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It’s is perfect for us in a self contained cab over. Quiet area

Rt 62 Rest Area 31.74708, -105.19748

Nice dog park on East Palo Verde Street in Yuma, AZ

Dog Bark Park 32.67683, -114.60248

As described, quiet. No train blasts, just gentle squeaks as they roll past down by the Fraser river. STEEP DROP if you veer off road!! NO TURN AROUND, so must back out. I had to move a rock too big to go over and too much in the way to go around.

Old road above river 49.80364, -121.45663

We crossed from Angola to Namibia today. At the Angola side we just had to give our Passavant back at the entry gate and go inside the building for our passport stamp.
On the Namibia side we filled in the arrival form and got a one month visa. There was no one at customs and after searching for a customs officer outside he said we don’t need a TIP and we only have to pay the Road Tax. That was 371 N$ paid with Visa, although we had to try a few times as the machine always had a technical error.

Border Post Of Calueque -17.38972, 14.56747

Didn’t have any fuel when we were there. Also the ATM was moved some time ago even though the sign for it is still up. There are 2 other ATMs in town.

Shell gas station -17.43148, 14.43221

perfect. we came in with the German bottle and adapter. he filled in 10 minutes. 5kg 6000pesos.
If you have to wait, there is a nice barber shop on the other site ;-)

Gas Matafuegos -31.52476, -68.52270

nice place. we asked one of the farmers to stay here. He said no problem but not to enter the gate.

Place off the road -30.41174, -69.21073

We stopped here for one night after crossing the border from Guatemala. We paid 15 USD (two persons) and got a key to a room to use the shower (hot water!) and toilet. The Wifi is ok. The ramp was not as steep as we expected, totally doable with a Mercedes sprinter (5,6m).

Hotel Santa María 13.84849, -89.83176

Caution when you will go from parking, arrows on the road are both ways but it's one easy. Police stopped me and trying to take my license and 5k MXN fine. Told them that arrows on the road are both ways, he went down to 2500 MXN. Told him that I'm going to call my embassy and after taking between them let me go.

Free parking just west of the pyramid 19.05757, -98.30489

Great spot as previous people have said. Easy access with our Sherpa Trailer, clean and quiet. Even in the rain the gravel and grass kept the dog paws reasonably clean. About 3 other campers there as well, but large enough to space out. No camping posted on certain paths not that we would have driven down them anyway.

Quesna County Park 45.81158, -119.96891

My husband and I both got terrible rashes under our arms after washing our sheets at this laundromat. Use with caution.

E 10th Street 32.89995, -105.95013

Endroit très tranquille. Beaucoup d'oies et de flamants roses au réveil !

on the edge of the lake -51.52626, -72.32695

Not directly linked to DIAN bureaucracy, but just a quick tip when flying out of Bogota to Panama when flying one-way because you're also shipping/flying a vehicle/motorcycle. I got to the check-in desk at Bogota Airport and they wouldn't let me check-in without a flight out of Panama too. I explained that I was also flying a motorcycle to Panama city to continue my journey North and showed them all the supporting documentation, but they still would allow me to check-in. Had to buy the cheap ticket and that was that. Ironically Panama immigration couldn't of cared less. luckily i had plenty of time to sort my life out, otherwise I may never of caught my flight.

DIAN Bogota - Extension For TVIP 4.69275, -74.13601

water tap in the cemetery garden did not have a hose and is located in the middle of the garden

this one is perfect even for big rigs

Grifo de Agua -20.45507, -66.81486
Aviators Overland

We spent a very quiet night here. There are a few trees scattered to provide shade. We didn't hear any vehicle traffic at all during the night. Garbage cans and picnic tables on site.

Rest Stop 30.04402, -103.57185

Beautiful location, pretty quiet aside from some highway noise. Great view of the stars, only a little bit of light pollution. Some fire rings scattered throughout the area, and plenty of space to choose a private spot.

Unfortunately there was lots of garbage left in the area.

Beatty Dispersed Camping 36.90748, -116.79429

After 10 unsuccessful attempts on othee gasolineras, they finally could fill our tank (Swiss license plate) for the foreign price 8.68 Bols.
At this point we were so desperate, we didn't care about the prices.

