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I’ve stayed here many times it’s getting a little harder every time not because you get bothered. It’s just the street full and then you’re out looking for another place to stay so far I have never had anybody bother me in La Jolla for Boondocking, which is surprising and remember you can stay down on the road near the cove till 2 AM then you gotta move

La Jolla Shores Dr 32.87036, -117.24820

Friendly mechanic, topped off my GSA’s transmission oil and didn’t want to take any money. Knowing how much oil cost here, I still paid to his tip jar.

Ushuaia Motos -54.82687, -68.33801

Great place. Everything made in house by the German owner, Edward. He is a fellow traveler.

Open Wednesday through Sunday at 5pm.

German Döner: Solkebap -27.07278, -55.64423
The Nomadic Color Guru

A bit of a rocky road, but very manageable. Stay on the second spot not far from the road but still very quiet at night. I have a front wheel drive and was able to get by pretty good. Beautiful scenery with endless horizon very few people around.

Just outside the boundary of Valley fire State Park 36.41870, -114.60113

La Cabana is a great stop and a nice distance from the Istanbul - Yalova Ferry. We planned on spending one night but ended up 2 because we were treated so kindly by the owner (Emrah) and all the wonderful people operating the camp. We got some washing done, had a few great meals on site and enjoyed the great lakeside setting complete with beautiful sunset. Showers were nice and hot and the WC was good and clean. I would highly recommend La Cabana for a short or long stay.

Doga Muhit Camping 40.38274, 29.59362

Currently closed for construction, have a back up plan if this was your planned nighttime stop

Picnic Area. I10 30.88709, -102.28040

Rolled in 11 last night
Nice quite spot lots of stars
Just a few other campers.
Vault toilets no water
Just a couple other campers

Curlew Campground 40.72896, -111.49641

a really nice place to spend a few relaxing days, especially on weekdays. It gets very busy at weekends. Luis and Patricia are very nice hosts and will show you everything you need. Shower, toilet, cooking area, WiFi... everything you need in a beautiful setting. On weekdays you have to call/WhatsApp in advance so that they can open the gate: 0593(0)998501476. Entrance height to the pivoting panel approx. 3.35-3.40m. On weekdays the gate is closed again after entry.

cascadas del aventurero -4.04320, -78.90265

Great view of the mountains, windy,as mentioned, but a nice spot for the night.

Zurich Rail station 37.18470, -118.26146

Was closed when we passed by there today at around 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon. So I guess don’t count on it, and be happy if it’s open :-)

Helados Yurag -8.73864, -77.90736

Beautiful area big parking lot. Gets quiet later in the evening, no crazy noise at anytime beside cars coming in and out. Across from a waterfall and river. Stayed to the back of lot and we weren’t bothered through the night. 22’ bus

Honey run parking 40.38357, -82.26762

Easy to find, very nice paved road to the top. Vault toilets were clean. When we got here, we were the only occupants but someone else arrived overnight. Make sure you reserve online in advance. There's cell service in the valley below as well as the campground. The views are incredible. It's so quiet!

Zapata Falls Campground 37.61862, -105.56021

Nice little free camp ground. Looked clean, but I picked up two trash bags of litter. Mostly beer cans and bottles, shotgun shells and plastic bottles. Didn’t get it all, but most of it. They need to Putin a pit toilet and trash barrel. Always leave it cleaner than you find it. 🙂

Sowards Ford Conservation Area 40.38949, -94.32148

they padlocked the gate at night. you can get stuck in side.

Lowe Mill ARTS 34.71530, -86.59530

Lot of song birds, singing well past sunset. No one here. I am surprised. Can hear the train occasionally, but overall it’s a nice spot.

Sentinel Volcanic Field 32.83764, -113.20489

Sécuritaire. Pas de bruit à partir de 21h. S’installer dans le fond vers Murphy USA.

Walmart 30.52748, -87.27230

Dump station and potable water at the entrance of the rest area on the east i-10. Big rig friendly and you can drive on both side

Sonora rest area 30.61521, 100.74717

Beautiful place. Perfect for a rest. Comfy new beds, kind owners. Clean and modern. Spot in the backyard for the bikes! Good kitchen and they even have a tv with Netflix you can use. Stayed two nights waiting out a storm and it was perfect.

la Casita hostel -37.38586, -70.26852

only do this loop when you have good weather. no clouds. otherwise it is not worth it.

Laguna 69 Loop -9.02781, -77.61904

You can Find water in the Biomax, seems very velar water.

Biomax 8.09592, -73.56195

Pernoitamos por uma noite, local seguro, possui banheiros limpos e água potável. Tem ducha no final do posto à direita, onde também fica a torneira de água potável. Possui uma cafeteira muito boa, mas à noite o local é um pouco barulhento.

YPF FULL - El Kerosenero -40.81456, -63.01844

The road was closed on the way up, but we parked at a pull-off to the side of the road near the main sign. Popular spot for ATVs and recreationists but it cleared out by sunset. Quiet, private, safe. Good cell service and close to town.

Perfect Sunrise Spot 41.59181, -109.31149

Quiet residential streets for parking. We parked next to the nature preserve and it got some action in the early morning with people walking their dogs.

Residential close to mesa beach steps 34.39943, -119.73082

super quiet & peaceful parking lot that over looks the river :) shared the lot with 1 other overnighter. 8pm until noon. bathroom toliets no water or electric. great morning views

South Lums Trail Head 39.54452, -75.71946

Very nice and quiet place in April. Clean and great walks on the beach or via the canal promenade to lots of different Restaurants. All had open.
Water tap on the canal and beach's cross, working.

Pesaro Beach 44.34222, 11.84592

A good place for visiting San Antonio! In the night quiet!!

Brooklyn Ave street parking 29.43294, -98.48471

Thermal pools located next to the Mamas place also on iOverlander. Mamas place is a dusty car park near the road with no shade. I rode in here first by accident and asked about camping not knowing the Mamas place was actually next door, looks like the same drive but splits in two. At this place there are a couple of palapas and a concrete car park set back from the road, don’t really notice the road noise, about 7 small thermal pools of different temps and access to the river. My advice would don’t swim in the river 90% of waterways are polluted in Guatemala… I paid Q60 for one person. Basic toilets. YouTube:


Hotel y Baños Termales El Brasilar 14.82876, -89.35200

My preference is the business next door, left hand drive not in here. This would be ok for big rigs, but if your camping go next door. Neither business will let you have WiFi so good luck on that one. The guy here is a bit entitled so be prepared for a grumpy reception. Both have thermal pools. The place next door is far far quieter…. No music and less patrons. Just my 2cents.

Mama Brenda Piscinas Termales 14.82898, -89.35152
Anthony R

Nous avons passé une nuit tranquille (malgres le bruit de l’autoroute, il est assez loin pour que ça ne soit pas dérangeant) quelques mises à l’eau de bateau mais nous étions garés assez loin de la rampe de mise à l’eau. Finalement assez peu de moustiques pour la zone.
(Nous sommes en tente de toit)

Aerojet Canal 25.28819, -80.44238

What a wonderful place. It's quite but sometimes you can hear the train blasting its horns.
Laundry is just 50m on the same street with a great and fast service.
Gas station, supermarket, Pizza... all you can walk.

Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park 19.53382, -101.60977

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