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Nice Walmart with plenty of parking. Peaceful night along with other vans. Good Verizon signal.

Walmart Supercenter 44.52372, -68.39472

RV dump functional. Pulled in and drain was at left side of trailer. Sign provides address to send donation.

Lions Park RV dump 48.42567, -122.33889

Stunning spot in the NF close to Hume Lake. exceptional spot with beautiful views of the Sierras. I spotted this on my way to Hume Lake and was lucky enough to grab it for the evening. The spot is quite large, could hold a few rigs, felt very large for just my van. Incline to get up to the spot, but large and open. Fire pit was established there with multiple logs for seating.

NF Spot with a view of the Canyon 36.80825, -118.91088

I don't understand why there is no more people here! We are cycle travellers and looking for a warm place in this freezing day and how we was surprised by this place. First the price 3000pp (but the owner charges us only 5000 for 2 people) and the place is so cute. In the middle of nature, the cabin are really clean, cute and warm (very good insulation). The bathroom is 10m of the cabin with super hot shower.
The owner Adrien is very very kind and built this small paradise.
There is a very large commun Space for cooking, relaxing and enjoy.
We recommend a lot!

La Lomita (Camping & Rooms) -27.22312, -66.81695

this was great. they have electric and water hook ups. I paid just for water $8. parking is on a huge parking lot, near the highway.
also available is free overnight parking. my second night will be there. I did not tour the museum but will do next time here.

RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum 41.72896, -85.87725

Good place for an overnight. Room for any size rig. Pit toilets if needed. Shared this location with 5 other campers.

Stewart-Cassiar Hwy Bell I Rest Area 56.32802, -129.29831

Bunch of spots along this road, great sunrise views 🌅 Happy trails!

Overlooking the Salt Flats 40.78988, -113.95094
Melissa Ainslie

This place was just amazing. Literally it was perfect. By far our favorite camping experience in our entire 10 day trip. We stayed two nights. The price was 7000 Colones pp/per night. There were three spots that had running water, a solid awning (one with a second level) and electricity. Andrea was an amazing host. Sooooo hospitable. She even offered to make us Ramen (beef or veg) for 4000 colones - if this is offered- say yes!! It was homemade and delicious. Her dogs are great if you are a dog person especially. One of them, Oski, hunkered down with us both nights in the upstairs of our camping cover. It is safe and secure especially with a locked entrance which was super easy to coordinate with Andrea to open. The bathrooms were nice and clean and the shower, although cold water, was refreshing, clean and nice as well. We were able to build a campfire with the wood she supplies, although you will want your own firestarters. We enjoyed the Eucalyptus Tree walk on her property one afternoon and the views of Arenal Volcano were as good or better than those from the park. If you are in the area for an evening, stay here! You won't be sorry!

Camping Montaña de Azúcar 10.47047, -84.78271

Plenty of parking in back for vehicles to stay the night. Fairly quiet and right off the Hwy. had no problems here.

Cracker Barrel 33.67517, -96.60703

we turned up this road pretty late so didn't want to bother anyone camping in the spots listed on the app that were further up. it's a big layby, could fit 2/3 large vehicles. it is however not particularly flat so took some adjusting to be level. there are a lot of broken bottles around so be careful if you have animals! good connection on at&t, lovely views :)

Layby 36.27272, -115.51658

Really nice place, completely hidden and out of the wind. You can slightly hear the main road, but no problem.

Next to the Hills -16.11326, -69.58744

Looks like a working area that close.
has buildings to stay in and roof cover.

no name. -18.12953, 25.35015

Still 10'000 Peso for 100 L. Super nice people. Water quality very good.

Resiter Potable Water Plant -22.46512, -68.90219

paid 17.50 as no running water at the moment, probably an out of season thing as the taps just look taped up

Monarch Campground 51.42045, -116.44463

Spent the night here. Felt safe but no toilets and you dont want to pee on a parking lot in the middle of the City. I would have prefered the gas station 10km ourside the city in the Direction of the coast.