YPFB -17.80033, -63.19556

Friendly worker couldn't fill our tank because of missing system for foreigners, but brought up the idea of filling jerry cans, which he did at a local price.
very friendly and helpful!!

TB Tierras Bajas SRL -17.24058, -62.17176

Great spot to pull up in a van/RV. Can easily fit 4/5 vans/RVs up here - nowhere to pitch a tent though. Pull up at the top near the trailhead sign, don't enter the gated area towards the viewpoint, and you're golden! Flat ground that backs up to the start of a trail - great place to wander for a nature wee, although there are toilets just a 10 minute walk away down by the viewpoint. There were 4 different vans/RVs parked up when we were there so clearly a popular spot. There's also some more parking just down the road next to some large piles of gravel/dirt if you can't get a spot here but the ground isn't as flat and the toilets are further away.

We arrived at around 6pm and left at 9am, only 1 car arrived in the morning at around 830am. The viewpoint closes at 8pm so there were no cars after that. All the other vans that parked up did so at around 6-8pm. Pretty patchy signal on Verizon, would come for 5 minutes and go for 10. No signal on AT&T.

Trailhead parking outside Cape Mears Scenic Viewpoint 45.48877, -123.96526

Estacionamento do Claudir, para os carros que não são 4x4 e querem fazer a trilha até o Soldados Sebold, tem esse estacionamento para deixar o carro seguro, para estacionar durante o dia são R$10,00, para pernoitar são R$20,00, tem banheiro e quem quiser tomar um banho quentinho são R$10,00 e tem Wi-Fi também.

Claudir parking, for cars that are not 4x4 and want to do the trail to Sebold Soldiers, there is this parking lot to keep the car safe, to park during the day it is R$10.00, to stay overnight it is R$20.00, there is bathroom and for those who want to take a warm shower, it costs R$10.00 and there is also Wi-Fi.

Estacionamento Soldados Sebold -27.79956, -49.27492

Easy and quick refill for our american bottle. No need adaptator. Very helpful people.

VariGas - Bottle Filling Station -24.84688, -65.40664

what an awesome spot. firewood everywhere too. established campsites for free🔥 can stay 21 days

The Pines Campground 37.60522, -80.07834

Water available in the green fenced of area, helpful staff as well.

Fast Gas Plus 58.80416, -122.68742

Gas station with water and shower. It has clean bathrooms and a coffee maker. Available for overnight stays.

YPF FULL - El Kerosenero -40.81456, -63.01844

We came here after visiting Rainbow Mountain. It was already 18.30. The man was welcoming us very friendly. We parked at the grass area which is taken care of. You can enjoy a warm shower (tip, if you like a hot shower change the boiler next to the building)
You can use his kitchen if needed and we asked to sit inside as it was quite cold. In the morning we did our laundry and we could hang everything outside.

Note; the dog is nice and very enthusiastic but be careful if you play with him. He did bite us out of enthusiasm but he will do it again and again if you are not saying its enough. Quite annoying and intimidating sometime.

Color mountains -14.01093, -71.44592

non potable water only, Don't waste your time if you're an RV or because you can't get drinkable water.

Love’s 32.39417, -99.35833
Stephen Nell

Stayed for one night with no problems. Pit toilets and bins in the car park. The train track is right behind the area and the trains are loud when they pass, but never heard any during the night.

Fayetteville River Access Point 38.06619, -81.08069

The visitor center was opening up, getting ready for the season, when we came by. The staff was very kind and told us we could use the water bottle refill station or the tap outside. As previsouly said, there is no hose and the tap is quite low... So we came back inside with the intention of filling up a few water bottles, and the lady kindly showed us a sink downstairs inside a utility room, for a faster fill up! After chatting a bit and telling her we were travelling in our van, she said we were welcome to stay at the Ingonish Beach Campground for the night. We felt very lucky :)

Visitor Centre 46.64600, -60.40210

Checked our TIP papers. Coming from Tarija we had to pay 11 Bol peaje with a big rig.

Policía corrupta -21.39970, -64.78850

If you have seen the puna in Argentina, this place is not so special. There were a few flamingo’s in the far distance, and some goose and lama's. As foreigners you have to pay 70 Bol per person. We did not stay.

Parqeo of the laguna Tajsara -21.78855, -65.10449

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