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Very convenient fill up spot. Great water pressure.

Napa spigot 37.68109, -113.06549

If you want to go to Los Pedraza, coming from Guayamba, it's better to continue on RP 42 until RP 2 near El Portezuelo, and then going to southeast for no more than 500 meters and take the unpaved road at the left. We didn't do it, and it took us more than 2 hours from here, although Google Maps shows that it takes 1 hour 20 minutes. This stretch is 32 km of unpaved road, and is not in good condition. When we returned from Los Pedraza, we did the option to Portezuelo. It is 13 km and it took us 45 minutes.

RP 6 to Los Pedraza -28.38501, -65.43694

One of the few recreation centers that allows overnight parking. Haven't used the rec center yet but will in the morning have used others in denver. they normally have hot water and are fairly cheap to use for unlimited use.

Cook Recreation Center 39.68771, -104.90971

Pretty place to rest for small or big RV
after the needles trail from oatman

Oatman direction Kingman 35.02619, -114.29957

Beautiful spot on the beach with no cell service and big waves, well for Baja at least. 4-6’ swells. Only a handful of people here and it’s Saturday. 30 minutes from La Paz

El Califin 24.27091, -110.61768

Such a beautiful place! the gate is open and we had no issue. Lots of bike travel in the morning so not much privacy, so if you don’t have a toilet in your rig there isn’t many options. (plenty of privacy in the evenings other than a few cars.

Fairfax - Bolinas rd 37.93448, -122.68911

No issues getting here for me. Used 4x4 the last little bit. Clean, quiet, sheltered a bit from the wind. As mentioned before, not big rig friendly. I could maybe get in here in 2x4, but I'm in a Tacoma

Between the Dunes 27.90565, -113.94283

Water still available here. Filled up today. Staff member did not know they had a water tap until I showed him, but was fine with me filling up.

Co-op Gas Station. 49.47208, -119.58234

Not a lot to add to other comments! This is a great agency that looks after every little detail. We did the day tour to the salar, and we loved it! The food that they cook for 'almuerzo' is really good, and they accommodated us with vegetarian options.
Alejandro ,the guide and driver, is so nice, friendly really knowledgeable and tries everything he can to give you the best experience and if possible a little different to what they do in other tours. We really recommend them. We had a superb experience!

Skyline Traveller -20.46253, -66.82205

A little place near the beach, it’s only 100 pesos per person if you bring your own tent, they have a toilet and you can shower with a bucket of water that it’s provided by the owner of the place, you have the beach literally in front of you. It’s a little noisy because its in the meddled of two bars.

Hamacasutra camping 15.83696, -97.04595

Around 8pm a ranger came and asked everyone to leave and then closed a gate to the parking lot.

Marina State Beach Parking 36.69729, -121.80623

Decent camp spot. Beautiful views. Big enough for a Class A with some scratches getting in. Busy on weekends. Primitive toilets, running creek nearby, old iron bathtub for a soak if you’re brave enough. Deer mice here though - took all
precautions but they still got in.

Revelstoke lake side recreation site 51.25351, -118.23144

This is a terrible, inaccessible area for most rigs. 4x4 is required to venture farther in because the ground is one big rock and it goes straight uphill. Even the large clearing close to the road is so slanted that no amount of leveling blocks will help. And it’s so rocky that you’ll bounce an RV apart just trying to turn around and leave.

Pullout on Hwy 88 33.53808, -111.45289
Fish and Kitty

The original description of this location describes it as a water source, but I wouldn't describe it as such. The spigot is next to the RV dump and appears to be intended for tank flush. The dump itself works fine. A sign asks you to pay at the cashier ($8) although it's on the honor system as there's no locking mechanism on the dump.

The Crossing Travel Market 31.94943, -99.96430

Shaded picnic tables. Very wind today. Many trails around.

Santa Rosa Lake State Park 35.03739, -104.68899

Thank the deadbeats for living here year-round and getting it shut down. Now the locals can’t even bring their horses here for a day of riding.

