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Great place .. Cheap for 100r pppn! If you camp you dont need to pay entry! We saw a lot of animals in the self-gamedrive in early morning..

Showers were not warm tough!

Spioenkop Dam Game Reserve -28.70181, 29.51194

Pharmacy and all things for women. Big shop

Health & Higiene 35.90445, 74.36371

Gran terreno muy tranquilo detrás de la estación de servicio Gulf, sanitarios limpios y duchas agua caliente 24hs gratis, servicompras 24hs, buena iluminación, wifi, venden garrafas de gas, muy muy tranquilo por las noches, excelente punto, ideal para vehículos de gran porte como el nuestro

Playón Gulf -29.34332, -68.22486

the place is incredible! beautiful! The lane is very small for a large Van. only small. At 8:40 am the farmers start working, so it is better to leave at approximately that time. It took me a while to take down the tent but everyone was very friendly.

Le Goille 46.12332, 7.07934

We spend one night on this end of the track, wich brings to a sulfur spring water fountain. The track is suitable for any kind of vehicle and is far enough from the road to have a quiet night. You can see the closest point to the China border. A police came in the morning just to ensure we were ok, very friendly, he even took some pictures with us for his children. Amazing views of the mountains.

The closest point to China, quiet place. 40.56890, 75.35210

Free wifi, open (without password), very good signal. There is a sign on the beach indicating there is free wifi there.

Camorim -23.00143, -44.26534

Many flat terraces available where locals come for picnic. Easily reached with any vehicle. Some trees for shelter in the morning and late afternoon. No internet reception with Asiacell.

Flat terraces on forested hillside 36.86626, 43.13781

Still here, not much pressure but decent flow. No way of connecting a hose so we did with buckets.

Roadside 36.86706, 43.13422

side of the road, noise usually stops around 10. There is a sign saying stop at your own risk, so the police should have no issue with people parking here

picnic wildcamping spot -19.15934, 25.76494

Very nice Park for a picnic stop, awesome view over Annecy city, the castle and lake. you can also visite Gabriel Fauré's home and old Roman church.

Annecy le vieux 45.91869, 6.14294

Great spot, stayed last night with lots of others but lots of room for all. There is a tourist info office in the building with helpful maps. Nice ocean breeze.

MichiNoEki Surfer zone 33.03466, 133.02718

we got 100 litres for free, gave them a small gift and helped them jump start an old Ural truck.
You can connect directly to a plastic pipe with a diameter cca 1.5cm that they use for watering trees. They were very friendly because we spoke a little bit of russian. They told us that if someone just comes with a translator in their hand and doesn't at least try to speak they sometimes say that water is not available. So try to be friendly and say some words in russian.

Fill water from the towns main pump 47.51747, 53.04435

Good spot for wildcamping (bonfire possible). Also there are other travelers like Vans when we were here. The spot is next to a small river. Pretty loud at night due to frogs doing a concert but was fine for us. Tapwater is available but probably not drinkable. Also there is a trash bin.

Place nereby Selime Cathedral 38.30061, 34.25737

no idea how to get one... they said go and get your visa at the border.

Embassy of Ghana (Monrovia) 6.27303, -10.74792

Great place with shade, sun and tranquillity. You can hear something on the street, but that's okay. Sanitary facilities are very clean and tastefully furnished. Pitches are flat and with grass. Firewood is provided.
A great place for us. We stayed there for three nights.

Peperboom Campsite and Wild camping -32.05207, 25.63500
La Canopée Family

We had our 12 kg of laundry washed and folded within 24h here. Everything came back clean and unspoiled. We had it delivered for free because it was more than 3 kg.
The rate was 150 rps / kg for express service ( 24h) but we negotiated for 120 rps because of the big weight. If you're not in a hurry it's 100 rps ready within 48 hours.
People were very kind. We recommend this place.

