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Very beautiful and clean campsite. They built one area just for overlanders, with electricity, kitchen, braai and bathrooms. You are able to enter the main area with restaurant and pool. Price is reasonable! We stayed for three days.

Unfortunately both guardians(day&night) asked us for money and stuff, which is very unfortunate as the whole staff of the resort are very friendly and professional.

Rocky Bay Resort -2.71600, 32.84491
Gypsy B

arrived late but they had listed available sites so we picked one. will pay in the morning. showers are warm. sites are clean. LOTS OF TICKS so come prepared.

Falcon Lakeshore Campground 49.68425, -95.32893
North to Alaska

nice quiet parking lot, cabelas is great to offer overnight camping for it's guests. support them by purchasing something in their awesome store!!

Cabela’s 40.98614, -111.91045

Stayed for 1 night. A pullout off the road. 1 other car and was fine. Next to the ocean great view.

South Neptune overlook 44.26474, -124.10734

Good for a night. Lots of highway noise starting early.

Hwy 68 pullout 36.58928, -121.71078

Nice spot in front of the beach, rocky ground, waves are very loud, good cellphone Recepción

Beach - Caleta Chañaral -29.08482, -71.47873

Still a solid choice. No a/c, but does have a ceiling fan. Wifi only by the lobby. Safe parking, hot water, decent water pressure. 550 pesos for a double room.

Hotel Fuentes 26.93436, -105.66857

A little ways off the highway so no road noise. Not a bad little spot for an overnight. Would stay here again.

Peninsula at NN Lake 63.01944, -136.46807
Tony B

it should be mentioned that the showers are communal & not private seperate stalls. Thanks

Panorama Recreation 48.62414, -123.41972
Tony B

No overnight parking signs.Tow away at owner's expense

Baseball overflow parking 49.24166, -123.10587
Judy & Jim

Stayed one night. We didn’t go all the way down the road we stopped in the first pull out. Good sleep. Experienced sunshine, rain, heavy sleet, and rainbows! What a gorgeous place to call home for the night

Big Horn National wilderness 44.32296, -106.89833
Van Helsing

Great location near New Orleans, I recommend. Do not go out after dark, bugs are out in force. I learned my lesson.

Bayou Segnette State Park 29.88942, -90.16251

Potable water. Open for the season and easy access .

Shady Rest 37.64755, -118.96345

Had an excellent time here. Campsite #2 directly on the river. Nice restaurant and bar with good food. All campsites have their own ablution and kitchen block. Everything very clean. Fishing trip was also nice. Nice place to hang out and relax. Would definitely come again.

Godwana Zambezi Mubala Lodge Campsite -17.54311, 24.52281

nice and very well decorated little campsite. Shadow is rare. good little rooms available, 200 Dh. with breakfeast. Camping is in footreach of center and a good range of mechanics, including the famous Ali Nasser.

Prends Ton Temps 30.33775, -5.83197

Great quiet spot for the night. Decent signal. Nice art center too!

Folk art center 36.61628, -84.10582

Beautiful park. There is a trail along the creek into the woods for a peaceful cool shady area you could relax there all day next to the water if you wanted to. The trail takes you to the Merrimack river conservation area.

Merrill Park 43.23358, -71.53087
John Patterson Sr

Easy to find by following the dump sign, by the marina

Oregon inlet fishing center 35.79522, -75.54739
John Patterson Sr

Easy to find by the marina just follow the dump sign

Oregon inlet fishing center 35.79523, -75.54741

Gas station, store, toilets, rest area, dump station for motorhomes and water supply

Shell - Huentelauquén -31.57145, -71.53838

Juste un commentaire :Allez au poste de gendarmerie de Pita ou à la préfecture, ils vous fournirons une lettre manuscrite qui vous autorise à passer le barrage gratuitement, y compris si vous souhaitez dormir la bas !Il est possible de se baigner au pied de la cascade.m en saison sèche : Pour cela, aller jusqu’au bout de l’impasse à la centrale électrique, descendre dans la rivière et remonter le court d’eau jusqu’à la cascade. Environ 15 minutes de marche !


Stayed here for the last two nights, with no issues. I found a row of cars to park next to and slept soundly through the night. I left during the day and returned to sleep around 8 pm.

Scarsdale Ford (dealership) Back Lot 40.98523, -73.85230

There is wifiThere is 220 for campers

Autokamp Njive 42.31511, 19.04216

Exactly there where also in the map it's said "CYMOT Tsumeb". Because at this location it is the car wash that my wife just took up.

Cymot store Tsumeb -19.25018, 17.70716

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -17.39506, -66.16558

Motul Lubricants -17.39506, -66.16558

I called ahead to ask permission to stay one night (15May2024) and was told by the store "Operator" that no overnight parking is allowed. Not even my Teardrop camper.

Walmart 46.81802, -92.18269

No over night parking
It is a residential area

pioneer park 49.34701, -119.57463
Gypsy B

asked to get water for camper but was told they had something break late 2023 and not fixed yet. camping season has started. NO POTABLE WATER HERE on May 12 2024!

Co-op Red River 49.76807, -94.51419

I wasn't able to find this place.

End of "Motorbike Track" 7.85825, 10.53736

This place is permanently closed.

Garden Park Rd 38.52099, -105.21468

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