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Verry nice place many options of banks, I got too the wema bank no fee at all
Max 10 000 at a time


Agency open from 8am to 3pm
Not 3:03pm, 3pm

Atm 6.40300, 5.60726

Verry nice and clean hotel next the banks,

Room starting from 16 000

It’s very clean and well maintained
Good restaurant and very lovely staf!

Swimming pool and bar also
Safe parking

Soft touch hotel and suite 6.40300, 5.60726

Didn’t see a sign or anything, had a few RVs next to us and even a tent hidden pretty well in a ditch. However, we did get a knock after sleeping in too late that city doesn’t allow overnight parking. So I think just get out of there early and you’ll be fine but it is a risk

Coos Bay Walmart 43.39019, -124.25269

All that said + a beautiful way to get here

Mirador del Glacier Calluqueo -47.59732, -72.49717

Not possible to fill in tank nor in jerry can because of our Swiss license plate.
We tried all the gasolineras in la Guardia but none of them could/would/wanted to fill our tank/jerry can 🙄😮‍💨

Yotau -17.83360, -63.23290

Very nice place, no wind and a wonderful view ! Road easy for all the vehicles !

Alvord Playa, Alvord Desert 42.35802, -118.64641

ES - Su dueño es súper hospitalario, la posada está bien. Nosotros aparcamos dentro y dormimos en nuestra furgoneta. Ojo, altura máxima del motorhome no puede superar las 2.8 metros de altura. Para entrar además, hay en la carretera una limitación de altura, se puede acceder por el costado avisando que irás en las garitas de entrada al pueblo para que te den la lleve del acceso x el costado.
EN - The owner is super hospitable, the inn is fine. We parked inside and slept in our van. Please note that the maximum height of the motorhome cannot exceed 2.8 metres. To enter, there is also a height limit on the road, you can enter from the side if you let them know that you are going to the checkpoints at the entrance to the village so that they can give you the access from the side.

Pousada Oasis das Dunas - Santo Amaro -2.51498, -43.25616

Really beautiful & quite place, directly at the river.
you can do kayacing, swimming or just relax. You really need to inform Myles adhead and ask, if there is a free place for you. It is not so big.
We came qith our Unimog (L6.70m, W2.30m, H3.40m) with no Real problems.
Just drive slowly and be careful.

The River Camp at Mangoase 6.26751, 0.07764

When you go to Panama by airplane you need a flight to a city outside of Panama. It does not matter if you travel with your own vehicle and leave Panama by land.

Flight to Panama 4.69788, -74.14187

Easy access on a large parking lot behind RV suoerstore. A big sign at the corner for WEST WIND RV and GOLF RESORT.

Propane 32.66922, -114.46009

2 cyclists. arrived mid afternoon. paid 5 sols each. Door interesting and amazing hike beyond on the cliffs. We asked and were given permission to camp. At night a group came to have a religious ceremony and we were invited to join which we did. very moving and interesting. The sun rises here so wonderful morning. saw no one else in the night quiet but for the odd bird call. wonderful place to camp

Aramu Muru's doorway -16.17059, -69.54105

I just stopped here and price for a dump is now $30! I did not pay that, looking for a different location

Chevron Dixon 38.44647, -121.85617

Very convenient. We parked on the shoulder of the road, as there was plenty of space (28' RV towing a small Jeep). Up to date machines. $5.25, $6.50, or $8.00 a wash, depending on the size of load. .25 to dry for 5 or 6 minutes.

Fluff & Fold Laundry 35.62215, -117.66184

No propane available at this time. Go to True Value/U Haul Center in Ridgecrest.

United Rentals 35.65133, -117.69640

They refill RV/regular propane tanks. Pull in through the gate and the refill station is on the right past the dock. Wouldn't want to pull a big rig through there. Class B or C should be fine. Paid $3.50/gallon.

Arc3 Gases 37.70216, -77.43599

Very nice, safe and quiet place. The tenants Marc and his wife are very friendly and helpful. The site is a jewel in an Olive Garden close to the highway exit near Marrakech but still very quiet. Since the tenants are not always there, it seems advisable to call in advance (See google maps for the number) .
The night with a camper is 100 MAD for 1-2 people.

Dar Bari Targa Marrakech 31.69356, -8.24603
Berton Manning

This boondocking camp is situated on Forest Route 57F, directly off Handcock Rd. It's a nice site if you arrive late at night when the other spaces are crowded because it's fairly close to the road. Road noise was audible during the day, but it was not noticeable at night. If you're only here for the night, this is a nice spot. The roads were a little muddy yesterday owing to the rain, so that's why I chose this location. Until the dirt roads dried out, I didn't want to take the chance of getting trapped.

