wild Camping in deserted Quary 45.04803, -110.71181

Clean and friendly staff. Extremely nice place to discover while on the road 😊

Idita Wash Laundromat and Showers 61.59529, -149.11811

Beautiful and quiet spot. Wind picks up at times, so secure your things! There were plenty of pull off spots with fire pits along this road.

Rio Grande 36.54402, -105.70837

Wicked nice and clean … large capacity washer dryers … in & out in about hour

Main Street Washateria 37.66559, -113.06572
Office de Tourisme La Palud-sur-Verdon

Good morning,
My name is Léa and I am responsible for the Tourist Office of Palud-sur-Verdon and Rougon, as well as elected to the city. This site is illegal regarding wild camping, which is prohibited in our city. Can you remove it?

Near Road 43.79952, 6.33424

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