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Nueva aventura en ruta

una noche muy tranquila aquí. Sólo habían dos fogones que no se sentían para nada. imagino que en verano debe ser más concurrido. El lugar es muy pintoresco e inmejorable. Hay tachos de basura. Muy buena señal de claro.

really nice place to spend the day and night. I stayed here one night and it was really quiet although I imagine that in summer time must be more visited. There is a trash bin, no other service I think. Claro signal is great. Very recommended.

Wild camping Lago Potrerillos -32.95212, -69.19421
wilde tour

Amazing hotel to spent a night or few in San Agustin. Bicycles can be easily placed in the courtyard. Located super close to the main square, but really quiet and dark during the night. Good breakfast included in the price.

Raices Hotel 1.88254, -76.27232

We asked and it’s not private. Nice and quiet place. Surely better in dry season.

Quiet forest way -14.23661, -71.25928

We spent 1 night here before entering Peru.
It's 25USD for a matrimonial with private bathroom inclusing good working AC.
Our room was very clean, no strange smell or something else! :)
Safe parking spot in the back, gates are closed during the night. They have space for several cars and motorcycles.
Wifi was ok, not too strong.
There are some common areas, also a kitchen outside which you can use.

For 3USD you can get a breakfast in the morning.
There are several restaurants and the malecon nearby. Not even 5min walking distance.

The señora there can organise tours for you and we got lots of recommendations from her.

Gualingo -3.41291, -79.99620

Great place for an overnight stop! There have been the same owners for six years and they don't sell; the review before ours is not correct. A lot of space for big rigs, very clean bathroom with hot showers in the lower glamping area. Greatly furnished glamping tents for rent. There is good WiFi, a football field, a hammock, a climbing tree and a quad track, a dog and a giant rabbit. The restaurant is only open during the day. Very nice operator. The son Austin speaks English and is very helpful. We paid 300 pesos for one big rig, two adults and two children. It's next to the street but at night it's quiet. We can recommend it.

La Palizada 20.23314, -100.08802

Good place to spend the night, easy to access and spacious, there are very level green meadows to be able to camp, occasionally a person with livestock passes by but they are very discreet.

Buen lugar para pernoctar, de facil acceso y amplio, hay prados verdes muy nivelados para poder acampar, pasa ocasionalmente alguna persona con ganado pero son muy discretos.

Rio Vulcun -38.85705, -72.60321

This is where you can get intercity busses. You can buy tickets online at or at the office. Very organised and good quality vans compared to most of west Africa. I paid 19k to go to Benin city

Jibowu bus station 6.51815, 3.36792
1.000.000 minutes going east

Poor quality after heavy rain. Water is slightly muddily and has sediments. I would not drink it or use it for cooking.

Water spring 42.64998, 41.99981

Lugar muito tranquilo, casal que mora na frente tem trailer, muito queridos, no outro lado da praça tem Western Union. Passamos uma noite muito silenciosa e tranquila.

Plaza Pablo Guglieri -36.59823, -61.74209

Nos quedamos una noche y estacionamos en un aparcadero en la vía publica, es en una calle centrica por lo cual llegamos de noche.
Hay solo unos pocos estacionamientos donde no cobra, les sugiero estar muy atentos a las señaleticas.

Algunas caractersiticas buenas, es apta para vehiculos grandes (no buses), tienes comercio y seguridad cerca para servicios.

Lo malo: hay mucho ruido de gente caminando y podrian gritar cerca de la camper, si llegas de día puede que el estacionamiento este ocupado, es una calle muy transitada por lo que en la noche pasan vehiculos a alta velocidad,

en conclusión no es muy tranquilo pero puedes pasar la noche.

Estacionamientos Vía Publica Centro Cañete -37.79837, -73.39997

It's closed till August 2024. We were in May

Balneário Paradise -25.58530, -54.51113

It's closed till the new season. we were in May and it was closed((

Pesque pague cem -25.58672, -54.51219

Perfect location! You can leave a car and go walk to Iguasu or Bird Park and it will save you 40 reals for parking slot. And you will pay only 60 reals for moterhome in this campaign including everything

Iguassu Eco Hostel -25.60938, -54.48005

We were able to fill up with 92 petrol from barrels. Looked good and didn't cause us any problems.

Fuel Station Zong 37.03242, 72.63121

Coming from Bogotá we stopped here for he night, before driving to the Tatacoa Desert via Pueblo Nuevo. Was ok - not too noisy.