Apache Trail 33.48605, -111.46688

fireworks in the evening from 09 till 11 p.m

fireworks in the early morning from 05 - 06 a.m !!

thanks for the "quiet night"

Casino Smoke Shop near Chevron 36.47039, -114.44596

Fomos a um local do iOverlander na pista de skate, mas estava cheio de carros estacionados. Procuramos um policial e perguntamos onde poderíamos dormir e nos disseram que o Bairro Morasurco era seguro e nos mostrou a localização. Encontramos este posto de gasolina e eles nos permitiram passar a noite gratuitamente. Não usamos nenhum recurso, só passamos a noite.
We went to an iOverlander location at the skate park, but it was full of parked cars. We looked for a police officer and asked where we could sleep and they told us that Bairro Morasurco was safe and showed us the location. We found this gas station and they allowed us to stay the night for free. We didn't use any resources, we just spent the night.

Texaco 1.23425, -77.28589

Aptly named--paradise! Like driving into Jurassic Park. Grassy, palm-lined campsites and a little river/creek running by. $250 pesos. Flush toilets, showers, electric (we did not use), cell service, playground for kids, firewood $100pesos, polite young man running the place brings you a metal fire pit to use. Great little jungle trail to explore. Level, shaded campsites. Our only mistake was parking directly under a security light that comes on at dusk--otherwise, great.

Paraiso Misional 27.28645, -112.89893

If you want to sleep, don’t stay here!!! We had a horrible night. Of course, to visit Old Al Ula it’s perfect, but at 10:30 pm the nightmare begun. It was busy until 4 am, endless cars and very loud people. At 6 am a man starts to sing verses from the Koran next to our window. What a night! Never again!!!

Parking South 26.61721, 37.91716

Big parking lot to park in and good for one night. Close to the road but quite enough throughout the night.

Sunday morning the parking lots and sporting fields were full of people at around 7am. Entrance/exit gate for vehicles was locked from 8pm until 6am.

Abekawa river park Shizuoka 34.96624, 138.36372

Be careful: highest pressure ever - we flooded our truck :-). Thanks for that possibility to get water very quickly. There is a hose, so when you park near, you will have a quick stop!

water 27.00662, 38.49044

On a demandé à Walmart si c’était possible de dormir 1 nuit, ils ont dit oui et nous ont indiqué de ce mettre sur un parking à côté car leur parking en face de l’entrée ferme la nuit.

Walmart Parking Lot + Hobby Loby +Staples 33.82791, -118.35254

Good for one night between Lucknow and. Delhi. Big tarmac rest area parking lot.

Expressway rest area 26.95695, 79.04773

The owner was in the process of closing the hostel.

Sirah Traditional House 29.61345, 52.53859

We had a problem with our wheel bearings and Ali is said to be the best mechanic in town to fix everything. Really recommend

Ali garage 36.53459, 46.18611

super tranquilo, hay mucho espacio entre los vehículos. hay algo de suciedad

Black Rock Road BLM 36.97890, -113.64645

3km away from down town. Quiet at night, no restriction sign.

Castres Swiming pool parking lot 43.62272, 2.25809

We booked online the day before for two days but when we checked in we were told that our confirmed place had been cancelled and given to someone else. No payment had been received. After a lengthy discussion we were allocated a place for one night, then we would have to leave again. The booking system seems to be completely impractical and not suitable for last-minute bookings. What a pity!
In general, a very nice facility, even if the sanitary facilities urgently need to be renovated. The shower heads are an imposition and there was no hot water either.

Planet Baobab -20.19022, 25.30770

In secure area. Aircon and WiFi, subject to power cuts. Secure parking inside compound for one Land Rover sized vehicle. Rooms only in Niera. 25000 for VIP room, but a perfectly good room with aircon and ensure is 12500.

Morada Hotel 6.59032, 3.36420

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