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Closed. Under construction

Twillingate 49.64535, -54.76232

now there is an open gas station but they didn't want to give us more than 50 l ( first said 20 l).
first military said ok to sleep here and then we had to move to a
nother military base (to stay inside because they said it's not safe)

Truck stop 33.06471, 40.31094

Beautiful spot! Though, minimal wifi even with Weboost.

Wrinkled Rock climbing area 43.88799, -103.46937

Large clearing up a short dirt road off the main road. Some garbage around. Wouldn't be good for solar or starlink (enclosed by trees). But nice quiet secluded spot to spend the night.

National Forest 44.02461, -123.92532

Busy but safe spot. Primitive camping. Dispersed camping. Good cell service. Close to woodland park for shopping. Fantastic hike! Close to Garden of the Gods.

Rampart Range Road 38.97642, -105.01044

15 mins out of town. Easy to find. It’s a Sunday night almost nobody here. Excellent cell coverage

Javelina - Designated camping area 34.81169, -111.89407

Nice campground for a couple days. 30 amp sites with water and dump station up by the office. Close enough to Las Cruses and Hatch for exploring.

Leesburg Dam State Park 32.49304, -106.91946

This place is permanently closed.

Circle K 39.73785, -104.52741

Secluded area….had the place to myself.
Good cell reception on AT&T.
Would definitely recommend.

Avalon Lake Dispersed Camping 32.48973, -104.24491

very nice spot near a stream and cycling path. leved and bif enough for a few campers. very quiet. locals told us to stay without worries, although there is a no camping sign in the rules for the area

Rest area 45.49662, -71.22453

Nothing to add to previous comments. Very well designed, staff very friendly and quiet considering you are in town.

Urban Camp -22.55378, 17.09236

Cracker Barrel - Sioux Falls, SD. Expected Road Noise. Several motor homes, travel trailers, and cars parked for the night here. Thankful for Cracker Barrel allowing overnight parking.

Cracker Barrel 43.52473, -96.77658

Very nice tenting spots!! Long walk to the beach if you want a beach site.

Bannock Point Recreation Site 49.92173, -117.38350

2nd night here and everything is going well nice and quiet at night

USPS Street Parking 43.46957, -110.78716
Philip Rothhardt

everything as described. I liked it here. to save you a bit of searching time: the bathrooms are up the hill (above the large swimming pool)

Camping El Molino -27.69874, -67.16755

I created a post for Cracker barrel as staying one night there with no problem. De 3rd night someone told me they do not allowed overnight staying even when they have signs for

Parking lot 38.95159, -104.80212

Easy overnight. store open till 11. many other Rvs, semis and cars stayed. nice store. good stop on the way to Bryce or Zion

Walmart Cedar City UT 37.65467, -113.08712

I contacted the host today, he told me that they are currently not in the country and therefore the place is closed

Delo’sJ 6.22035, -75.49936

This place is permanently closed.

Delo’sJ 6.22035, -75.49936

This place is permanently closed.

Museum del Oro -31.57334, -55.47453

This place is permanently closed.

La Casa De Violeta 6.24564, -75.50018

I contacted the host today, he told me that they no longer offer service, please close the place, thank you

La Casa De Violeta 6.24564, -75.50018

Im the only soul in this place. Peaceful and all the amenities working great.

Club Danés Patagonia - long term storage -41.08473, -71.16881

The road is completely blocked off by trees. There was enough space to do a u-turn.

Strawberry Point Recreation Site 50.26678, -122.52059

très belle emplacement directement sur le bord de l'eau. grand stationnement en gravier.

Parc de la Baie 45.46419, -75.68058

Incredible shower! super clean, infinite hot water. private stall.

Cape Breton NP Campground 46.64577, -60.95001

Pasamos 3 noches acá, no tiene servicios, muy tranquilos. Hermoso lugar, espacio para cualquier tipo de vehículos, el camino está bueno.

Coqueiros Maracaipe -8.52062, -35.00705

Pasamos 1 noche acá, el precio es de 120 reales. Tiene electricidad y cuando pasamos no había agua, por lo que no usamos ni duchas ni baños. Lugar tranquilo y seguro, excelente para ir a conocer pipa y sus playas. Nos quedamos acá porque nuestro vehículo es muy grande para esa ciudad. Amamos Pipa.

Parking lot -6.22828, -35.05518

10,000cfa for a room with mosquito net and fan, very good wifi, toilette is outside, 24hours electricity and running water
13000 with private toilette

Sueco -4.79336, 11.85712

Great place. Hotel with local people. Very friendly and always helpful. Park inside for bikes, motorcycle and little cars . 30$ with breakfast for 2 persons.

Hotel Gul Zamin Sayqal 39.65210, 66.97673

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