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clean place, high slope for the dump hole

Cefco 31.06360, -98.16263

Good place to stop for a night. Level gravel strip parking for 25 ft rv or less.
2 minutes walk to many restaurants and shops.
Quiet after 10. We felt really safe. We were 3 campers parked there overnight. Wifi ok.

Gravel lot next to creek 34.74962, -112.02817

A safe and clean little hotel after/before the border. We paid 270Q for 2 people in 1 room. The place is basic but it’s clean, has secure parking, and the staff are extremely hospitable and friendly. The restaurant is great too.

Puerta al Cielo 15.30548, -91.52140

A dona é muito receptiva, eu e minha namorada fotos muito bem recebidos. Lugar muito bonito, arrumado e energia boa. Só aceita dinheiro.

Girada Camping -34.03328, -53.56877

The night was very silent here. No wind at all. We were the only ones camping. We woke up early to reach Perito Moreno early and it went perfectly, we got to admire the glacier before the tourist busses arrived.

No Fuego Marina -50.29989, -72.79792

Excelente posto para pernoitar, banho quente e grátis, refeições com preços acessíveis, local seguro e tranquilo.

Auto Posto Décio - Buritis -18.82172, -48.24862
Adam Gott

as described. there were two campers here, two Vans, and three trucks. relatively clean Walmart parking lot.

Walmart 41.79035, -107.20641

We spent 3 nights in our van in front of this beach, there was also a skoolie from the US.
Nice for surfing.
No shadow.
The restaurant beside plays horrible music on weekends, but on a week day was quiet, a lady working there gave us water.
4x4 not needed, just be careful with loose sand.

Free camping on the beach 12.17158, -86.76330

Lots of trucks with noisy generators, but it was a clean, safe and flat place to stay the night. Not the best restrooms, but acceptable. Good T-Mobile cell phone signal.

Wiley's Wells Rest Area 33.61003, -114.90052

Small rural chapel close to eucalyptus field.

Family that keeps the place is a few 100mts behind. They offered chapel grounds and space in his house to camp.

Perfect for bicycle or motorcycle. Cars and rigs wont fit through chapel grounds gate.

Chapel has a small latrine at the back.

Police comes at night to check and are very friendly.

rural chapel -29.03389, -56.50800

Great spot very safe, huge lot, lots of space. I recommend parking away from the pillars so you don't feel the vibration of the overpass. Slept great with earplugs and Bass Pro fish tanks and ponds are cool to check out too.

Bass Pro Shop Pyramid Parking 35.15427, -90.05276

We went in and asked at the customer service desk, and were given an indirect "no." Basically that Walmart will tow after 24 hours, but that police may come knock on your door before that and ask you to leave. We chose to go elsewhere but we debated trying it, it may work fine. We saw no other RVs that evening or the next morning when we came back for our appointment across the street. This area is cracking down on "tweakers." We were parked near the Abby's Pizza across the street for a couple of hours the day before and for one hour the next day, and on the second day the manager came knocking on our door saying we'd been there 24 hours (we hadn't) and when are we planning on leaving. And a police car drove through twice during those few hours we were there. So.. this is not a hospitable area for travelers, with good reason.

Walmart Eagle point 42.47149, -122.81357

I was told that they do not offer free or paid showers to the public.

Chi Mukwa Recreation Center 46.47732, -84.32179

big parking lot, wifi all over the place. there's bugs, so bring bug repellent.

Walmart 33.44555, -94.09896

$5 entry fee to the park (honor system) then $9 per night for seniors for a camp site. (I think it was $25 for others). Apart from the one group camp site, everything is first come first served. Dump station as well as water spigots and restrooms. No electric or showers. There was nobody around to pay and nobody answered the phone so I got a free night.
Very quiet ; nice place to spend the night.

lost lake campground 36.98292, -119.72531

Went to stop here for the night but they are doing some kind of construction with workers parked at the guard rail. Didn’t feel to safe with the traffic and workers.

Pull off by bridge 46.24168, -123.87216

we stayed stationed here for 5 days. the area is sloping, but it is quite quiet. there are a few drunk people sometimes, but not too disturbing. the people in the neighborhood are nice. there is water in the middle of one of the flowerbeds. it's close to the center on foot and there is a small supermarket and a kiosco on the street.

nous sommes restés stationner ici durant 5 jours. la zone est en pente, mais c’est assez tranquille. il y à quelques personnes alcoolisées parfois, mais pas trop dérangeant. les gens du quartier sont sympas. il y a de l’eau au milieu d’un des parterre. c’est proche du centre à pied et il y a un petit supermarché et un kiosco dans la rue.

Plaza 10 de Noviembre, quiet and lovely -19.04723, -65.25813

Martina. here you will find good French baguettes, good pizzas and paninis also excellent made with baguettes. we recommend the pork panini with bbq sauce.

la martina. ici vous trouverez de bonnes baguettes françaises de bonnes pizzas et des paninis eux aussi excellent fait avec les baguettes. nous vous recommandons le panini porc sauce bbq.

La Martina pizzeria y pasta -19.04675, -65.25958

Permanent homeless camp set up. Did not feel safe. Plus you’d need 4x4 if it’s rained.

Marshland Refuge 46.38315, -123.95295

Pasamos una excelente noche, super tranquilo y seguro. Dormimos en un gran predio al costado de la ruta 7. Del otro lado de la ruta hay una despensa para comprar algunas cosas. Hermosas vistas, lo recomendamos!

Polvareda truckers parking lot -32.79387, -69.65337

This a beautiful campground. 23 large, level, well spaced sites in a wooded area. A few pull-through spots. First come, first served ( shows the calendar as unavailable). We spent two nights here, $4/night with our senior pass we were the only ones here, even the ranger never came by. Wonderful vista and nice hiking trail starts near site 16. Vault toilets are the only amenity.

Winding Stair USFS Campground 34.71483, -94.67557

We stayed one night inside the parking lot of the park. Very safe and quiet at night ! We used the water tape close to bathroom, slow but it works ! We recommend !

Plaza Moch-Couoh 19.84665, -90.54007

Nice rest area. Lots of parking, pretty noisy but quieted down after 11pm or so. A handful of others overnighting as well but we had room to spread out

Phillip S. Raine Rest Area - Northbound 36.10839, -119.32251

This place looks good, but it's just for cars or small vans, not enough space for anything else.

Trail parking lot 45.52728, -122.72737
Manuel K

Military Checkpoint for inner line permit. From here you enter northern Sikkim.
(location might not be 100% accurate, but it was somewhere before the bridge.)

Military Checkpoint - ILP 27.40707, 88.62140

very nice campsite. now with exellent 4g mtc mobile network

Grünau Country Hotel -27.73261, 18.37865

Run down camp. Ablutions old and dirty, no hot shower in the morning. Light that did not work years ago is still not working. Typical place of NWR. Expensive without any return for the money you pay. Next time we stay at another camp.

Sesriem Campsite - NWR -24.48368, 15.79557

There are a lot of beautiful places here to go. I will upload a photo of a map where you can see the 11 must see points

Los Colorados -26.01836, -65.82417

This is a very large dispersed camping area. So I think covers both the sites listed here. Wet open. And very windy night now! Beautiful views and just a a short bit after the park ends. Dirt road into the area. We could see lots of rigs from the road. No porta potties I could see. Tons of space. I’m sure it’s packed in high season.

Canyon walls BLM land 38.32703, -111.36530

Not possible anymore, parc is closed at night.

bord de riviere -40.57336, -73.10481

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