Biomax Gas Station 3.63979, -75.09266

Lovely campground in a stunning landscape with clean lavatory and hot showers.
Campground: 140 pp/night
Sleeping in nature during hikink or in the hut: 90 pp/night
At the reception is a small shop with some basic food and drinks. Now they also have wlan to use and you can charge your device (only at the reception).
The way to the camping is maintenance atm (good gravel, sometimes tarmac with potholes).
There are many great hikes around. We can highly recommend Mafadi, but you have to be a skilled hiker. We did it in two days. First up to Centenery Hut and on the next day over the Corner Pass to Mafadi and down by the Leslies Pass 🥾

Injisuthi Campsite -29.11841, 29.43960
Davide Travelli

Great spot to camp. Under the pine trees free of stones

Spot next to view point 39.01974, 1.29630

Big free parking area near the centre where you will meet other overlanders. Easy to access. Nothing special.

San Pedro Cemetery -22.90848, -68.19875

Dormimos aquí una noche. Bien. Algo ruidoso por autos y en la mañana por el camión de la basura. Hay varios lugares a lo largo de la costanera.

ITUZAINGO - Parque Paranagua -27.58347, -56.68818

Not much to add here. Great place for the night. It's just not possible to fill up your water tank at the moment because water is rationed. But you can fill up your bottles.

El Nido del Flamenco -20.46802, -66.81613

Stay with a local family! :)
you're very welcome to park your ride behind our traditional but modernized village house.
we can offer all kinds of services for you:
- delicious homemade food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and fresh bread
- a hot shower
- water (30dh per 100 liters)
- grocery shopping for you or together (get to know the local souk)
- let's get to know the beautiful empty beach together
- local activities like hikes, cooking classes (also by the beach), making bread, argan oil or Amlou, ...every day there's something new to explore!
- warm and heartful Berber hospitality and many laughs ;)

even if you stay by the beach, you can take advantage of our services (how about a sunset dinner?). just give us a call, we're happy to support your journey.
+212 629-891572 (English, french, Arabic, Berber)

90dh per night per vehicle including shower & tea.

Mohamed Akhmisse and family 🫶🏾

Authentic Moroccan homestay 31.00112, -9.79862

A beautiful place at the lake. There is much water at the moment but absolutely no problem for camping. Very friendly hosts, delicious food in the restaurant. Highly recommended.

Chitimba Camp -10.58511, 34.17556
Team Nissan

Good to fill water. Next to a small Picknickplace.

Ahmetli 37.98629, 28.97627

We were parked in this street for a couple of nights, but further down the street, next to the official car park. We would also recommend you to park down the road, as we saw a smashed window during bright daylight today.
Apart from that we had a great and quiet stay in Santiago.

Street next to Cerro San Cristobal -33.41538, -70.61429

Good place to stay overnight. you will have to park on the left side, close to the street.

Walmart 46.21324, -60.26434

Fabulous campsite. Camping on grass after so much sand was a welcome change. The entire property is immaculate. The staff, from the ladies at the reception to the people cleaning the toilets were incredibly friendly and welcoming. Easy walk into town for groceries or to eat in the many great restaurants around town. Highly recommend this campground!

Swakopmund - Alte Brücke -22.68637, 14.52528

A quite private spot direct on the Elk River with some distance to the street. Perfect for travellers with a small to medium size car or van. With river swimmingpools, firering, leveling stones to borrow (you might need them) and trees for your hamrock.

On the way down you can say to your co-pilot: „Thats why we have … (fill in your last upgrade: i.e. allterrain tires, a few inch lift, AWD, and so on; which cost a lot of money, looks nice and in 90% of the time is not needed 😊 not even here…).

A nice spot 42.71274, -124.29793

Entry 10.000 pp includes 2 miradores and pool. Canasta (ferry) 20.000 pp. Great view from ferry

Salto El Mortiño 1.87802, -76.20448

Really good pizza made in wood stove infront of you. You can even order to camping La Cumbre. 20.000+ for a pizza 9.000 for delivery.
Place looked lovely, staff was nice and fast. We were here twice and one time we ordered. Better to go to the restaurant then order (but it was not completely cold, so fine)

El faro Ambrosia 1.88497, -76.27158

Alternative location .5m away , nearby beach, go down Curtis street to Loyd cove, stayed at the beach parking lot next to beach, you can see this spot on right as you travel to Sydney Mines cliffs. The area has some litter, a few late nite cars, but no signs disallowing explicit overnight parking, for sleeping, the place was super peaceful, with the howling wind on the beach.

North Sydney Cliffs 46.25451, -60.20691

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