Estadio Majes -16.35731, -72.18935

We had our bikes stolen off the carrier of our Pleasure Way. They cut through good locks and straps. We didn't hear or feel a thing until after the fact. Reported to the Casino and police. We were very visible. Parked under a light. Quiet night otherwise. A free night cost us $2000! Avoid this location!

Gateway-OLG Casino 46.51722, -84.34573

Pull out off BLM dirt road above coffee pot crater, enough room for a few cars if you are friendly. Amazing views in all directions, but very exposed, no shade to be had. BE ADVISED: approaching coffee pot from the south/west is very rough and VERY remote. Road is on maps, but sometimes almost non existent. Lots of sharp lava, deep mud, and rocks. Also lots of cattle gates. Our slightly modified Tacoma did it but it was uncomfortable.

Coffee Pot Crater 43.14765, -117.46768

Nice and quiet campground! No showers and pit toilet. 20 dollars for electricity. Very beautiful 1 hour evening walk around the nearby lake. Recommended!

Walnut Creek 41.13565, -96.07753

Cool spot. There are 15+ designated sites. Each has a fire pit and lots of trees so there is privacy for all. Good quality road going in and a turn around at the end in case you’re one of the unlucky people who got there too late. It was full last night.

Near Mesa Verde BLM Camping 37.36225, -108.41967

posto seguro, equipe muito atenciosa. entra e sai de caminhão intenso, então é bem barulhento. conseguimos água e internet.

Rodo Rede Ipiranga -16.90259, -43.86791

They refused to give me any gasoline.
Even not with a tip

biopetrol -17.75918, -63.17987

pretty quiet night - typically rest stop. parked on the backside by shed.

I70 Rest Stop 38.99248, -93.58661

Had weird vibes when we pulled up. Saw broken glass (possible car window) and a big cross (nothing but respect). Within a few minutes a car drove by blaring their horn at us (no one else was around). Trusted our instinct and found a new location. We don’t know the reason for the memorial and ultimately didn’t want to be disrespectful.

Quiet pull off on the river 48.06368, -123.56031

very peaceful with a great view. Saw a wild pig and there are a few decomposed carcasses further down the road, so I stayed near the entrance to avoid them. Kinda creepy.
Just okay signal on T-Mobile, great signal with Starlink.
I was getting 12mb/s download and 57.2kb/s on T-Mobile.

Nice, easy spot near highway in Forest Service land 33.40194, -105.47526

We tried to access this spot by driving down the road until we saw the Ngami lake sign and turn off, followed it along until we found a clearing amongst the thorns and we didn't reach the lake, don't drive it if your precious about your cars paint. Peaceful night, in the morning there were 4 stray dogs that ran by one of them aggressive so be aware. We also were greeted by a goat farmer but he didn't approach us he just yelled hello and have a nice day from a distance.

wild camping by the lake -20.44605, 22.84943

The place to hang out at night in Benin. Music and bbq every night of the week. Live music and dancing in weekends. Owner Segun is a great guy.

SP Bar 6.33434, 5.62704

on sunday there was loud music from the café on the opposite of the street. so noisy but it was a good place to stay overnight. clean toilets, cold shower and very nice people.

58 Miles 5.32322, -58.67296

only looked at our passports. a few meters further is a tolbooth where you have to pay 1000 gyd. we are going south to lethem.

Mabura Checkpoint 5.27899, -58.69214

road is oké now. going south it becomes better and better.

Atoleiro 4.66489, -58.66665

this place does not have great signage so I almost missed it the first time. The owners are nice, and motorcycles can be parked in the back courtyard. I paid about $12.50 for private room and bathroom here. There is a gas heater in the room, and the owners turned it on for me before bed. breakfast is pretty meager, only coffee and some small dry bread snacks. But the coffee was decent and she gave me a second cup. it's very close to the center, so easy to walk everywhere. I enjoyed my stay here and thought it was a good value.

la Mason Enchantee -23.20565, -65.34862

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