Convenient Boondocking Spot 37.13898, -112.59539

Bike and E-bike rental company. They also rent out camping equipment (one of the only ones we could find in the area) and run the house as an Airbnb with a couple of rooms (very comfy, laundry service available at extra cost). The guy who owns it is a Swiss guy called Moritz and is very friendly and helpful (also runs a hostel in Santa Cruz). Recommend sending a message on WhatsApp (number on website) if you're interested as there isn't always someone at the house.

Gravel Travel -41.30927, -72.98683

A great spot by Lake Avalon. Peaceful. Plenty of space for dispersed camping. Human trash present. Watch for nails and broken glass.

Avalon Lake Dispersed Camping 32.49476, -104.24706

Nice personnes and nice place. quiet. Small and Cosy. Very clean. Kitchen. Fridge and electricity. Wifi 5g. The son hus guide with 4x4 for lenchoies Perfect. I recommend.

Camping & hostel Caiçara -2.49918, -43.25799

They didn't let me in with my motorhome. It's only for members. Very close to the motorway. But you can try your luck.

Camping Ayres de Etcheverry -35.04176, -58.09243

Super efficient.... super confusing.
This is my 85th country visited. I'd say one of the most efficient in the Americas and probably the most confusing. It's new so many of the staff don't understand the system properly yet.
great idea to have a One-stop-shop that depends on which direction you are headed. CHILE ----> Argentina Don't stop on the first airport looking building on the Chilean side. Keep driving for about half an hour 25km to the second airport looking setup. these are big places and can process serious through flow of people. Great idea.
Drive and and stop at window 1, then 2, then 3. What's so confusing about that? Well it's not once you find the right place to be in.
The big confusion is with TIPs. Unlike every other boarder you have to hand in your TIP to have it cancelled on the departing country side. Not with this system. You hand in your Chilean TIP on the Argentinian side (window 2).
But wait... There's more. Window 3. You don't need a TIP if you're in one of the neighboring countries with a TIP agreement. 99% of the motorcycles I saw passing through didn't need one. I did because my bikes from Colombia. Lucky I read the post of the guy that had to go to Mendoza to sort it out later. I had the same thing. I was told very strongly I didn't need one and told to scram. Only when I insisted to see the supervisor in the offices did this boss (super nice guy and speaks english) know I DID need one and 4 mins later it was in my hand.
I arrived on a Wednesday after Easter and got up at 6 to beat the Santiago crowd. Good move. I was the only one there. 20 mins later the place was swarming with people.
Check if you need a TIP BEFORE. No cell/data reception up there.

Border Crossing - Chile To Argentina -32.82157, -69.92264

La route B55 se transforme en une piste en très mauvais état après la mine Escondida (en arrivant de la Main du Desert), alors qu'avant c'est de la belle route neuve (attention mise en place d'un péage en cours).
Des bosses et beaucoup de poussières. Ne passe probablement pas pour les véhicules non surélevés.

Very bad and dusty road cross the mines during 30kms at least.

Road B55 accros the minas -24.23372, -68.96387

seems to be BLM according to map. Spent night here as it's handy and accessible for big rig. Easy drive on into Bryce (20 min?). Didn't explore on up road. This little lot is sandy, but was firm at my visit. If you're also looking at FS117 camping area it did have a closed sign in the road when I passed by (3/2). Also FS has some restrictions over there you should look at.

Open lot on Losse Canyon Road. 37.74632, -112.34182

Very trashed and graffiti everywhere. The the only thing that makes up for it is the surrounding water.

roads end 37.88200, -75.49164

Water appears to be turned off for the winter.

rest stop water 44.39055, -121.19260

A few RVs here. Beautiful stream. Lots of poison ivy.

S Montgomery Street 34.44362, -119.24449

really nice clean camp site asking the river. There is wifi but you have to be closed to the host.

there's 4G signal.

Los Petates 27.29692, -112.89889

Large! Has RV spots and several for smaller van/ truck camper areas. This place has a subway and Popeyes, as well as a country pride restaurant (not sure on hours) I stopped in here for subway and to check fluids. Everyone was friendly. Larger than the lives across the street for sure!

TA Truck Stop (huge) 32.26895, -109.84722

Finally, after 2 weeks, we got gas again! Impossible to get gas south from here. 9k for a US Tank (Gallon).

Sr. Arsenio Propane -41.46508, -72.95868

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