Tumbledry & laundry service 9.94993, 76.25579

Staff were not the warmest or most friendly but food was served quite quickly - chicken wings, spaghetti and a cold 500ml cola came to 2500cfa each
Not spicy, good flavour but not the nicest seating indoors or out. Good for the price though

La Sourze Chez Lysa -0.48582, 15.90857

calm roadsite parking slot at the small coastal road to applecross above Kenmore. no traffic by night.
beautiful view over Loch Torridon with the mountain range of Beinn Eighe as background

C1091 above Kenmore 57.55326, -5.75557

We spent one night here and it was very quite. There is one spot before this but it goes down to the river, take the gravel path beside the main road and go further to the end of the path. Nobody bordered us. There is a unfinished house near by with a natural WC. The view is estimation. Possibility to park under the trees near by is given.

Swiss mountains view 39.47607, 67.82265

Stayed here 1 night. Arrived around midnight 11:30 pm and there were a few other vans parked. Quiet night and woke up to the smell of bacon!

6 Mb/s with Verizon

Cracker Barrel 39.20948, -76.68037

proper supermarket. No vegetables.You can find European products. Be careful because there aren't prices, check before buying.

'normal' supermarket 35.91161, 74.33179
Jamie Z

Decent budget place if you're not expecting luxury.

I paid ARS$5000 (US$5) for a room with a shared bathroom. There is also a room with a private bathroom, though I don't know the price.

Everything is clean. There is an unsecured off-street parking area. Wifi is available, but it's very slow, like anywhere around here.

The rooms are unheated. Lots of blankets are provided. The mattress in my room (#2) was quite worn out.

Friendly owner.

Hospedaje El Airampo -23.40060, -66.36799

El Cristo Redentor del Desierto está ubicado es un sector privilegiado de la ciudad. Desde las alturas del sector oriente y en la zona del Monolito de Topater tiene bajo sus pies la vista total de Calama.

Esta escultura se inauguró el 14 de septiembre de 2008 y su construcción se debe a un convenio entre la Municipalidad de Calama y su par de la ciudad de Palpalá en Argentina. Este acuerdo entre ambas organizaciones también incluyó el aporte de luminarias por parte del municipio calameño para las calles de este departamento argentino.

La imagen del Cristo Redentor del Desierto está hecha con la técnica de cemento reconstituido por los artesanos de Palpalá y se ha convertido en un atractivo turístico de Calama desde su inauguración. Comparte tu foto y tu relato de esta bella comuna.

Cristo Redentor del desierto -22.46745, -68.89781

Perfect spot near the place to take the jeep to go to Feroza Lake.
Before parking, it is better to ask the nearby houses.
The road from Gilgit until here is new and perfect.
The spot is not flat at all, but you can success easily with levels.

Green place with incredible views 36.15910, 74.18200

highly recommended car wash. He washed our Fiat Ducato after Etosha NP absolutely perfect in one and a half hour.
He wanted only 120 NAD, we gave a bit more.

car wash -19.25033, 17.71148

After 3 days of horse riding we really enjoyed this fancy Spa! You can get massage, scrub, pedicure and manicure. There is a jacuzzi, pool and a sauna and a restaurant. You get everything you need, slippers and a bathrobe, so you don't have to bring anything. Women and men are seperated. We stayed here for 6 hours, had massage, scrub and pedicure and paid around 50€ per person. Totally recommended.

Kristallis Spa 42.82923, 74.63145
Iara Fernandes

local muito tranquilo moradores bem receptivos nós informaram onde tinha água e energia.

Praia de Pitimbu -7.47507, -34.80845

Estuvimos 2 noches en el playon bajo la sombra, super seguro y tranquilo. la gente del pueblo muy amables... Fuimos con la excursion de Doña Chevy (mercadito que esta en frente), super recomendado!

Las Negras Bioluminiscencia 15.94656, -97.18659

You can put you’re tent in a public playground here,

There is a nice white roof with clean ground to put one or two tent

It’s closed by the road but nobody seems too care
Good if it’s raining

Tent camping -0.57578, 15.88227

Very friendly guys running a small workshop in their backyard.
They have a surprising (but still limited) selection of Motocross/Enduro stuff, heavy duty tubes and some tires (Mx, Road and 80/20 adv tires).
If you drive a BMW, KTM or any Enduro Bike this is the spot to find help.

they let me change the tire myself and use some of their tools.
Lots of offroading tips for Zim if you stay and chat!

House number 18, ring doorbell 2!

motorcycle mechanics -17.80971, 31.11998

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